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NAR Releases Required Provisions for Written Buyer Agreements

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently sent shockwaves through the real estate industry with an update on the upcoming changes to buyer representation agreements. Stemming from the NAR la

NAR Settlement Receives Preliminary Approval and New Timeline

On April 24th, the judge in the Sitzer Burnett class action lawsuit granted preliminary approval of the settlement put forth by the National Association of Realtors.Now the settlement will m

Your NAR Settlement Questions, Answered

The headlines around the proposed NAR lawsuit settlement are pretty dramatic, and over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen a lot of fear, uncertainty… and even panic. So we reached

What the Commission Lawsuit Settlement Means – And How to Prepare

The headlines around the proposed NAR lawsuit settlement are pretty dramatic, so it’s no wonder we’re seeing so much fear and confusion among real estate professionals.There are very pra

How to Talk About the Commission Lawsuits with Sellers.

The commission lawsuits have become a controversial subject in the real estate community. Agents often find themselves in the crosshairs of these discussions, facing dilemmas about how to re

What You Need to Know about the 2024 Real Estate Market

As we step into 2024, the real estate landscape presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for agents and brokers. The past years have been a rollercoaster for the industry, with

Creating Your 2024 Real Estate Business Plan

In the fast-paced world of real estate, having a clear and actionable business plan is not just a option; it's a necessity for survival and growth. The journey from setting goals to achievin

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Is Owning a Home a Dream of the Past?

Ever found yourself captivated by the allure of a potential dream home, pondering the opportune moment to take the plunge into homeownership? You're not alone in this contemplation.In today'

Zillow Buys Follow-Up Boss!? Should You Be Concerned?

Ever felt uncertain about which direction to go in? That's where many real estate agents find themselves today.Zillow Group has made a bold move by acquiring FollowUpBoss - an industry-favor

Using AI to Get More Home Listings

Imagine this: a tool that scours through data, understands your potential clients' needs, and connects you with them at the right time. Sounds unreal?We're stepping into an era where artific

Pumpkin Spice Listing Strategies

What if you could sip on strategies as deliciously effective as your go-to fall drink? We're talking Move-Up Programs, Home Anniversary Celebrations, mastering Expired Listings - they’re a

Are Zillow Loans a Scam?

Does Zillow's innovative loan program have potential to change the home buying process significantly, or is it a really sophisticated scam?Imagine only needing to cough up 1% of a down payme

Personal Routines for Professional Success in Real Estate

Ever wondered how some people seem to squeeze more out of a 24-hour day? How they manage to juggle work, family, and personal interests with ease?You might think it's magic. But the secret s

NAR Lawsuit Verdict: What Do Real Estate Agents Do Now?

UPDATED 28 March 2024: We filmed a new episode to discuss the settlement and how to prepare. The older video has been replaced. You can access the latest post on the NAR Settlement here

How the Real Estate Industry Should Prep for the NAR Lawsuit Ruling

Navigating the National Association of Realtors Lawsuit is a bit like trying to find your way through a maze blindfolded...and on roller skates.No, seriously. It's that tricky!This legal jug

Your NAR Lawsuit Questions Answered

Ever find yourself caught in a downpour without an umbrella? That's how many folks feel about the NAR commission lawsuits. Like rain from a clear sky, these suits have thrown the real estate

Listing Summit 2024 (We need your help)

It's that time of year again when we gear up for the next big Listing Summit. Over the past two years, the Listing Summit has become the go-to event for real estate professionals seeking ins

Put Your Real Estate Marketing on Autopilot!

Most of the time when working in real estate, you are just one person who has to complete all of the day to day tasks necessary to run your business. But what if it were possible to relieve

Create Engaging & Organic Real Estate Listing Videos to WOW Buyers

A very important part of your marketing strategy should include a video of your real estate listings. While that may seem daunting, it's actually very easy to create engaging and organic vid

The 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System

With today's low home inventory and high competition, many Realtors and agents are asking, "How do I find and get more listings?" The secret lies in understanding the behavior of home seller

Generating Real Estate Leads with Kyle Strohschein

Let's face it, all your skills as a real estate agent won't matter much if you don't have anyone to buy or sell houses. Generating real estate leads can seem tedious or not worth the time an

Showing Your Value to Your Real Estate Clients

The competition in real estate is at at all time high, which means it can be difficult to stand above the rest. In this episode, Chris shares three methods to share your value to your real e

What does the NAR Class Action Lawsuit mean for Real Estate?

11/6/23 Update: The verdict is in and it's a BIG ONE. Check out our blog detailing the fallout and what you can do to prepare. Click Here to view, "NAR Lawsuit Verdict: What Do Real Est

The Secrets to Selling Luxury Real Estate with Jim Walberg

On this episode, Garry is joined by his friend and Realtor extaordianire Jim Walberg. Jim has made his career selling luxury real estate in California, earning himself a spot in the Top 1% o

Reverse Expired Real Estate Listings With Ease!

It happens–a home just isn't able to be sold and the listing expires. With the traditional way of reversing these expired listings, you have to do a ton of cold calling which no one enjoys

Win More Real Estate Listings with a Pre-Listing Packet

These days, it's getting harder and harder to stay on top of your competition and get more listings. But what if there was a way to seal the deal BEFORE you even show up to the appointment?

7 Common Real Estate Agent Fears & Phobias

Throughout their time in real estate, Chris and Garry have determined seven common fears that all real estate agents face that hold them back in their practices. In this episode of The Chris

Can ChatGPT Get You More Real Estate Listings? with Morgan Carey

ChatGPT is here to stay, so how can real estate agents take advantage of this tool to build their businesses, market listings, and save them more time? Chris and Garry are joined on this epi

How’s the Real Estate Market? with Mike Simonson

This week Chris and Garry are joined by Mike Simonson, founder and president of Altos Research, to discuss the current state of the real estate market. They'll touch on topics such as fears

Open House Secrets from a Top Listing Expert Agent

Hosting an open house is a staple of real estate, but are you getting the biggest impact and boost to your business from these events? Garry has hosted close to 600 open houses during his ca

5 Listing Presentation Mistakes Even Seasoned Pros Often Make

Discover how to avoid common Real Estate Listing Mistakes that can hinder your success as an agent, and learn effective strategies for growth in the industry.

3 Ways To Make More Money in Real Estate

When it comes down to it, there are only a few ways to make MORE money selling real estate. In this episode, Chris and Garry share three ways that agents can grow their income without having

Avoid Bottlenecks and the Boring Stuff in Real Estate

More often than not in real estate, you're a team of one. It's up to you to meet with clients, prepare listings, and field phone calls...which can get overwhelming! It also leads to bottlene

Building Mental Toughness & Resilience

Burnout is something most all real estate agents encounter. The big question is, how do you fix it? The solution is actually to prevent it from happening in the first place. Developing menta

Baby Boomers Are On The Move!

Did you know that 52% of sellers in the last year were Baby Boomers?  Boomers are the largest group of home sellers, and at 39% of home buyers, they are on the move more than any o

Can ChatGPT Takeover Real Estate?

Can ChatGPT Takeover Real Estate? Most definitely not! But there are super powers available to real estate professionals when they learn how to unlock the power of ChatGPT.In this video, Chr

Why You’re Not Getting Any Listings Right Now

Are you struggling to get real estate listings while other agents seem to have them falling in their lap on a daily basis? In this video, we discuss the main reasons why this is happening an

How Can Real Estate Agents Survive a Recession?

In our latest YouTube video, Chris and Garry share their experiences navigating past recessions and real estate down turns. Watch the video for tips, advice, and insights from a couple exper

ALL NEW Commission Calculator

The Commission Calculator is Available NowThe Commission Calculator was created to help you understand what milestones you need to reach to hit your commission goal. This powerful tool is de

Maximizing Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts: Ditch the Duds and Focus on What Works

If you're a real estate agent, chances are you've heard about the "Big Three" of real estate marketing: buying online leads, door knocking, and cold calling. But what if we told you that the

Holiday Public Service Announcement

The Commission Calculator is Available NowWe love the holidays at the Paperless Agent. It’s a time for family, friends and creating lasting memories. It’s also a time to reflect back on

Happy Holidays from the Paperless Agent

Download Your Free Holiday Gift From Garry and ChrisIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what a year it was! Many folks use the holidays to reflect on the previous year, but

The Listing Marketing Checklist

The complete listing marketing manual for selling homes in a shifting marketDo you want to set yourself apart from other realtors?Then give your customers exactly what they want (market thei

Agent Branding Strategies & Tips for 2023

What is a Brand? A brand, according to Merriam-Webster is “a public image, reputation, or identity conceived as something to be marketed or promoted.” In real estate, our brand

Listing Summit 2023 (We need your help)

Last year's Listing Summit was a HUGE hit and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you all of the strategies, tactics, tools and resources needed to dominate your local market… again!Lis

Standing Out and Impressing Sellers with the Digital Property Marketing Plan

Many real estate markets are starting to shift, and we are seeing market conditions that are much different than they have been for the last three or four years. Homes are taking days, weeks

Home Buyer’s Guide

What is a Home Buyer's Guide?A Home Buyer's Guide is a document that real estate professionals use to market themselves and find, attract, and cultivate buyer leads. A typical Buyer's Guide

Part 1: Discussing a Shifting Market, Tips for New Agents, and Finding Clients with Mary Anglin and Troy Schlicker

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the uncertainty surrounding the real estate market. Oftentimes, the best way to figure out what's actually going on in the market is to tal

How to Make Your Just Listed Instagram Post Stand Out

You can get more eyes on your new client’s home if you share a “just listed” Instagram post. With more and more buyers turning to social media for house hunting, this is a platform to

Social Media Content: A Guide to Canva for Real Estate Agents

Whether you’re brand new to design or just new to Canva, this guide to Canva for real estate agents will help you get started. From creating your account to building a brand kit and design

The 1-2 Combo for Handling Price Reductions

When discussing price reductions with sellers, you should refer to them as “price adjustments.” This language is a psychological factor that takes the negative connotation surrounding

How to Generate More Email Leads With a Small List

It is possible to generate email leads, even if you have a small list. Buyers want to be contacted by you. In fact, a 2021 survey from NAR found that buyers want agents who: Sends me emails

7 Marketing Trends Real Estate Agents Need to Know

There are seven agent marketing trends that we see happening over the course of next year. Understanding these trends will help you become a better marketer so you can sell more homes!1. Tik

Content Pillars for Instagram: Plan Content Faster and Easier

Creating content pillars for Instagram is a simple but powerful way to stay on-brand, reach more potential clients, and create content faster and with more ease. How? Your content pillars re

How to Get More Listings Through Social Media Marketing

Every real estate agent wants to know how to get more listings, right? While there are many ways to get new listings, social media is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Why? Almost all

Here’s What’s New in LEAP 2.0

Do you want to hear some good real estate news? Real estate gurus and economists are saying the market is shifting. This means that more listings are going to come to the market. I

15 Home Hashtags to Attract Buyers on Instagram

Using home hashtags, hashtags related to homeownership, on Instagram can help you get your content in front of people who are thinking about buying and selling. According to 2021 data, an ov

social outreach
How to Use Social Outreach to Find Real Estate Clients

Social outreach can be easily overlooked as a tool to grow your business. You post on your profiles—that’s enough, right? Not really. While your feed posts help people understand what yo

5 Skills Every New Agent Needs to Kick Start Their Career

A new agent isn’t just an individual with a real estate license still hot off the printer… a ‘new agent’ is any agent who’s been in the business less than year, has zero sales or e

listings to leads
8 Ways to Turn Listings to Leads Without Paying

To grow your business, you need to turn listings to leads. However, finding quality seller leads can be time-consuming and expensive. Many effective lead-generation tactics require you to sp

New Agent Skills Accelerator (WE NEED YOUR HELP)

We’ve been working on something EPIC for New Agents, and we need your help!New Agent Skills Accelerator (N.A.S.A.)We know it’s a tough market out there, especially for New Agents.There

5 ps of marketing
The 5 Ps of Marketing for Real Estate Agents

The 5 Ps of marketing is a core marketing principle that can help you better understand how to market your business. This principle was originally developed by author Edmund Jerome in the 19

10 Ways to Grow Your Social Following

Social Media is the fastest growing conglomeration to date. Boasting the largest community in history as of 2022, with 10 new users joining every single second!So how can we, as real estate

home decor hashtags
15 Home Decor Hashtags to Expand Your Reach on Instagram

Home decor hashtags should be a part of your regular social media rotation. While they may seem unrelated to your content, talking about topics relevant to real estate and your potential cli

expired listings scripts
How to Use Expired Listings Scripts to Generate New Leads

Good expired listings scripts help you make the most of a great lead-generation opportunity. These homeowners need to sell their houses as soon as possible but haven’t been successful thus

real estate social media posts
A Checklist for Your Real Estate Social Media Posts

Get more out of your real estate social media posts, no matter which platforms you like to use, with this checklist. There’s a lot to remember when creating a post that’s effective and r

10 Door Hanger Designs to Boost Neighborhood Branding

With so many door hanger designs to choose from, how do you decide on one for your campaign? To maximize ROI potential and ultimately increase client acquisition rates, you can’t overlook

referral network real estate
How to Build a Strong Referral Network for Your Real Estate Business

A strong referral network is non-negotiable as a real estate agent. Referrals continue to be the primary way buyers and sellers find real estate agents, according to a 2021 report from NAR.

facebook content strategy
5 Steps to a Facebook Content Strategy That Drives Listings

Are you just sharing on Facebook to check a box or do you have a Facebook content strategy? The latter is critical for making the most of your time spent on this social media platform. As th

branding inspiration
Branding Inspiration: Tips and Ideas for Creating Your Real Estate Brand

Your branding is a key piece of your overall marketing. As marketing guru Seth Godin says, “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, ac

real estate marketing ideas
8 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Neighborhood Farming

With so many real estate marketing ideas out there, how do you choose the ones that work best for your neighborhood farming efforts? Being the real estate agent for your area can lead to mor

Buyer’s Agent Survival Kit
The Buyer’s Agent Survival Kit – How to Navigate a Tricky Market

  Representing Home Buyers In Today’s Market It’s a difficult market for buyers. Low inventory and record demand have created a highly competitive atmosphere. Home prices are so

lead generation funnel
How to Build a Lead Generation Funnel That Delivers Hot Seller Leads

It’s important to have a lead generation funnel that’s always full—and the good news is, you’re in demand. According to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) annual report, 9

linkedin 101
LinkedIn 101: A Brief Guide for Real Estate Agents

This is the LinkedIn 101 guide you’ve been looking for if you’re new to LinkedIn or simply want to improve your presence as a real estate agent. With more than LinkedIn 722 million membe

realtor instagram bio
The Anatomy of a Realtor Instagram Bio That Stands Out

You might not think your Realtor Instagram bio matters all that much. It’s just another profile to fill out, right? Not necessarily. Buying and selling a house is more than just a business

client referral email strategies
5 Client Referral Email Strategies to Boost Listings

Do you have a client referral email strategy? If not, now is the time to create one because 40 percent of all buyers choose their real estate agent based on referrals from friends, neighbors

real estate holidays
Real Estate Holidays and Marketing Ideas for 2022

It’s important to keep your marketing relevant by using topical real estate holidays and general holidays to inspire your content. While your brand stays the same, you have to evolve your

postcard design ideas
5 Postcard Design Ideas for Targeted Neighborhood Farming

There are so many postcard design ideas you can use to stand out—how do you choose the right design for your neighborhood farming campaign? There are a few key factors to consider, like he

instagram hashtag cheat sheet
The Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet for Real Estate Agents

If you never know where to start when choosing hashtags, this Instagram hashtag cheat sheet was made for you. On Instagram, hashtags matter a lot, but if you don’t how to choose them or ho

linkedin newsletters
How to Use LinkedIn Newsletters to Connect With More Clients

LinkedIn newsletters are a powerful tool you may be overlooking. Engaging with your community and posting regularly on this platform is valuable, but what if you could get right into your cl

local online marketing
5 Important Local Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Local online marketing is critical for the success of your business, which likely relies heavily on local clients. Door hangers and mailer marketing allow you to reach people nearby who need

real estate marketing company
5 Reasons You Don’t Need to Hire a Real Estate Marketing Company

If you struggle with marketing, you may be tempted to hire a real estate marketing company. While it would take the work off your shoulders, which is a relief, it might not be necessary. Not

door hanger marketing
Why You Should Ditch Door Hanger Marketing for Social Media Marketing

Door hanger marketing is a traditional strategy to reach local clients directly. While this can be an effective marketing method, it can also be time-consuming. With a never-ending to-do lis

create instagram content
How to Create Instagram Content That Drives Real Estate Leads

If you create Instagram content just to check a box, you may be thinking: Instagram just doesn’t work for my business or I post every day, but I still don’t get any clients! Instagram ca

interior design hashtags
20 Best Interior Design Hashtags to Reach More People on Instagram

Interior design hashtags can help you reach more potential clients. We call these industry adjacent hashtags, meaning, they may not drive direct leads, but they can be used to expand your re

marketing system
How to Create a Real Estate Marketing System That Delivers Leads

Having a marketing system is key to your success. It’s not just to make your brand stand out. It’s not just to do what everyone else is doing. A powerful real estate marketing system bec

realtor headshots
5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Realtor Headshots

Your realtor headshots are more important than you might first assume. The real estate industry is about more than helping someone buy or sell a house. Sure, that’s how you earn a commissi

instagram profile template
An Instagram Profile Template for Your Real Estate Business

An Instagram profile template makes your life easier—no more guessing about what goes where. More importantly, it helps you stand out among your competitors. With more than three million a

real estate branding
5 Pillars of Real Estate Branding that Drive More Leads

If you search “real estate branding” in Google, you’ll get 144,000,000 results because this is a key element of any successful real estate business. Especially, now where there’s dou

5 Ways an eNewsletter Can Help Your Real Estate Business

An eNewsletter may seem like an outdated form of marketing. Yet, according to a recent survey from TheClose, 66 percent of real estate agents are focused on improving the success of their em

agent marketing
10 Real Estate Agent Marketing Tactics You Can’t Overlook

Real estate agent marketing is unique in many ways. You need to actively connect with people who may want to make a big life decision to buy or sell a home in months or even years down the l

Listing Summit 2022 (We need your help)

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work developing something very exciting...  Something we’ve never done before…  Something that’ll set you up for the

real estate captions for Instagram
20 Customizable Real Estate Captions for Instagram

When coming up with real estate captions for Instagram, you may be at a loss. What should you say about your new house sale? How do you best share tips about home buying and selling? How can

how to get 10 listings in 30 days
How to Get 10 Listings in 30 Days Using Our 5-Step System

Every agent wants to know how to get 10 listings in 30 days, right? Luckily, now is the time to figure it out and implement powerful strategies to make it happen. As’s 2021 Mon

Selling Homes? Your Ads Should Sell Something Else

When we ask agents, “What is the purpose of advertising a property on Facebook or Instagram?” they usually reply with:“To help me sell the home” “To get people interested in t

The 100-Year-Old Guide to Facebook Ads

Have you ever seen an engineer’s instrument panel of a 747? Here’s a photo of one. There are just a few dials and switches on that thing, aren’t there!? You better really know wha

6 Elements of a Credibility-Magnifying Blog Post

At The Paperless Agent, we preach the power of posting authoritative blog posts. You can click here to find out why they are so important. But essentially, authoritative blog posts posi

Your Prospects are Skeptical of You, But Here’s How to Convince Them

Most people view real estate agents as a commodity. They think we are all the same. Interchangeable. A dime a dozen. They think it’s easy to become a real estate agent, so we must not be a

Here, There, and Everywhere: Why Your Brand Needs to Be Omnipresent

We imagine that people think about us way more than they actually do. The fact is that, unless you give them a reason to, your contacts and connections just aren’t thinking much -- if at a

The 4-Step Script for Crafting Perfect Selfie-Style Videos

The most important videos you can shoot for your real estate business are what we call “selfie-style” videos. These informal videos, perfect for sharing on social media, are engaging and

Two No-Cost Tips for Looking AMAZING in Your Videos

Two No-Cost Tips for Looking AMAZING in Your VideosSTOP! Before you read any further, we need to know… Do you want to:Look younger in your marketing videos?Eliminate the shadows that

The Only Equipment You Need to Shoot Your Most Important Videos

Drum roll, please. What follows is a COMPLETE LIST of all the equipment you’re going to need to shoot the most important videos in your marketing arsenal. Are you ready?  Ok

5 Traditional Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies with a Modern Twist

If you sell real estate, you already know lead generation is a top priority. But knowing what lead generation strategies actually work, and which ones are a waste of time can be frustrating.

The 3 Videos Every Real Estate Agent Should Shoot

Video is THE fastest growing source of media being used right now. In fact, by 2022 it's estimated that 1 million videos will be watched per second! If you're not on the video tren

The 1-Minute Video Strategy

 Video is oh-so-important for real estate social media strategy. If you want to grow your social media influence, if you want to build your real estate business quickly and inexpensivel

The “Follow Me” Campaign

A bitter pill for you first: likes and comments on your social media posts -- even your number of followers -- do not equal business.  And anyone who is telling you different, is l

Squeezing All the Instagram Juice out of Your Listing Lemon

Listings live longer on Instagram than they live on the MLS. That’s because as a listing goes through different phases it allows us to “multipurpose the content,” meaning we can g

“What Should I Post on Social Media?”

The R.A.V.E. Method for Answering the Question: "What Should I Post on Social Media?"Posting on social media like Facebook and Instagram can be a great way to stay in touch with your family,

5-Step Plan to More Listing Leads

A constant concern for real estate professionals is where their next deal is coming from. Often, that concern leads to a scattered lead generation approach. We hear about the hot new thing a

The Unbeatable 3-Phase Listing Appointment

We’re going to focus on the listing appointment. That’s your Super Bowl. That’s your big performance. That’s what determines whether you are a top listing agent or not.And once you

What Do Top Listing Agents Do and Say?

My husband and I are doing some remodeling right now. Not the whole house, just the kitchen. But as you remodel, it’s natural to think, “Hmmm, now the rest of the house isn’t as nice a

GIVEAWAY! April 2021

To enter the giveaway for a chance to win a Paperless Agent T-Shirt & a $50 Amazon gift card: 1. Follow @thepaperlessagent on Instagram  2. Like the Open House Ep. 3 post&

Our Deepest Gratitude & Giving Back to End 2020

Our deepest gratitude to everyone... from our Paperless Agent Team to our clients, partners, friends, family, and everyone else who has supported us and believed in us... we thank you!As a t

[EARLY ACCESS PREVIEW] Day 1 of the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program

Don't get left behind... start setting your goals for 2021 NOW, and achieve them sooner with the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program.  The 21-Day Goal Challenge uses proven methods for set

Your Questions, Answered: A Listing Expert Agent’s Tips for New Agents

New Agent? Our Very Own Listing Expert Agent Garry Creath Answers Your Questions...If you’re like a lot of new agents I talk to, you're probably feeling frustrated right now…Frustrated b

Want to Sell More Homes in 2021? Here’s the ONE Thing You Must Do…

Want to Achieve Your 2021 Goals? Here's the ONE Thing You Must Do...As 2020 draws to a close and you start to look ahead to 2021, what do you want to achieve next year? Do you want to sell m

5 Ways to Get More Listings NOW and in 2021

The new year is quickly approaching… And what you do NOW will set the tone for your entire 2021 year.  The decisions you make right now can set you up for success... 

Top 3 Listing Scripts for 2021

No one saw this year coming, from the pandemic to the housing market, it was a surprise to us all. But with the housing forecast predicted to remain the same into 2021, a few things are cert

Using Canva for Real Estate Graphics

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase a lot…We’ve been hearing it, in some way or another, since Y2K… “Real Estate is moving further into the digital realm.” But what doe

Instagram Story Templates for Real Estate

Generate over 4x more interactions with these Instagram Stories Templates.Here are some Instagram stats* you need to know: 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories ever

Instagram Just Listed Checklist ☑️

So you just had a GREAT listing appointment, you nailed the presentation and got the signature… Now what? You want to keep that momentum going and use that energy to start promot

5 Ways to Save Time on Social Media

“'It’s as hot a seller’s market as I’ve ever seen’: More than half of all July home offers faced competition” - Excerpt from a recent Inman article.*  Whether you

Brand-New Social Media Strategy (for Real Estate)

The traditional way to market a home has always been to showcase the front of the house…But as I started looking at buying my first home, I began to wonder why more real estate agents didn

5 Ways to Get More Listings

 This summer is different… The heat’s still here, but the vacations and celebrations are gone.   The market’s still hot, but there’s a shortage of homes.&nbs

Virtual Walkthrough Video – Talking Tips & Tools Checklist

With the ever changing climate right now, Virtual Walkthrough Videos are here to stay… In fact, In 2017, NAR found that of respondents who used the internet in their [home] search, 89

Get Recognized as a Listing Expert Agent with The Paperless Agent’s Fourth of July Special Offer!

This year, Chris and Garry took our 4th of July sale celebration to the next level. They’re celebrating with Flags, Bandanas, BBQ, Eating Contests… and of course HUGE discounts. Chec

PREVIEW: The Proven 21-Day Plan for More Summer Sales

Last week we shared an inside look at our new 21-day activity plan for more summer sales…The activities you should be doing now to ensure you have a strong summer no matter what happens in

Want a 21-day Plan Proven to Produce More Home Sales?

With everything going on in the world and all the uncertainty in the markets right now, we found a lot members of the Paperless Agent community were looking for a plan --The activities they

R.A.V.E Social Media Posts

One of the most common questions we get from agents is:“What should I post on social media??” We get this question so often, in fact, that we’ve created a formula for it! &nb

The 21-Day Agent Production Plan for More Home Sales in any Climate.

How can realtors get leads, listings, and clients right now? As the economy starts to open up, the demand for homes is predicted to surge. The buyers and sellers who will move in coming

The All-New Virtual Pre-Listing Packet

Home sellers are paying attention to you and other agents right now.They’re waiting for the “right time” to sell and deciding who to go with. And our All-New Virtual Pre-Listing P

Virtual Showing Strategies and Checklist

How do you still engage with Buyers AND Sellers, when you can’t meet in person?The answer: 4 Virtual Showing Strategies.Download the PDF below and check them out now! Plus, we've incl

How the Stimulus Package Helps Real Estate Agents

With all of the information floating around about stimulus packages and loans, you're probably wondering what this bail out means to you, as a real estate agent, and how you can get access t

The Key to New Leads Every Month

There’s a rampant problem in the real estate industry right now...  According to the NAR 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 89% of home buyers and 85% of home sellers said they

How to Make Real Estate Videos with Lumen5

Creating video content to use for your real estate practice can be a daunting task! Fortunately, there are many tools available that you can use to make the job much easier. In this video, C

Instagram Post Templates for Real Estate

Using Instagram can be hard enough, but for real estate professionals, trying to find the right content to post can make it even harder than it already is…. especially when you take into a

Top 3 Listing Scripts for 2020

How many real estate listing appointments have you been on in the past month? How many did you close? For most of us, it’s crucial that we nail each and every listing appointment we get. &

How to Stay Top of Mind, Boost Repeat Business, and Get More Referrals with the Monthly Value Program Marketing Campaign

There’s a rampant problem in the real estate industry right now...  According to the NAR 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 89% of home buyers and 85% of home sellers said they

Add Life to Your Instagram Stories

Last week we talked a little about what Instagram Stories are and why they’re important for marketing on Instagram.  If you’ll recall the numbers from last week; There are 800 milli

Instagram Stories Made Easy

If you’ve been following along with our blog posts this year then you’ve probably noticed a theme by now: Instagram.  As one of the biggest and fastest growing social media platform

How to Stay Consistent on Instagram

As important as social media is, it’s also time consuming... It takes time to find the right content to post,  the right caption to post, and to create the right hashtags and tags(che

Using Hashtags on Instagram (#TheEasyWay)

It’s 2020, so you’ve probably heard about Instagram by now, but did you know that not only is Instagram one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world, it’s also one of

Day 1 from the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program

The 21-Day Goal Challenge uses proven methods for setting your career goals, designing your business plans and gaining massive traction on accomplishing those goals. Over a 21 day period, yo

How to Combat the 3 Main “Goal Thieves” and Win in 2020

With a new year approaching, most of us have one thing on our mind: Setting Goals for 2020 and actually achieving those goals this year. You know a good plan of attack will greatly impr

This Just In, REDM™ Revealed!

We started the fight to change our industry for the better when we originally launched the Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM™) certification in January of 2016.    Since th

How to Create a Distinct Value Proposition

Good news from the front…   Help has arrived in our battle against the forces determined to diminish our value while going after our clients.   And it comes in the form of this p

Major Setback in the Fight to Take Our Market Back

You need to ask yourself… What’s the major and compelling reason a seller should choose you?    If you don’t have a strong answer, then you're at risk.    Because o

Breaking News… Chris & Garry Declare War!

Today, there are more forces fighting against Agents and Brokers then ever before.   There’s tech companies and investors looking to diminish our value in the market...   There's

Your 2020 Listing Presentation

A new year always comes with new goals, new expectations, and new leads. In order to attract those new leads, you need to set yourself apart and stand out like a top agent…   Which ca

5 Facebook Campaigns for 2020

Have you ever wondered why Facebook won’t work for you? When we first started using Facebook Ads back in 2013 we spent a TON of time and money trying to get them to work for us but to no a

3 YouTube Videos to Get More Listing Leads

According to research by Cisco, more than 80% of all traffic on the internet will be video in just three years. This makes it incredibly important that we understand best practices for utili

Home Buyer Presentation Template

A Listing Presentation educates your potential seller on the home selling process and outlines the benefits of working with you to do that. A Buyer Presentation is similar, but geared toward

Get Your Real Estate Videos on Google

As a real estate agent, showing up on Google is extremely important.  Clients, prospective clients, and leads will all google an agent before committing to work with them. One of the wa

How to Turn the iBuyer “Threat” into Your Biggest New Source of Clients!

Download iBuyer Template forYou Listing Presentation Below... Download the PDF Sample Download the PowerPoint Version for PC & Android Download the Keynote Version for MAC iBuyers are a

5-Step Plan to More Listing Leads

A constant concern for real estate professionals is where their next deal is coming from. Often, that concern leads to a scattered lead generation approach. We hear about the hot new thing a

Market Your Listings on YouTube

What are YouTube Ads? YouTube Ads are the ads that pop up before, during, or after a YouTube video. One of the greatest things about YouTube ads is that you don’t pay anything for advertis

Top Tools, Templates & Tech for Listing Leads

As real estate agents, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to get listings and stand out from the competition. Because these days, our competition is everywhere. Discount brokerag

Facebook Changes All Real Estate Agents Need to Be Aware Of

As you’ve probably heard, Facebook is rolling out some major changes to what they allow in Marketing and Advertising, changes that directly impact Real Estate. The next time you login

How to Win Any Listing… Before the Appointment

If you read our previous blog, Proven Pre-Listing Strategies from a Listing Expert, you know how important your Pre-Listing Strategy is.  The Pre-listing strategy serves to educate our

How to Create a Powerful Online Reputation

What Is A Powerful Online Reputation? According to NAR’s Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, when asked what the deciding factor was in choosing their real estate professional, home seller

The Five Fifty-Five Program

We all know real estate is a networking industry. If you’re not networking and building contacts, then you’re not growing... and if you’re not growing, then there’s probably untapped

LinkedIn Strategies for Real Estate Agents

If you do a quick Google search for your name and city, you’re probably going to see LinkedIn show up in the top 3 – 5 search results. An easy way to improve your online reputation and m

Proven Pre-Listing Strategies from A Listing Expert Agent

Done well, a pre-listing strategy will go a long way towards making the actual Listing Appointment a success.  The pre-listing strategy introduces your value to your potential clients a

The 1-Minute Real Estate Video Strategy That Can Help You Win More Listings

Videos are essential for a real estate business, and to put it simply, if you’re not doing videos you’re not making money.    If you look at these 3 facts about video marketing

Facebook Messenger Bots: How to Automate Conversations to Qualify Leads & Stay Top of Mind

One of the most important lessons you can internalize about growing your business in the digital age is that you have to "meet your customers where they are."  That used to be simple: p

Secrets of a Top Listing Agent

Back in 2014, Chris and I took a trip to Mississauga, Canada for a real estate conference.   It was there where we first met Chip Barkel. Today, Chip has a pipeline of over $36,000,000

3 Lazy Listing Tours to Stand Out As Listing Expert Agents

As a listing expert, you know one of the ways you stand out amongst other listing agents is how you market and sell homes. You can use the method and technologies you use to market homes as

Marketing Tips for Selling $3M a Month in Real Estate Production with Hillary Gaynor & Jim Pruitt

Hillary's Business Then and Now Hillary joined The Paperless Agent community back in 2013, when she was focused on becoming one of the first Green Realtors in her area. The training she went

There’s Nothing More American Than… The Paperless Agent’s Fourth of July Sale!

This year, Chris and Garry took our 4th of July sale celebration to the next level. They're celebrating with Flags, Bandanas, BBQ, Eating Contests… and of course HUGE discounts. Check out

Tips to Elevate Your Status as a Listing Expert

Do people who know you think of you as an EXPERT when it comes to listing and selling homes?   Not just that they know you’re in real estate… But do people see you as THE authority

Instagram Tips for Real Estate with Sue B. Zimmerman

We recently hosted a Marketing Club member training session with renowned Instagram expert Sue B. Zimmerman. We've compiled the best tips and advice for real estate professionals wanting to

5 Essential Real Estate Marketing Activities… In An Hour A Month!

These 5 marketing activities will get you massive boost in word of mouth business, more referrals & recommendations, and solidify your reputation as an expert in your local market. These

Pre-Listing System Used By Listing Expert Agents

A key difference for many top listing agents is a well-designed process to prepare for a listing appointment and stand out from their competition. Garry Creath and Chris Scott have designed

Real Estate Video Marketing Using Just Your Phone

Real estate videos for marketing don’t have to be complicated and they don’t have to be fancy. You can make videos marketing real estate using just your phone. And the video will still g

Listing Tips & Strategies to Standout and Sell More Homes

Fastest & Easiest Source of Listings   Every top agent knows the number one source of business is word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat customers.   Word-of-Mouth is defined

Facebook on $1/Day Strategy

Facebook can be frustrating if you’re trying to use it to grow your real estate practice and career. Whether it’s sharing content, running ads, or getting leads, the Facebook formula is

How to Work with Facebook’s Changes to Targeting Options for Real Estate Ads

Dennis Yu, CEO of Blitzmetrics, explains how to work with Facebook's changes for targeting options for real estate ads.   Facebook no longer allows real estate advertisers to select spe

Planning for Next Year

Let me ask you a question…     As you look towards 2019, are you planning to sell more homes than you did in 2018? I think most of us would say HECK YES! We all start the year fe

A Holiday Gift

    Happy Holidays from The Paperless Agent Enjoy a Laugh on Us! Here at The Paperless Agent, we film A LOT of video, and believe it or not, things don’t always go to plan. S

The 4 Pillars of LEAP

  All this week, we’ve been talking about the brand-new Listing Expert Agent Program & Certification (LEAP). So today, we thought we’d take a deeper look and show you what’s a

Lizard Brained Marketing and Real Estate

Why is Chris holding a pack of gum in the video above? To make a fairly obvious point: Marketing yourself as a real estate pro is MUCH DIFFERENT than marketing a pack a gum. The type of mark

The Perks of Being a Listing Expert

    If you’ve been watching your inboxes, then you know Chris and Garry have been locked away in the studio working hard on a brand new program called the Listing Expert Agen

We Need Your Help!

  Over the last few months, Chris and I have been hard at work developing a new program for you. And we’re VERY excited about it because it’s a topic near and dear to me: becoming a

Turn More Prospects into Clients with The Client Welcome Kit

To help you get the most out of your 30-Days to More Sales Action Plan, I want to share a powerful supplemental tool with you: The Client Welcome Kit.  In Marketing Speak, the Client Wel

How to Create a Business Profile on Instagram

How to Create Your Business Profile: Access your Instagram account on your phone. Go to your profile. Click on the three bars in the upper right-hand corner. Click ‘Settings’ at

[VIDEO] Facebook’s Lookalike Audience Feature

[Video Summary] Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature is very connected to the Custom Audience feature, Lookalike audiences are marketing lists you can create in Facebook that use the info

[VIDEO] Facebook’s Custom Audience Feature

[Video Summary] Custom audiences are marketing lists you can create in Facebook. You can create custom audiences from: Data Files – Custom or Contact files in CSV format. Facebook Enga

[VIDEO] The 1%

[Video Summary] When you look at all the ads ran on the FB platform, the typical advertiser on Facebook only gets a 1% click-through rate on their advertisement. That’s the average re

How to Grow Your Database and Referrals by Tapping into Your Professional Network!

Yesterday we shared our new 30-day action plan with everyone to kick-off this Fourth of July week. In that plan, we talk about is Garry’s Five Fifty-Five program. It’s a system f

Celebrate the 4th with a New 30-Day Sales Action Plan!

Here at The Paperless Agent, we’re gearing up for the Fourth of July as we’re sure many of you are! But before you take off for the barbecues and fireworks, we wanted to share a

“Go Local” on Facebook

  While online retailers have opened us up to a global marketplace, there’s a growing movement to “go local” by patronizing and supporting community businesses. Many real estate b

Uncommon Campaigns | Referral Contest Campaign

You probably already know this, but according to the National Association of Realtors, 69% of home sellers found their real estate agent either through one of two ways. Through a referral Th

A Facebook Offer You Can’t Refuse

Here’s just some of what you’ll get when you try the Paperless Agent Coaching Club for $1 today… Facebook Marketing for Real Estate ($597 value) Learn how to promote your

Facebook-enabled Secret Weapon: The Property Marketing Plan

Have you ever stopped to think about what your clients really want? Knowing what clients want is a key principle in serving them well… and to finding more! According to NAR, home selle

Level Up Your Listing Presentation with Facebook

Facebook helps you make better promises to your home sellers…and by making better promises, you can improve your listing presentation. When it comes to working with home sellers, they th

4 Facebook Campaigns We Love Right Now

Campaign #1: Marketing Real Estate In the example below, the ad is promoting a home for sale. When a person clicks on the ad, they are taken to a page on a website with more photos and infor

Facebook articles to get more leads and clients

Facebook is the top marketing tool for real estate agents and brokers to reach their customers. But the rules have completely changed to get leads, find clients, and promote your business on

Uncommon Campaigns | How to Get Real Estate Listings from Home Builders

As real estate agents, we are constantly looking for new, untapped sources of leads. Today we’re going to look at one such source: builders and new homes. . Last year more than 608,000 new

Using Omnipresent Marketing to Build Your Clientele

We’re all pretty familiar with the saying, out with the old and in with the new! While Omnipresent Marketing may not be a new concept in general, it is to most real estate agents. The

The Ultimate Open House Strategy

There are few questions that real estate agents dread more than, “When are you going to hold an Open House for our property?” Many experienced Realtors cringe at the thought of sitting a

Exciting News… You Can Join Us in Vegas for a Half-Day Workshop!

Want to Attend a Half-day Workshop Hosted by Garry and Chris? Then Join Us in Vegas on September 17th for a Half-Day Workshop as Part of the Results Summit! What are you doing Se

3 Questions that Will Define Your Real Estate Practice in 2017

Do you want to give sellers a 5-star experience and win more listings… while helping change the real estate industry for the better? Let me ask you a question: How many of you have bee

Garry Wise and Chris Scott Walk the Trade-show Floor at CAR Expo 2016

Get tech tips, advice, and laughs from Garry Wise and myself as we walk the trade show floor at the California Association of REALTOS® annual Expo. We try to answer this question (for our

Garry and Chris are Crashing a Party in Las Vegas… And They Want You to Join!

Garry and Chris are Crashing a Party in Las Vegas… And They Want You to Join! Come September, Garry and I will be crashing a party in Las Vegas… And we want you to join us! Where

6 Apps to Close Buyer Clients Faster

Working with home buyers can often be time-consuming and frustrating. You may have even seen estimates that home buyers should expect the homebuying process to take a minimum of four months.

Real Estate Marketing Videos in 5 Simple Steps

Real estate marketing videos are among the most effective tools you can use to differentiate yourself from other agents in the market. The National Association of Realtors found that 85% of

CRM Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” and over the years real estate agents have used a variety of tools to manage and track their client relationships. In the old days, we

Case Study: Chip Barkels Rise to Success

Chip Barkel is a Realtor® with the Toronto, Canada luxury brokerage, Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd., a Christies International Real Estate affiliate, and he has been a member of The Paperle

Meet your REDM: Live Instructors!

What Can You Expect from REDM: Live? Your Real Estate Digital Marketer: Live Instructors Break It Down! REDM: Live Starts January 8th. Sign up now and save 50% with our New Year’s Spec

3 Questions that Could Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Do you want to give sellers a 5-star experience and win more listings… while helping change the real estate industry for the better? REDM: Live Starts January 8th. Sign up now, and sav

How to Create a Conversion Engine for Your Online Seller Leads

It’s an open secret: many real estate agents believe online seller leads aren’t valuable. They don’t convert … they take too long to convert … they take too much effort … it’s

A Little Holiday Cheer from The Paperless Agent

Garry and I filmed A LOT of videos here at The Paperless Agent this year… Looking back, we shot more than 24 Coaching Club sessions, 52 public trainings, several new products, live ev

5 Step System to Convert Online Buyer Leads Into Clients

Most real estate agents understand that to create a pipeline for future business, they need to continuously bring in new leads. However, engaging and converting leads is not a “one size fi

How to Win-Win at Real Estate Negotiations

We invited Tom Hayman and Greg Markov from the Real Estate Negotiation Institute to present to Paperless Agent Coaching Club Members on tactics for success in real estate negotiations. They

3 Keys to Creating Effective Real Estate Landing Pages

You need to rethink your relationship with your real estate landing pages. As more and more consumers get their real estate information online, your first connection with potential clients i

3 Steps to Increase Impact From Your Real Estate Newsletters

Real estate newsletters have been around for years, but advancements in technology and the growth of social media has changed the way top agents are staying in touch with their clients. If w

Why We Created the Agent Sales Accelerator Program

Today, I wanted to take a second and talk about why we created ASAP in the first place. We’re frequently contacted by Coaching Club clients and agents interested in either 1-on-1 coach

How to Get the Referrals Hiding in Your Professional Network

Happy Friday! Today, we want to share a practical, actionable tip to help you get more business. Earlier this week, we talked about the importance of referral and repeat business, and we sha

Getting the Most from Your Database: How to Boost Referral and Repeat Business!

For most real estate professionals, repeat and referral business makes up a significant portion of our businesses. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, on average 60%

We Want to Know: What Would You Like to See in a Sales Training / Production Plan?

We Want to Know: What Would You Like to See in a Sales Training / Production Plan? Putting a sign in the yard after winning a listing appointment is one of THE BEST feelings. It’s the

Scripts and Templates to Turn Expired Listing Leads Into Clients

As new real estate agents, we are often taught to reach out to expired listings in the MLS as a way to prospect for clients. You may have been given this script: “Hey I saw that your home

Keeping Your Evernote Account Secure

Recently Evernote sent out an email regarding some security issues they have noticed on members accounts. This email was not sent out to everyone, only those members that they noticed suspic

The Business Mixer Plan for Real Estate Agents

Are you intimidated by planning events? Or maybe you have already done it, and it was just so overwhelming that you don’t plan on doing it again. We’ve made it easy for you by having

Instagram Posts for Realtors

How many times have you posted on Instagram in the last week? The last month? Instagram used to show the most recent posts from accounts you’re following, but they have recently adopted Fa

7 Steps To Creating An Awesome Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns play a crucial role in our job as Real Estate Agents, so it is always paramount that our campaigns are top notch and deliver results! Individual tactics aimed at creating

Why Instagram is the Perfect Platform for Realtors

Why Instagram? Do you have an Instagram account? Are you active on your Instagram account and getting results? If you were to go into Instagram you’d see that there are millions of adverti

Today’s the Day! Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy Is Open!

Today’s the Day! Enroll Now for the Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy Watch the video or scroll below for all the details on the course! This week, we’ve been talking abou

5 Steps to Developing a Real Estate Brand with Facebook

Creating a brand on Facebook for your Real Estate business is as important as a first impression, because it may likely be a leads first impression of you! Your potential customers will form

Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy: Evaluating Markets and Opportunities for the Best Returns

Evaluating Markets and Opportunities for the Best Returns As we build up to the launch of Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy… Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect

Coming Soon: The Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy

Are You Ready to Transform your Real Estate Practice into a Real Estate Business? Introducing the Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy… A six-week guided study for real estate entr

5 Surefire Scripts to Win Real Estate Listings – Without Discounting Commissions

How many real estate listing appointments have you been on in the past month? How many did you close? For most of us, it’s crucial that we nail each and every listing appointment we get. H

Tips on Choosing the Right Instagram Username

To become successful at digitally marketing yourself and your brand, it is important to have a presence across most social media platforms. Since Facebook expanded its  ad platform to inclu

5 Essential Skills for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Do you consider yourself “just another real estate agent or broker”, or do you see yourself as a Real Estate Entrepreneur? By our definition, a real estate entrepreneur has that

Here’s What You’re Going to Accomplish in Las Vegas

Still Thinking about Joining Us for the Paperless Agent Workshop and Results Summit? Here’s exactly what you can expect to learn… The price goes up to $299 (from $199

Want to Party with Garry and Chris in Vegas?

Then Save the Date: September 17th… And Join Garry and Chris for a 1-day Workshop (and Party) in Vegas! We have huge news! You guys have been asking for this for the last two yearsR

5 Creative Ways to Market your Listings to More Buyers

Marketing your listings is about so much more than “just doing enough”… You know, putting a sign in the yard, putting on the MLS, and praying that it sells. So let’s take a l

Create a “Brand Message” that Speaks to Your Local Market

The greatest benefit of becoming a Local Market Master is having a brand that is recognized in – and that resonates with – your ideal customers. Your brand’s meaning comes from

Three Powerful Tools for Communicating Your Brand

To become a successful brokerage and Local Market Master, your brand needs to be consistently shared with your ideal audience, in a variety of different places and ways. Three of the most p

Make a Better Promise to Sellers with the Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM™) Certification

Looking for Your Competitive Advantage this Real Estate Selling Season? Good news… The Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM™) Certification Course Opens Tomorrow With real estate’

Tools and Resources You Need for Your Next Listing Appointment

If you have been following along our three-part series; What you need to know to rock your next Listing Appointment (PART 1), you will have read about a number of tools and resources that Ga

Create a Marketing Proposal that Sells Your Services

A carefully crafted digital Listing Presentation, or marketing proposal, should catch the attention of a seller, build rapport, address objections before they are verbalized, and leave selle

5 Steps to Ace Your Next Listing Appointment

The truth is; the more knowledge you have the more you will differentiate your business, the better care you can give your clients, and the more successful (and respected) your agency will b

Find the Local Market that Offers the Best Growth Opportunity

Selecting and working in the wrong local market is a costly mistake that many real estate professionals make but with some background knowledge it’s an error that you can avoid. If you sel

How to Create Facebook Carousel Ads and Get Better Results from Your Just Listed Campaigns!

Lately, the Carousel ad has been one of the top performing Facebook ad types we’re run at Goodlife Realty to date. And now Chris Scott, president of Goodlife Realty and co-founder of The P

Facebook Video Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Creating video may not be easy, but it is absolutely worth it. Video is important for several reasons: 1) Video lets you stay in touch with clients (and potential clients) which helps you to

Simple “Go-to Market” Activities Guaranteed to Attract More Buyers (and Make Sellers Happy!)

Let’s face it, the internet has changed the way real estate industry and the way we MUST market and sell properties as real estate professionals. (At least it has for those of you who wan

Real Estate Marketing on Facebook
Make the Most of Your Open House with Facebook: 3 Campaigns to Fill Your Event and Promote Your Brand

How does Garry Wise, luxury broker and The Paperless Agent co-founder, set himself apart from other agents in his area? One of his “industry secrets”: by holding open houses. (Did you ju

“Go-to Market Plan”: How to Make a Better Promise to Sellers and Win More Listings

Are you looking for that “one thing” to set your agency apart from the others? Seeking a way to differentiate yourself? Want to position yourself as the agent to work with? Of course you

Page Features Your Website NEEDS If You Want to Generate Leads (Plus Campaigns to Boost Your Website Traffic and More!)

What Is a Landing Page? If you want to generate leads from your website, landing pages are a must have. Essentially, a landing page is any page a visitor can arrive at or “land”

How to Break into and Dominate a Local Market (Even If You Don’t Have Any Listings There!)

How to Break into a New Market Interested in expanding your business by breaking into a new market? Many of you have shared with us that you’re interested in increasing your average sales

Fresh Off the Press… Garry and Chris Answer Your Questions on REDM: Live

Here’s Garry and Chris on Facebook Live answering your questions about their new innovative program… Have additional questions? Post them in the comments section! And if you’re rea

Business Advice for 2017: How to Deliver a Better Quality Promise

How to Level Up Your “Brand Promise” in 2017 Think of yourself as a business owner It’s common for real estate professionals to not think of themselves as business owners.

What’s New with REDM in 2017?

What’s New with REDM in 2017? Lots of our REDM members have been asking us, “What’s next for the REDM Certification?” We’ve been listening to your feedback and

3 Questions that Will Define Your Real Estate Practice in 2017

Do you want to give sellers a 5-star experience and win more listings… while helping change the real estate industry for the better? Let me ask you a question: How many of you have bee

Announcing… REDM™: Live!

Announcing… REDM™: Live! The Live, Online Learning Experience for the REDM™ Certification REDM: Live Starts Next Week on Monday, October 2nd! We have a huge announcement… Enr

Chris Dares Garry to Do WHAT in Las Vegas?

Last week, we announced that we’re going to crash the® Results Summit in Las Vegas, NV on September 19th and 20th. What we didn’t show you last week is that Chris dares

Real Estate Marketing on Facebook
5 Steps to Find Customers, Stay in Touch, and Promote Listings on the World’s Most Popular Social Media Site.

With over 1.65 BILLION people using Facebook, it is dangerous to ignore or neglect it as part of your client marketing strategy. Facebook is where so many people go to find out what’s happ

Big News: More than 700 Agents Have Earned their REDM™ Certification

Big News: More than 700 Agents Have Earned Their Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM)™ Certification… (And Registration for the REDM™ Certification Course Opens Tomorrow!) If you’

Search Engine Strategies for Real Estate Pros
Getting on Google: Online Search Strategies for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Do you have an online search strategy? A recent poll of our readers found over 75% of real estate professionals don’t have a strategy for getting found by their customers online, through t

How to Follow-up with Buyer and Seller Leads the RIGHT Way

Yesterday we shared some campaigns you can use to start driving people to your website. While we divvied the campaigns by the type of lead they’re most likely to generate–low int

Low-Cost Lead Generation Activities for Real Estate

  Yesterday, we talked about the three different types of leads: Low Cost / Low Intent Medium Cost / Medium Intent High Cost / High Intent And we also asked you to find out how much web

How to Score and Sort Your Online Leads for More Sales

When it comes to online leads in real estate, I hear some version of this sentiment all the time: online leads aren’t worth the money or effort… “They are a waste of time&#

The 4 Step Online Marketing Process Every Agent Needs to Know

When it comes to online marketing, there are a lot of dangerous misconceptions: online marketing isn’t necessary, it doesn’t work, online leads don’t convert. The list goes on. But th

NEW: Facebook Marketing for Real Estate

This week, we’ve shared tips and campaigns to help you jumpstart your Facebook marketing. The training and checklists we’ve shared come from the updated version of our popular program: F

Bring Your Just Listed Campaign Into the Digital Age

Are you wasting time & money on Facebook? Download free Ad Campaign templates to promote your real estate practice on FB for as little as $1 day! When you put a sign in the yard of one o

Here’s How to Put a Digital “Sign in the Yard”

  Keep reading to learn how to download Facebook Ad templates! Over the last few years, Facebook has changed dramatically. Not too long ago, Facebook was primarily a tool to connect wit

Preview of the REDM Course and an Important Message

This week we wanted to give everyone an understanding of one of the biggest problems we see in the real estate industry: Too few of us are taking a proactive and aggressive approach to marke

Showcasing Your Competitive Edge

Like we shared yesterday, our mission is to help agents help agents learn the skills they need to sell real estate the right way. Just skim through our blog, and you’ll find tips and t

Coming Tomorrow: Your Instant Online Identity Kit

  We’ve been sharing tips on how to produce a more powerful online identity… And we wanted to let you know about something BIG happening tomorrow. All the training we’

Mapping Out Your Online Identity: How to Shape What Clients See When They Research You Online!

  Did you Google yourself yesterday? What’d you find? For our agents, the experience generally went one of two ways… They either saw a lot of results, and were not sure how

Why You Need to Google Yourself

    It’s no secret: Long before new clients or referrals pick up the phone to call you, they research you online. They Google you, look at social media, read online reviews&

Coming Up Next Week: The Importance of Your Online Identity

What do your clients do when deciding whether or not to work with you? They research you online. The question is: What does your Online Identity say about you? We’ve been diving into t

February Fan Giveaway: The Digital Networking and Online Identity Campaign

This month, we want to show our thanks to all of you. Whether you follow this blog, are a fan on Facebook, or subscribe to our email list, we appreciate your support. But we didn’t wan

Highlights from the Live Training “Attract More Sellers With The Irresistible, Proven Digital Marketing Plan for Agents”

Miss Thursday’s training “Attract More Sellers With The Irresistible, Proven Digital Marketing Plan for Agents”? Don’t worry… We’ve got you Covered! We pu

Get an Inside Look at the REDM Certification Course

Watch an Exclusive 15-min Preview of the REDM Certification Course!   The first REDM certification course class sold out with more than 450 agents joining. Stay tuned so you don’t

REDM Client-Facing Website Receives Important Updates, REDM’s client-facing website, just received a couple important updates!   As Chris and Garry said, it’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself fro

The Paperless Agent DECLARES WAR!

The Paperless Agent Declares War on the “Old Way” of Selling Real Estate   Will you join REDM’s mission to help deliver home sellers the 5* experience they deserve? Ar

Exclusive Preview of the Real Estate Digital Marketer Certification Course

What can you expect from the Real Estate Digital Marketer certification course? Find out in this exclusive behind-the-scenes preview! We want to know what you think! Leave your comments and

Sneak Peak… Get your marketing campaigns in order this holiday season!

In this video, Chris and Garry preview this week’s public training “3 Marketing Campaigns for the Holiday Season!” and share some insights to get you started. Check it out,

Tips to Crafting a Property Marketing Plan to Seal the Deal with Sellers

In the “old days,” real estate agents marketing their sellers’ properties would simply put a sign in the yard, put a listing in the MLS, and pray that it sold. Even today, there are a

The 3 Cornerstone Campaigns to Fill Your Pipeline, Secure Future Clients, and Grow Your Business

When we enter a new field or a new business, we inherit business ideas, strategies, and tactics from the people around us. And this can be both good and bad. On the one hand, learning from

3 Facebook Campaigns to Find New Leads and Promote Your Business

When it comes to marketing, one rule we say time and time again is “meet your prospects where they are,” and with 968 million users logging into Facebook daily, there’s a good chance b

How to Engage and Win Over Sellers with the 3 P’s of Selling

Ask yourself: Why should a home seller work with me? Your answer to this question is essentially your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP—the narrative or story that defines why a client sh

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