August 18th 2020

5 Ways to Save Time on Social Media

“'It’s as hot a seller’s market as I’ve ever seen’: More than half of all July home offers faced competition” - Excerpt from a recent Inman article.* 

Whether you’re a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent (and especially if you’re both!), right now you’re swamped. You’ll probably do about 6 months worth of transactions in the next month or two… and the LAST thing you have time for is keeping up with your social media. 

But studies show that it’s the FIRST thing potential clients look at… and as someone who recently went under contract on their first home, I can tell you that I wouldn’t trust an agent I couldn’t find on social media… because with a market this hot I knew if we had any chance of getting a home we wanted then we needed someone who was in the know

So even if you have business right now, you still want to keep that momentum going through Q3 and Q4 as there’s no signs of this market flipping any time soon. 

In order to keep up with current business and potential clients you need time saving measures, and we’re here to deliver.

5 Ways to Save Time on Social Media

1. Schedule posts in advance using creator studio or a scheduling app (like Sked social or Later) - it is much easier to take a few hours out of one day to schedule your posts for that week than it is to take one hour out of EVERY day in order to create content and post to your social media. 

2. Repurpose all of your posts as stories - Stories reach a larger audience than regular posts, in fact experts recommend posting to your story daily

An easy way to come up with content for your story is to share the posts you’ve already created. You can share older posts that are still relevant that you want to bring attention too, share memories from posts past for a good #throwback story, or share new posts for added engagement. 

3. Film & create content in batches - Filming and creating content in general can be pretty time consuming. Especially if you’re doing it every day. A time-saving measure when it comes to content creation is to create in batches. When you’re already in that creative headspace you create better content than if you’re forcing it every day. When you’re filming or creating content, do as much as you can in that time period to create a library of posts you can add to your social media schedule. 

4. Create a notes sheet on your phone (or in your notebook if you carry one on you) for when ideas pop up. Most of my ideas for content come at random times… while I’m working out, at the grocery store, walking my dogs, etc. I’ve had more success creating content from those ideas than I have trying to schedule out time to brainstorm. (Although if that’s what works for you then keep at it!

When you see something that sparks an idea, WRITE IT DOWN!

5. Use content that is already curated for you - Having a service that provides monthly content not only helps fill up your social media calendar, but it provides ideas you can bounce off of as well. 

Like our Monthly Value Program. 

Every month we deliver a marketing campaign to your inbox, complete with:
  • A Blog Post on a topic of relevance to anyone interested in real estate
  • A professionally-designed, customizable Report on the same topic
    • Powerpoint version
    • Keynote version
    • PDF version
  • A LinkedIn Post, which is a condensed version of the blog post
    • Also has instructions for publishing a post to LinkedIn
  • A Marketing Calendar of activities to ensure you implement the campaign fully
  • A Social Media Image for you to use on Facebook or in your blog post
    • 2 Facebook post examples, a video prompt, and 2 different image options
  • An Instagram Image
  • A Pinterest Image
  • A LinkedIn Image
  • A Support File, which contains
    • The Cover Email Template
    • The Phone Script
    • The copy for the Social Media Posts

Check out the promo video for this month’s Marketing Campaign: 

The Monthly Value Program is ONLY available to members of the Marketing Club, and today you can join the club for 14-days for just $1…


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