November 20th 2019

Breaking News… Chris & Garry Declare War!

Today, there are more forces fighting against Agents and Brokers then ever before.

There’s tech companies and investors looking to diminish our value in the market...

There's firms planning to take our fees and clients equity for their own...

And now, more than ever, there's more REALTOR® members in history with a lack of commitment to gaining the skills needed to protect their seller clients and serve them to the highest standards.

We're not taking it anymore.

It's time to take our market back!

If you want to join the fight with us, let us know   in the comments section now!

To do this, we’ve completely overhauled our REDM certification and will be releasing it very soon…

But in the meantime, we need you to answer these 3 simple questions...

  • Do you want to help change this industry and what consumers think of us?
  • Do you want recognition for delivering 5-star experience to home sellers?
  • Do you want to promote your personal brand and grow your listing business?

If you answered 'YES' to the questions above, and you want to join the fight with us, let us know in the comments section below! 

And stay tuned for updates to this breaking story…


  1. Yes! I want to fight the good fight and get my clients equity back and my full commission!

    Great video!

  2. Yes, interested in REDM. want to separate myself from the amateurs in our business, provide a high level of service to my clients, and make more money!

    • Absolutely! This is all about differentiation and STANDING OUT!

  3. Yes

  4. Yes to all three questions. I have REDM and it changed the way I feel about my claims to be an experienced REALTOR by teaching me how the online presence works so I could manage and have confidence to leverage the digital marketing plan. An updated course is most Interesting.

    • Awesome DeeDee! If you've already taken REDM but are interested in the updated version shoot an email over to our support team and they'll help you out! :)

  5. Very interested in future updates!

    • We'll post all updatees to this website (and we'll email them out as well!) :)

  6. I’m in! Keep me posted. ??

    • Keep an eye on this website and your email! That's where we'll post and send all updates! :)

  7. Count me in!

  8. I am behind you 100% . I am so excited to be a member of the Paperless Agent group. Let's fight for our ability to provide for our families and serve the public.

  9. I am in favor of what you are doing and i support your efforts.

  10. I'm all in

  11. Yes!!! Let's turn this around and be the professionals we need to be to represent our clients in some of the most important decisions they'll ever make.

  12. Hi I am Tony De Nobrega we are based in Madeira island in Portugal I have bought the progam REDEM before but never had the time to commit starting the program.My son and I want have the time and commitment now to dedicate in learning the skills on the new upcoming version in order to give sellers that 5 star experience.

    • So awesome to hear that, Tony! If you've purchased in the past and want access to the updated version, shoot an email over to our support team and they'll be happy to help you out! :)

    • Love this...let's do this! USA or doesn't matter! What matters is gaining the knowledge and skills to stand out!

  13. Interested!!

  14. From St Petersburg, Florida. Hallelujah!! Someone who ACTUALLY gets this. Of course it would be you two :). I’m totally in.

  15. YES

  16. Let's do this! Paperless Agents are warriors in the real estate market.

  17. I admit. I fell for Chris’ ability to raise only one eyebrow. I’m in!

    • Hahah the one eyebrow raise really sets the tone, thanks for joining the fight! :D

  18. Heck yes!!!!

  19. Count me ins

  20. yes

  21. Absolutely!!!!!

  22. Your darn right, we all should fight for this!

  23. Very interested! I really need this!

  24. Yes Please!!! I will join the fight

  25. YES!!

  26. I just re-entered the real estate market after a 5 year hiatus. I previously had 20 years experience. It's definitely a different world now and I need all the help I can get! I'm all in.

    • YES! We have exactly what you need! Stay tuned fore more updates! :)

  27. Powerful words from a powerful team. Passion, drama, raised eyebrows-what more do we need? Onward Realtor soldiers!

  28. Yes, count me in

  29. Clarke Stone
    I'm in and so appreciative that Chris and Garry are leading the charge

  30. Count me in!

  31. Very dramatic presentation!
    Yes, Yes, Yes

  32. I am all over it! Let's do this!

  33. VERY interested!!! I'm In!! Love, Love, Love the presentation!

  34. I think you've hit a nerve, guys! Count me in!

  35. I just joined you on the 7th of Nov. and haven't had the time to catch up on all the information you've sent over. I watched you on the 7th and the 20th and all so today the 21st.
    What is the cost and information on the Redm? I haven't heard of it before but I do believe that you have a good program going.

    Tom Hughes

    • Welcome to The Club, Tom! :)

      REDM is a course meant to give you the skills necessary to become a top digital marketer in your market! REDM is $597 BUT, we're doing a special sale later this month so stay tuned for more updates!

  36. Yes, let's do it!!!

  37. Yes, I want to be the best I can be, yes to all three questions.

  38. You guys are awesome and funny!!
    Yes, let's do this!!!

  39. Right on! I was just talking about this with a Realtor this morning. There is a lot of misinformation out there, but truthfully, this is no different than other industries that were comprised of small businesses that were overtaken by large corporations (think Walmart displacing family run businesses or large corporate doctor offices that replaced the independent doctor, etc). Real estate is no different and it's one of the last industry frontiers to take over. This is why they are spending millions to propagandize iBuyer value proposition and misinform the public about what Realtors are actually providing to our clients. A biggie is that an iBuyer corporation has a fiduciary duty to it's shareholders and Realtors have a fiduciary duty to the client. We have a good fight ahead to thwart this takeover and I can't thank you enough for boldly putting a stake in the ground.

    • Well said, Cammie! It's time to take back the market and show our prospective clients exactly why they should hire us and exactly what we'll do for them! :)

  40. Very excited to learn more! I have heard great things about REDM.

  41. Yes, to all three questions.

  42. I'm new to the Paperless Agent and still have a lot to learn about using everything that is already provided. I know the importance of on-line digital marketing and am very interested.

  43. I Definitely want to joint the fight. Thank you for the opportunity.

  44. I am excited! Let's DO THIS! It is time to rule and reign in the market!

  45. Yes.

  46. I'm already fighting the fight as much as I can. Look forward to learning more about what you are doing.

  47. I am already in the fight! I am REDM and look forward to the updated version!

    Awesome video! How many takes to get it done?

    • Awesome! We love hearing from past REDM clients! :D (And to make takes to count haha)

  48. I LOVE Offense! Sign me up!

  49. Yes I do and you should include the DISCOUNTED REALTORS who also diminish our value in the market and they do.

  50. Already have REDM, although always interested in an available updates

    • Awesome! For information on the updated version of REDM, please send us an email to and we'll be happy to send you more info! :)

  51. I am in

  52. Yes Yes Yes We must stand together an Fight to the end!

    • YES! Thanks for joining the fight! Stay tuned for more updates...

  53. Yes! Yes Yes!

  54. Yes, Count me in....I have also missed your 2020 monthly training and its encore due to CE class can I access it?

    • YES!!

      Send an email to and the wonderful Emma will take care of you! :)

  55. keep me in the loop

    • Stay tuned for updates! (they'll be on this page and emailed out as well!)

  56. Yes, where do we sign up?

    • We'll be sending out updates through next week with more information! :)

  57. I am real excited about joining the effort! Count me in.

  58. I am totally interested in hearing more!

  59. Let's do this! I live in a small town where Realtors® have a sullied representation. I'm new to the industry (less than 6 months) and having to fight through all the mess. I game though - let's go!

    • is the time for you to really stand out above the rest! Change is coming!

  60. Count me in.

  61. I've taken REDM before and just emailed you for the updates! Thank you!

  62. As a new agent, I had asked others how services like Open Door were impacting the industry. Most professionals seem to blow these companies off as "fly by night" corporations but I've heard many a horror story from homeowner and consumers. I would love to help raise awareness to the threat that companies like this present to the industry. I don't think most other agents really recognize it just yet.

  63. Question 1: YES
    Question 2: Definitely
    Question 3: Absolutely!!

  64. Love this...great video. You guys are fun! As a long time real estate professional and broker I want our profession to have the respect we deserve.

  65. Definitely I am in!!!

  66. Check out our latest breaking news update now!

  67. Yes and Yes!

  68. !!! Check out the most recent update here: !!!

  69. Yes Yes

  70. YES< YES< and YES!!

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