November 23rd 2020

[EARLY ACCESS PREVIEW] Day 1 of the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program

Don't get left behind... start setting your goals for 2021 NOW, and achieve them sooner with the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program.  

The 21-Day Goal Challenge uses proven methods for setting your career goals, designing your business plans and gaining massive traction on accomplishing those goals. 

Over a 21 day period, you get:

  • 21-Day Action Plan to Set & Achieve Your Goals
  • Tools to Multiply & Measure Your Income
  • Support & Accountability to Keep You on Track

You’ll also be able to watch “office hours” where you'll find answers to most of your questions and tips from the course creators themselves!

Get started immediately and join the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program NOW!

Keep reading for an exclusive early access preview of Day 1 of the 21 days…

Day 1: What happened last year? (Think, Analyze, Assess)

Before we can begin setting goals, we must assess our performance from last year, (good or bad). Assessing your performance helps you understand what transpired over the course of the year, whether it was in your control or not. It also helps you focus on lessons learned and where you might want to improve, and how to plan for what obstacles the coming year mighbring. 

First Download the Pages for Day 1 from the 21-Day GAP Workbook.

Then use the pages from the workbook to answer the following questions to help you think, analyze & assess last year:

1. What were your biggest achievements and successes in the last year? If you’re struggling to think of any, pull up your calendar and review your appointments, activities, and notes starting from January 2020.

2. As you look at your calendar, think about what was happening during that period of your life. What were you working on? Who were you meeting with? What appointments did you go on? As you review each month, note any successes or outcomes that happened. Compile this list of accomplishments and successes.

3. What setbacks and obstacles did you encounter? Again, pull up your calendar to identity anything that prevented you from achieving your goals last year. Did you try something new that didn’t work? Why didn’t it work? What were you hoping to achieve last year that you didn’t make progress on?

4. Depending on your personality, you may find it easier or harder to develop this list. Take a break for an hour and come back to this activity. The more thorough you are, the better your overall assessment will be.

5. What lessons did you learn in this past year? What worked well? Why do you speculate that it worked well? What didn’t work so well, and why do you think it didn’t work out?

Writing down the lessons you’ve learned will help embed these lessons into your memory. That way, you’re less likely to repeat your mistakes or overlook what has worked well for you in the past.

And there it is - Day 1 of the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program, done! 

For those of you wanting to take the next step and join us for the full 21-day program, we have a special Black Friday offer: 

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