November 19th 2019

Your 2020 Listing Presentation

A new year always comes with new goals, new expectations, and new leads.

In order to attract those new leads, you need to set yourself apart and stand out like a top agent…

Which can be hard to do when everyone seems like they’re doing the same thing...

So we wanted to give you something that makes everything much easier than anything you’ve tried before, our 2020 Listing Presentation!

We’ll show you everything you need to set yourself apart and secure the listing and commission without breaking a sweat in 2020. 

Make this new year you’re most lucrative year yet and get everything you need for your 2020 Listing Presentation in the information below.

2020 Listing Presentation Goal:

The ultimate goal of a listing presentation is to facilitate a successful listing appointment where the home seller hires the real estate professional to sell their home. Which is why a strong listing presentation needs to address concerns every seller has. For example, every seller wants to know how long it will take to sell their home and how much their home will sell for. By addressing these concerns and others, a listing presentation will build the home seller’s confidence in hiring the agent. 

The listing presentation should also set expectations for the seller so they know what’s going to happen and what kind of service to expect from the agent. Home sellers also want to know why they should trust in the real estate professional’s competence to sell their home. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the top deciding factor sellers use in choosing their real estate agent is the agent’s Reputation. The listing presentation should build and affirm the agent’s reputation in the sellers mind. 

What Should Be Included in Your 2020 Listing Presentation:

A Listing Presentation that’s been effectively designed will contain the following:

  • Educate the home seller on the home selling process.

  • Show the prospective seller the benefits & advantages of hiring the agent or broker.

  • Demonstrate the real estate agent or broker's competence.

  • Discuss the home’s market value & pricing strategy.

  • Explain the marketing strategy for promoting the home to buyers.

  • Preemptively answer questions the seller might have.

The Essential Slides and Scripts for Your 2020 Listing Presentation

Okay, so now you know what the goal for your 2020 Listing Presentation is and what should be included, now let's look at actually creating one. 

The video above is taken from a recent training we did, called "Listing Presentation Scripts, Templates, and Skills." In it, Garry Creath, a Listing Expert Agent with more than 20 years of experience, shares some of his top scripts & tips for ensuring every listing appointment is a smooth, seamless process, from meeting the seller to signing the listing agreement. 

Here are the slides, tips, and objection handling scripts Garry recommends. 

1. The Us vs. Them Slide

This one slide template may look simple, but it is one of the most powerful slides you can include in your listing presentation. This slide shows how our real estate firm, Creath Partners, outperforms the market in terms of Time on Market and Percentage of Asking Price. 

By showing how you outperform the market, you immediately separate yourself from other agents. Then you can take it one step further and show the seller exactly what these statistics mean for them by using this script:

This script accomplishes a number of subtle objectives. First, it shows the seller, in dollars and cents, the benefit of choosing you as their agent.

Second, it subtly plants the seed for the pricing conversation. You're essentially saying, "Assuming we sell your home for $X, this is what it means to you." When you bring up pricing late, they'll already have that "anchor" price in mind. 

Finally, it's a powerful way to handle that dreaded question, "Will you discount your commission?" If a seller asks, you can point back to this slide and explain that no, you don't discount your commission because you do X,Y, and Z activities to sell homes faster and for more, which is worth $X to them. 

2. The Marketing Plan Slides

Okay. You've shown the seller how you outperform the market. Now you have to back that up. And the best way to back that up is by showing the seller everything you'll do to market their home to potential buyers:

(You should actually use your marketing plan as part of the pre-listing packet you send sellers. If you want more on the pre-listing packet, check out our blog, Proven Pre-Listing Strategies from a Listing Expert Agent)

The number one thing sellers say they want from their listing agent is help marketing their home to potential buyers. So it's absolutely essential you show them your plan for doing so. Walking the seller through everything you'll do to promote their home--from running campaigns to build demand in the market to ongoing opportunities like open houses and Facebook ads--shows them everything you'll do to ensure top dollar for their home. 

You can introduce these slides with this script:

3. Closing the Deal

A lot of agents have trouble "closing," or asking a seller to sign the listing agreement at the end of the appointment. It can feel uncomfortable to ask a seller to sign at the end of your listing presentation. 

You can make it feel more natural and easier to broach, however, by setting the close up from the beginning. 

Here's the slide we use to set expectations for the entire listing appointment, including the close at the end.

After walking the seller through each stage of what's going to happen during the listing appointment, you can close by saying, "Now at the end of our conversation, assuming you and I both agree we’re a great fit for one another, we’ll review my marketing agreement and sign off on it so I can get started working to sell your home as soon as possible.”

That way, asking to sign a listing agreement at the end of the presentation doesn't feel abrupt or awkward. The seller is expecting it, and the close will feel much more natural. 

4. Handling the Pricing Conversation

It's the most common objection or sticking point. Many sellers think their home is worth more than it is, or they want to price it just a bit higher to leave room for negotiation. 

The best way to handle this common objection is to educate the seller on pricing before the conversation comes up. 

Here's the slide we use to do it: 

Here's an example of how the conversation for this slide would go:

 "Have you ever been looking at homes online and come across a home so overpriced, you think, 'Man, I won't even go look at that one'? Those homes are the ones placed way outside of the market--The homes with the red X's in this slide" 

"Other homes are priced slightly too high to leave room for negotiation. These, however, can sit on the market. They also open the door for low ball offers and sell for less than they would have with the right pricing strategy"

"When a home is priced in the market--when it's appropriately priced & in pristine condition--more buyers will see the value, and you can build up more demand for the home. This pushes the price up over market value and is ultimately the area you want to be in." 

5. "Will You Discount Your Fees?" Objection

Again, the most effective way to handle the objection, "Will You Discount Your Fees?" is to prevent it from coming up at all. When you combine the "Us vs Them" and "Marketing Plan" slides, we've found that 9 out of 10 times sellers won't ask this question because you've shown them your value.

If, however,  a seller still asks, you can say "You know what, I'm sorry. Apparently, I didn't do a good job of explaining how we outperform the market place. So let's take another look at the slides where I show you how we outperform the market and what that means for you."

Now that you have a critical understanding of what the goal of your 2020 Listing Presentation should be, what goes into it, and the slides that should go into it, you can make your own!

Let us know what part of the 2020 Listing Presentation you’re most excited to work on in the comments below!


  1. And don't forget the seller has likely already checked out their zestimate and consulted at least one ibuyer option. We need to be ready to address these when they come up.

    • Absolutely! If iBuyers are a threat in your market you'll definitely want to address that! We have a blog on iBuyers I recommend checking out here: :)

  2. Yes, I am 100% looking forward to have a change in Real Estate Industries. I have own experiences with most of the clients where I always feel that realtors dont have the value of their services and time providing to their clients and end of the day no money. We as a professionals in Real Estate Industry carrying lots of expenses on our shoulders and there is no protection of our fees.

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