Listing Expert Agent Program (LEAP) Certification

Introducing the Listing Expert Agent Program (LEAP) & Certification

With the Listing Expert Agent Program (LEAP), you get absolutely everything you need to find more listing opportunities, win more appointments, and sell more real estate. 

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Why Did You Leap into a Real Estate Career? 

When most agents get into real estate, they have a picture of the “dream” real estate job. You know, the one where...  

...You get to work for yourself and be your own boss... ...There’s limitless income potential, and you make more money... ...You enjoy flexibility and your time is your own...  

Only to find they are actually working longer, harder and earning less money.  

It’s all too common! 

Real estate is a tough business, and when we first get in, we find ourselves taking any and every deal, no matter the location, price point, or potential demands on our time.  

Well, I'm here to say that real estate dream is possible.

The real one where clients seek you out. Where you spend less time driving around showing people homes. Where your income scales and you have more opportunity than you can handle. 

If that sounds like the real estate career you've always wanted, then it's time to become a Listing Expert.  

The Perks of Being a Listing Expert

When you establish yourself as THE listing expert for a neighborhood, niche market, or demographic, a few beautiful things happen:  

  • You gain market share (which makes generating new deals easier)  
  • You create more opportunity than you can handle (as the deals you have create more and more business)  
  • You spend less time per transaction and get more time back (with the right systems and processes, you can carry a TON of listings and scale while still getting time back in your day… )  

We know because our very own Garry Creath, Co-founder of The Paperless Agent and Real Estate Listing & Business Growth Expert, built his very successful real estate practice on listing expertise.  

At the height of his career–when he focused on selling real estate full-time–Garry went on an average of six listing appointments per week while carrying 50+ listings at a time.  

We want to help you create the same for your real estate business. So we took his 20+ years of experience and boiled it down into 5 steps guaranteed to net your more listings and sales:  

The Listing Expert Agent Program (LEAP) & Certification 

With the Listing Expert Agent Program (LEAP) & Certification, you get absolutely everything you need to become and position yourself as THE listing expert for the markets that you serve.  

LEAP is a compilation of all the templates, tools, and processes you need to sell more real estate, from finding new opportunities to acing the listing appointment. With this program, you’ll get…  

  • A brand-new, professionally designed Listing Presentation tailored to address sellers’ fears, concerns, and motivations… while filling you with the confidence to ACE every listing appointment.  
  • Quick-and-easy marketing templates to build your reputation as the listing expert and stand out from the competition, even against the “top listing agents”.  
  • The Ultimate 33-Point Checklist for Marketing Listings that instantly justifies your fees and erases any thought a seller might have had of going “FSBO” or discount provider.  
  • (Plus, the template that turns your Checklist for Marketing Listings into a powerful marketing piece that attracts even more sellers, wins over FSBOs, and more)  
  • Beautiful Just Listed and Just Sold postcard templates that people will remember when it’s to sell their homes  
  • Scripts and training on how to handle sellers’ toughest objections during your listing appointments (including “Will you discount your commission?” and pricing disagreements)  
  • A repeatable, 5-phase process for listing appointments that will give you confidence, eliminate those “pre-appointment jitters”, and help you walk away with more signed listing agreements.  
  • Our top 10 favorite sources and campaigns for finding new listing opportunities.  
  • A swipe file of email templates, marketing campaigns, and Facebook ads for nurturing leads into actual listing appointments.  
  • Pre-listing package & Initial Consultation template that qualify sellers and secure the appointment--Don’t let any more opportunities fall through the cracks at this stage!
  • And so much more! 

In short, if it has to do with listings--finding new opportunities, setting appointments, the listing appointment itself--it’s included in the Listing Expert Agent Program and Certification.

So if you’re ready to build that dream real estate career… If you want everything you need to sell more real estate than ever this year… It’s time to get your Listing Expert Agent certification.  

Listing Expert Agent Program (LEAP) Course Details

In this 5-step course, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to find more listing opportunities, sign more contracts, and sell more real estate. 

Module 1: The Listing Expert Value Proposition

Lesson 1: The Listing Value Proposition Lesson 2: Listing Expert Positioning & Branding Lesson 3: Crafting an Expert Value Proposition Lesson 4: Listing Expert Identity Online Lesson 5: Evidence of Your Listing Expert Value Proposition Lesson 6: Examples of Listing Expert Marketing Lesson 7: Marketing Your Expertise Lesson 8: Expert Positioning Videos Lesson 9: Your Portfolio of Work  

Module 2: Pre-Listing Appointment

Lesson 1: The Three Parts to the Listing Appointment Lesson 2: Qualifying with the Initial Consultation Lesson 3: Pre-listing Packet to Secure Listing Clients Supplemental: Tools & Techniques for Creating a CMA 

Module 3: The Listing Appointment

Lesson 1: Five Phases of the Listing Appointment Lesson 2: Listing Presentation Template Lesson 3: Phase 1 - Discovery Lesson 4: Phase 2 - Inspection Lesson 5: Phase 3 - Marketing Proposal Part 1 (Listing Presentation) Lesson 6: Phase 3 - Marketing Proposal Part 2 (Listing Presentation) Lesson 7: Phase 4 & 5 - Home Valuation and Signing Agreement Lesson 8: Handling Common Objections Lesson 9: Handing Price Reductions (Adjustments)

Module 4: Real Estate Marketing Plan

Lesson 1: The 33 Point Listing Marketing Checklist Lesson 2: Simple 10-Step Method for Marketing Listings Lesson 3: Your Property Marketing Plan

Module 5: Marketing & Tech to Get More Listings

Lesson 1: Lead Generation Concepts & Overview Lesson 2: The MVP (Monthly Value Program) Lesson 3: Move-up Program Lesson 4: Email Marketing Lesson 5: Professional Dossier Campaign Lesson 6: Client Welcome Kit Lesson 7: Omnipresent Marketing Lesson 8: Garry's Open House Strategy Lesson 9: Expireds & FSBOS Lesson 10: Builder Program Lesson 11: Video Marketing

Bonus #1: Online Identity

Lesson 1: 10 Steps to Increase Your Online Identity & Reputation Lesson 2: Make Your LinkedIn Account "All Star" Status Lesson 3: Sending Requests for Online Reviews

Bonus #2: Selecting a Farm Area or Local Market

Lesson 1: Local Market Selection Lesson 2: Calculating a Local Market's Turnover Lesson 3: Calculating a Local Market's Opportunity Lesson 4: Calculating the Home Sales Target for a Local Market Lesson 5: The Local Market Opportunity Calculator Lesson 6: Download: Local Market Opportunity Calculator Lesson 7: Demonstration: Using the Local Market Opportunity Calculator

Bonus #3: Market Knowledge and Expertise

Lesson 1: The Local Market Research Checklist Lesson 2: Download: Local Market Research Checklist Lesson 3: Example: Completed Local Market Research Checklist Lesson 4: Demonstration: Using the Local Market Research Checklist Lesson 5: Preview and Network for Real Market Knowledge

And Your LEAP Certification Comes with Some AMAZING Templates!

We give you everything you need to execute what you learn. Here's just taste of what's included...

A BRAND-NEW Listing Presentation

Your Professional Dossier

Just Listed / Just Sold Postcard 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will this certificate help me? If you've ever struggled with... 

  • Finding new listing opportunities
  • Confidence on listing appointments
  • Competing with discount brokers or justifying your commission fees. 
  • Handling sellers objections or pricing conversations  

Then look no further: This certification contains all of the training, tools, and templates you need.  

We've taken Garry Creath's 20+ years of experience as a listing expert and turned it into simples processes and templates that takes the guesswork out of finding new listing opportunities, setting more appointments, and selling more real estate.  

Q: How valuable is this certification? The certificate itself is very valuable if you need to set yourself apart from other agents in your area. We spend a good portion of the course talking about the value of positioning yourself as a listing expert, and this certificate helps you do that. 

What's more valuable, however, is getting all of the training, checklists, templates, and processes for getting more listing leads and sales!

Q: How long will it take me to finish the certification? This program contains around 7 hours of video instruction, so technically you could finish it in a day. However, we recommend spreading it out over the course of a month. You'll get the most from this certification if you implement the various marketing pieces, customize the listing presentation, and so on as you go along. 

Q: What if I am unhappy with the program? We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.