October 23rd 2023

Your NAR Lawsuit Questions Answered

Ever find yourself caught in a downpour without an umbrella? That's how many folks feel about the NAR commission lawsuits. Like rain from a clear sky, these suits have thrown the real estate world into chaos.

It’s not everyday that legal battles make headlines in our industry. But this one? Oh boy! This has stirred up quite the storm!

You see, it involves some of the biggest names - NAR (National Association of Realtors), MLSs (Multiple Listing Services), and heavy-hitting realty firms like REMAX and KW.

The outcome could reshape our industry landscape as we know it...and we're here to help you navigate through this tempest!

Understanding the NAR Commission Lawsuits

The NAR commission lawsuits are more than just a hot topic in real estate. They're a game of high stakes poker, with everyone from agents to MLSs sitting at the table. And guess what? The deck may be reshuffling.

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The Parties Involved in the Lawsuits

Who's who in this courtroom drama? On one side we have NAR (National Association of Realtors), and on their team are multiple MLSs (Multiple Listing Services) as well as some big-name real estate companies like REMAX and KW. Imagine it as an Avengers-style squad but swap out superpowers for law degrees.

These industry giants find themselves pitted against home sellers across America, led by Christopher Moehrl. You could say he started this legal equivalent of a snowball fight when he sold his home back in 2017 and took issue with how commissions were handled.

Two of the co-defendants Anywhere and REMAX have decided to settle and their settlement is pending. It needs to be approved by the judge and will probably take a year before it's totally finalized.

The Genesis of the Lawsuits

Picturing our story so far? Great. Now let's take you back to where it all began: When Mr. Moehrl sold his house, things didn't quite add up for him about how buyer agent commissions were decided - that’s like questioning why popcorn costs so much at movie theaters.

He filed a lawsuit alleging antitrust violations, and it escalated quickly from there. His single case blossomed into several class-action suits—think of one tiny snowball rolling downhill and turning into an avalanche.

The allegations in these lawsuits accuse NAR and other defendants of conspiring together, forcing home sellers into coughing up buyer commissions at exorbitantly high rates.

The Role of Class Action Lawsuits in Real Estate

Class action lawsuits are like a heavyweight boxer stepping into the ring - they pack a punch that can't be ignored. Especially in real estate, these legal powerhouses have far-reaching effects and open up avenues for legal firms to cash in big.

Let's imagine this: You're at an auction where every bidder represents hundreds or even thousands of people. That's how class action lawsuits work; they bundle together many similar cases, giving them more weight against the opponent. Investopedia does a good job explaining this concept.

In essence, when it comes to real estate commissions, think about ants taking on an elephant. The 'ants' being home sellers who believe they've been wronged by current commission practices and the 'elephant' representing large entities such as NAR or big-name brokerages.

Why Legal Firms Love Them?

A significant payout is not just a fantasy but also highly possible with class actions suits. But why do law firms love these David vs Goliath battles? Well... Ka-ching.

You see, law firms often get paid based on contingency fees—this means if their client wins, they win too. They take home part of the settlement or award money which could amount to millions depending upon the case size. 

Risky Business Yet Profitable

Let's not sugarcoat it; class action lawsuits are risky. But just like skydiving, the adrenaline rush (and potential rewards) often outweighs the risks for legal firms.

The stakes in real estate class actions suits can be high—think multi-million dollar settlements. These cases also bring public attention to issues within the industry, forcing change and accountability.

Shaking Things Up

These lawsuits surely jolt the industry out of complacency. They often bring about much-needed change in sectors that might otherwise remain stuck in their ways.

Potential Fallout from the NAR Commission Lawsuits

The real estate industry is holding its breath, waiting for the outcome of these ongoing lawsuits. The potential impact could be incredibly disruptive.

The Threat to MLSs

Picture this: You've spent years building a tower with LEGO bricks. Suddenly, someone pulls out one brick and the whole structure comes tumbling down. That's what might happen to Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) if these lawsuits are successful.

These legal battles could force some MLSs into bankruptcy or even shutdown. A collapse in this system would shake up our familiar ways of doing business, causing chaos and confusion across the board.

Whether you're a listing agent, buyer's agent, or broker, preparation is key. 

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Industry Reshuffling and Consolidation

You know how after every superhero movie there's an epic reshuffle? Good guys become bad guys; villains turn heroes – it’s total mayhem. Well, something similar can occur within our own industry because of these suits.

A lawsuit victory has all sorts of implications that we need to prepare for like consolidations or mergers among brokerages or perhaps even new entrants trying their luck in a changed landscape. In short: Expect plenty of surprises.

The Future of MLS System Amidst Legal Challenges

When we look at the real estate landscape, it's clear that things are shifting. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a tool many agents rely on, is under fire due to ongoing commission lawsuits. But don't start packing your bags just yet. Beneath the surface, more than meets the eye may be occurring.

A question floating around in everyone's mind: What will happen to the MLS system if these lawsuits prevail? Will our beloved home-selling machine crumble into dust or evolve into something new and shiny?

Potential Shutdowns and Bankruptcies:

The truth can be as harsh as an overpriced mansion with no buyers. If these legal challenges tip in favor of plaintiffs, some smaller regional MLS systems may find themselves unable to foot hefty legal bills. A mass shutdown isn't off the table either.

New Alternatives Emerge:

But like any great TV show cliffhanger, there’s always a twist. In this drama-filled scenario, alternatives have begun sprouting up like weeds after rain—everything from decentralized blockchain-based platforms to flat-fee services for sellers (like Redfin's model). It seems innovation refuses to sleep even when law firms work overtime.

An Industry Reshuffle?

Top 3 Likely Changes

Innovation and emergence of alternative platforms.

Possible consolidation or shutdown of smaller MLS systems.

New regulations around realtor commissions.

The uncertainty surrounding the NAR commission lawsuits could trigger a significant reshuffling within the industry. Big players might gobble up their smaller counterparts, creating an MLS monopoly—or perhaps anti-trust laws will make sure that never happens.

Let's remain optimistic. Change, although unpredictable, can bring about fresh ideas and open up new opportunities. So while we navigate through this legal storm, let's stay positive and look forward to the growth that lies ahead.

Impact on Real Estate Practices

The NAR commission lawsuits could shake up real estate practices in a big way. It's like throwing a rock into a still pond - the ripples are bound to affect everyone, even those lounging on the shore.

One of these 'ripples' is the possibility of more double-ended transactions happening. These types of deals involve one agent representing both buyer and seller, which could potentially be an awkward situation.

In such cases, agents need to tread carefully due to potential conflicts of interest – much like walking a tightrope while juggling flaming torches. While some agents might appreciate not having to split their commissions, others worry that it reduces checks and balances within transactions.

A De-Evolution in Data Sharing?

Beyond just altering transaction dynamics though, there’s another concern brewing - less data sharing among agencies. Now imagine trying to assemble an IKEA shelf without instructions or all the pieces...frustrating right? Well, that’s how realtors may feel if data sharing goes down the drain.

Data about past sales and market trends is crucial for setting fair prices and helping clients make informed decisions. But these lawsuits could potentially lead companies towards hoarding information rather than collaborating for mutual benefit.

Riding Out The Storm

Now picture yourself at sea during this stormy lawsuit period – you’d want lifeboats ready just in case things get choppy. In other words: diversification will be key here.

If traditional methods start feeling rocky because of these legal challenges then exploring alternative revenue streams becomes critical. Some realtors may look towards rental properties or property management services.

Remember though, amidst all these changes it’s important not to lose sight of the end goal: helping clients find their dream homes. It's like being on a wild ride - with all the ups and downs, you got to keep pushing onward.

Articulating Value as a Realtor in the Face of Legal Challenges

These lawsuits have brought on significant challenges for real estate agents. Amidst this legal chaos, one thing remains crucial: demonstrating your value to clients.

The lawsuits question the legitimacy of how commissions are split between buyer's and seller's agents. As such, they've cast a shadow over our industry - but that doesn't mean it's game over.

The Role of Knowledge is Power

In times like these, knowledge isn’t just power; it’s an absolute lifeline. Understanding what these lawsuits entail can help you navigate through them more confidently.

If someone asks you about these suits at your next open house or during a client meeting—don't panic. Remember that there is always opportunity amidst uncertainty—it’s all about perspective.

Becoming Your Clients' Trusted Guide

To weather this storm successfully and maintain trust with your clientele, becoming their go-to guide is essential. You need to be prepared to explain why traditional agent services hold value—services which include negotiation skills and market expertise.

A useful analogy might be comparing real estate transactions with climbing Mount Everest—you wouldn’t attempt it without hiring an experienced guide who knows the route like the back of their hand, right? Same goes for buying or selling homes—a seasoned professional makes all the difference.

Maintaining Transparency Throughout The Process

Real estate commissions are a critical part of the transaction process, and transparency is key. Let your clients know how it works: sellers typically pay the commission, which gets split between buyer's and seller's agents.

This isn't just about money changing hands—it’s about value for services rendered. So make sure to articulate that.

The Future Is in Our Hands

Remember we’re all shaping this industry together. Legal challenges like these lawsuits can seem daunting, but they also provide an opportunity for us to better define our roles and demonstrate our value as real estate agents.

At the heart of it all, don't let fear rule you; instead, stay ready. Maintain an optimistic outlook no matter what.

RE/MAX's recent settlement has put the spotlight on commission lawsuits, raising questions and concerns in the real estate industry.

Garry and Chris provide their insights and guidance on how to prepare for potential changes in the "How to Prepare for the Commission Lawsuit Fallout" webinar. 

The Importance of Understanding the Facts

Let's get one thing straight. You can't just believe everything you hear about the NAR commission lawsuits without doing your homework. It's like buying a house based on its paint color without checking out what's under the roof, so to speak.

Remember that game we played as kids called 'Telephone'? The story changes every time it gets whispered into someone else’s ear until at last, it bears no resemblance to the original tale? Well, these lawsuits have become something like that overgrown rumor mill.

That's why it is crucial to read case documents. Like putting together a puzzle or connecting dots in a detective novel; each piece helps build up an accurate picture.

  • Facts give us clear vision in contrast with blurred assumptions and speculations.
  • Facts let us know where things stand and guide our next steps accordingly.
  • Facts allow for informed decisions instead of reckless guesswork.

We are all detectives in this grand mystery trying to make sense of clues thrown our way by parties with vested interests. But there’s nothing quite satisfying as uncovering truths ourselves rather than being spoon-fed someone else’s version.

Polarized Opinions: Bane or Boon?

The court of public opinion tends towards extremes but amidst polarizing views lies fertile ground for robust discussions.

Divergent viewpoints bring fresh perspectives to the table forcing us to think outside the box.

So, instead of being swayed by extreme opinions or getting lost in echo chambers, let's embrace the cacophony. It helps us explore different angles and keeps our thinking sharp.

Understanding Over Undermining

We are in a challenging era for the real estate industry with lawsuits hanging over like Damocles' sword.

The temptation is to undermine their significance or sweep them under the carpet, but that won't make these issues go away.

Rather than pretending these matters don't exist, let's look into the realities of these lawsuits. Understanding them is key and it's where we need to start.

FAQs in Relation to Nar Commission Lawsuits Explained

What is the NAR lawsuit regarding commission?

The NAR lawsuits revolve around how commissions are set and split between buyer's and seller's agents, alleging that current practices violate antitrust laws.

What's next if NAR loses those bombshell lawsuits?

If NAR loses, we might see a drastic shakeup in real estate commission structures. This could lead to industry consolidation or even bankruptcy for some MLSs.

What is the Moehrl lawsuit?

The Moehrl suit accuses major players like REMAX and Keller Williams of inflating commissions through their use of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs), claiming it breaches antitrust regulations.

What is the Sitzer lawsuit?

The Sitzer case mirrors the Moehrl claim but targets brokers who represent both buyers and sellers in transactions, alleging this practice unfairly increases costs for homebuyers.


The NAR commission lawsuits have set the real estate industry on a path of uncertainty and transformation. These legal battles, involving major players like NAR, MLSs, and prominent real estate firms, have the potential to reshape the way transactions have traditionally been conducted. The fallout from these lawsuits is extensive, with Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) facing a real threat of bankruptcy or shutdown, and the industry poised for reshuffling and consolidation. 

Despite the challenges, real estate professionals must adapt and maintain their focus on clients, articulating their value and ensuring transparency in the face of legal challenges. Understanding the facts, embracing polarized opinions, and recognizing the significance of these lawsuits are vital steps to navigate this storm. 

The real estate industry is in a challenging era, but it also presents an opportunity for positive change and growth. Staying informed and open to diverse perspectives is key as it enables the industry to emerge stronger and more resilient in the face of legal challenges and uncertainties, with the potential for innovation and improved practices in the future.

Are buyer's agents under threat?

Feeling uneasy about the headlines and changes in the real estate market? 

Chris and Garry are here to help you understand and prepare for the potential fallout.

Whether you're a listing agent, buyer's agent, or broker, take action to get ready by viewing our commission lawsuit webinar.

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