May 15th 2017

Want to Party with Garry and Chris in Vegas?

Then Save the Date: September 17th…

And Join Garry and Chris for a 1-day Workshop (and Party) in Vegas!

We have huge news! You guys have been asking for this for the last two years… And we’re finally doing it!

We’re hosting a conference September 17th in Las Vegas!

This 1-day, mastermind retreat takes place as part of’s Results Summit, and it’s FREE for Paperless Agent members and followers with your Results Summit ticket.

There’s limited space available, so make sure you sign up early. Use the link below to unlock The Paperless Agent workshop:

You should see a new ticket available:

If you don’t see it, Enter Promo Code: PLABONUS

Have questions? Post them in the comments in the comments section! Or, if you’re a member, bring them to Wednesday’s coaching club session! Chris is going to dive into all the details then!


  1. The date of the Paperless Agent seminar is September 17th, a Sunday? The Results Summit is from September 18th & 19th. What is the time of the Paperless Agent mastermind? I would need to fly in, and not sure when I would need to fly in and how many days to be in town?

    Thank you. Jan

    • Hi Jan!

      We don't have an exact start time yet. But yes, the Paperless Agent Workshop is going to be on the 17th, the day before the conference starts!

  2. I happen to live in Las Vegas. Can I attend your session without attending the event?

  3. Looks like the comment I posted got garbled. I live in Vegas. Can I attend your session without signing up for the event?

    • Hi Richard. We're part of the Results Summit. The only way to attend the Paperless Agent workshop is to attend the Results Summit!

  4. Where?? Need to know that location so I can make plans. Planes, hotel, etc

    • Hi Jeannie! We're part of the Results Summit. Our workshop just takes place before the Summit officially kicks off. You can get all the location / travel info here:

  5. I've bought my ticket but still not purchased flight or room. Should I use the discounted room or will there be something else from Garry?
    Also any deals on airfares

  6. Is your workshop going to be Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, or all day Sunday? Need to know so I can book rooms and flights. Thank you!

  7. Do you have a start time for the PA sessions, yet?

    • Either Noon or 1pm.

    • I just signed up for the two day event, through the Eventbrite site. Do I need to also register for the PA workshop separately, somewhere?

  8. Will it be the same material and format as presented at the NAR meetings in DC last month?

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