December 9th 2022

The Listing Marketing Checklist

The complete listing marketing manual for selling homes in a shifting market

Do you want to set yourself apart from other realtors?

Then give your customers exactly what they want (market their property), and let your seller know, step-by-step, how you are going to achieve that goal. The best way we have found to do this is with a Listing Marketing Checklist

A Listing Marketing Checklist includes everything that you will do to help your client market and sell their home and should be shared with them upfront. Your customers don’t simply want you to help market their home – they expect you to market their home. When you take a listing, you are promising your clients you will do just that.

In the past, there were 3 P’s of marketing a home that were commonly used - put a sign in the yard, put the home on the MLS, and pray that it sells. This isn’t enough anymore! Our Listing Marketing Checklist covers the New 3 P’s that we have developed over a decade of handling (and selling) 20+ listings at a time.

  1. Preparation – making sure that the property you represent is at least as good, if not better, than the others on the market, and getting the right things ready so buyers will value the home’s features.
  2. Price – pricing your home to avoid Limbo Land, a place where homes sit on the market indefinitely.
  3. Promotion – making sure the right message is put in front of the right people at the right time to generate buyer interest.

Boom. There’s your winning formula.

The Listing Marketing Checklist requires more than just a conversation about these 3 P’s. It is a thorough, digital or physical document that clients can interact with. It will include things like what you will do to help the client prepare the home for sale (and prepare your clients to sell their home), your ongoing activities for marketing the home, and assets that you, your team, or your firm will contribute to help the seller. 

When you use a Listing Marketing Checklist, you will stand out in the marketplace as a listing expert agent because it communicates your value in a way that you can’t. It gives clients concrete reasons to hire you by showing what you will do differently than other agents to sell their home. There is no question about how their home will sell because your Listing Marketing Checklist is the evidence!

The Listing Marketing Checklist will help you set expectations with clients. Expectations help you combat questions like “Will you discount your fees?” Through the Listing Marketing Checklist, we can educate clients on the home selling process and how we will help them achieve the outcomes they want, therefore rationalizing your fees. 

The Listing Marketing Checklist can also combat pricing objections. If you implement your entire checklist but still aren’t getting traction, you will need to revise your pricing strategy. You should set this expectation with sellers when you first present your Listing Marketing Checklist and communicate any market feedback with them throughout the selling process.

You can utilize this tool with more than just prospective sellers. Sending the Listing Marketing Checklist to your contacts and connections will make it into a shareable referral tool. People have a personal incentive to help their friends, and sending along your Listing Marketing Checklist is a way for them to do just that!  

When it comes to marketing listings or marketing to get listings, we can reference our Listing Marketing Checklist as a call to action. It becomes a versatile tool to showcase the value you provide.

Do you want the full Listing Marketing Checklist & training?

When you sign up for the 2023 Listing Summit you’ll get full access to a digital, customizable Listing Marketing Checklist along with all of the training needed to implement it successfully. PLUS we’ll reveal all of the strategies, resources, and skills to educate, find, and work with both buyers and sellers in the upcoming year. 

Join us for our live, virtual event on January 25, 2023 and receive lifetime access to the sessions, resources and tools after the event through our online learning platform.

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