Digital Listing Presentation

5 Listing Presentation Mistakes Even Seasoned Pros Often Make

Discover how to avoid common Real Estate Listing Mistakes that can hinder your success as an agent, and learn effective strategies for growth in the industry.

Listing Summit 2022 (We need your help)

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work developing something very exciting...  Something we’ve never done before…  Something that’ll set you up for the

The Unbeatable 3-Phase Listing Appointment

We’re going to focus on the listing appointment. That’s your Super Bowl. That’s your big performance. That’s what determines whether you are a top listing agent or not.And once you

Top 3 Listing Scripts for 2021

No one saw this year coming, from the pandemic to the housing market, it was a surprise to us all. But with the housing forecast predicted to remain the same into 2021, a few things are cert

Virtual Showing Strategies and Checklist

How do you still engage with Buyers AND Sellers, when you can’t meet in person?The answer: 4 Virtual Showing Strategies.Download the PDF below and check them out now! Plus, we've incl

Top 3 Listing Scripts for 2020

How many real estate listing appointments have you been on in the past month? How many did you close?For most of us, it’s crucial that we nail each and every listing appointment we get.&nb

Secrets of a Top Listing Agent

Back in 2014, Chris and I took a trip to Mississauga, Canada for a real estate conference. It was there where we first met Chip Barkel. Today, Chip has a pipeline of over $36,000,000 of

6 Apps to Close Buyer Clients Faster

Working with home buyers can often be time-consuming and frustrating. You may have even seen estimates that home buyers should expect the homebuying process to take a minimum of four months.

3 Steps to Increase Impact From Your Real Estate Newsletters

Real estate newsletters have been around for years, but advancements in technology and the growth of social media has changed the way top agents are staying in touch with their clients. If w

Tools and Resources You Need for Your Next Listing Appointment

If you have been following along our three-part series; What you need to know to rock your next Listing Appointment (PART 1), you will have read about a number of tools and resources that Ga

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