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How Do I Find More Clients?

From new real estate agents looking to find those first clients outside of people they know, to the veteran with 16+ years experience looking for new, fresh sources of quality leads… It’s the question on every agent’s mind.  

And no wonder. Your ability to consistently find quality leads that turn into new clients determines EVERYTHING about your real estate career. 

It determines:  

  • If you’re going to prosper or keep hitting the same production ceiling, year after year.
  • If real estate is fun or a grind.
  • If you have the career you dreamed or if it’s a constant grind that leads to burnout  

But the solution to finding clients feels elusive.  

A lot of the “gurus” tell you to try harder... make more calls, knock on more doors.  

You can also try paying the big home search sites more…  

And while those strategies may work for a time, eventually you’ll hit a wall. Run out of time, energy, or money.  

Let us (Garry & Chris) let you in on a little secret… the key to a predictable, on-demand stream of clients is good marketing. 

MARKETING Is How You Get Recognized for the Awesome Service You Provide (and Keep the Leads & Referrals Pouring In)...

Marketing yourself in real estate (effectively) is hard.  

It is vastly different than marketing, say, a box of cookies. Put the box of cookies in front of someone hungry, and there’s a good chance they’ll buy.  

In real estate, people get “hungry” to buy or sell a home months… even up to a year… before they are ready to act.  

Successful marketing means being there for someone at every stage of that journey.  

You should be in front of them, offering help, when they start wondering if buying or selling is the right move. When they have questions about the market. When they start browsing homes. When they have questions about financing and what they can afford. (You get the picture.)  

By being there constantly and sharing expertise, you’re building trust. You’re showing someone WHY they need to work with YOU (and not that yahoo who brags about their big social media following).  

But it’s this long process that makes marketing hard. You have to find out where in that process someone is, deliver the right message for that stage, and stay in touch until someone is ready for help.  

Which is why…  

You’ve Probably Tried Marketing, But Haven’t Seen the Results You Want (or Expect)

There’s a good chance you tried different ways of marketing and found they didn’t work.  

There are SO MANY people out there offering “advice” and “hacks,” it feels impossible to determine what strategies are actually going to find you leads & listings.  

And trying a strategy is not a light decision! Any form of marketing requires an investment of time, effort, and/or money.  

So when you DO finally try a marketing strategy, but DON’T get the results you expected (or were promised)... 

It’s easy to write-off marketing in general. (It’s the most common experience agents have).  

Busy real estate professionals can’t afford to waste the time and money figuring out what works and what doesn’t... 

Which Is Exactly Why We Created The Marketing Club

The Marketing Club is more than marketing templates and materials… though you get them as a member of the Marketing Club.  

It’s more than real estate sales and marketing insights and strategies and training… though you’ll get lots of them as a member.  

It’s more than a community and network of real estate professionals bringing thousands of years of collective wisdom… though the Marketing Club is that too.  

The Marketing Club is your online real estate campus to get the tools, training, and support to have the career you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  

And it’s all proven to work. Everything we teach comes from our own real estate practice in Austin, TX. Or we invite personally vetted experts to share the latest on what’s working in our industry.  

That’s why...  

The Marketing Club is Real Estate’s #1 Self-Service Marketing Templates & Training Delivered to Your Inbox Every Month

Our Marketing Club members experience...  

  • The peace of mind that only comes from being able to ramp up your sales on command.
  •  Standing out as trusted, competent professionals who get the clients they deserve. 
  •  Being known by everyone in their areas of focus as the go to real estate expert. 

The Marketing Club is for you if:  

  • You know you need to be marketing on a regular basis, but…  
  • You don’t have decent, ready-made marketing you’re proud to share, 
  •  You don’t have the time to mess around making your own marketing from scratch,
  •  You want to be seen and known as a respected professional.  

  And you already know without good marketing…  

  • You’re not going to get the recognition in your market that you deserve because of the care & service you provide. 
  • You’ll have a feast or famine type of year (with the feast being more of a snack than a buffet).
  • You’re leaving money and opportunity on the table and not realizing your full sales potential. 


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