December 4th 2023

Zillow Buys Follow-Up Boss!? Should You Be Concerned?

Ever felt uncertain about which direction to go in? That's where many real estate agents find themselves today.

Zillow Group has made a bold move by acquiring FollowUpBoss - an industry-favorite CRM tool - for a staggering $400-500 million in cash consideration. An earth-shaking announcement that sent ripples through the real estate world.

What does this acquisition mean for agents who relied on FollowUpBoss? Should they stick around or look elsewhere?

We'll explore everything from trust issues with Zillow and data protection concerns post-acquisition to the debate over modern CRM tools' necessity. Plus, get ready to dive into potential alternative solutions worth considering.

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Zillow Group's Acquisition of FollowUpBoss: An Overview

The real estate industry witnessed a significant shake-up when Zillow Group decided to acquire FollowUpBoss. The deal was inked for an impressive amount, rumored to be around half a billion dollars. 

For those who are new here, Zillow Group, is a giant conglomerate that houses some of the largest online real estate and home-related brands on mobile and web. On the other hand, FollowUpBoss has been an essential Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for many successful real estate agents.

This massive purchase isn't just about adding another notch to Zillow's belt - it has wider implications for everyone involved in this bustling market. But before we delve into these details, let's break down what this acquisition means at its core.

A Game-Changing Move?

This move by Zillow might seem like business as usual but don’t be fooled – it’s potentially game-changing. Why? Well, acquiring FollowUpBoss not only strengthens their technological capabilities but also broadens their reach within the customer base served by FollowUpBoss.

Moreover, this brings up questions about how things will change now? Will there be modifications or improvements made to FollowUpBoss under its new ownership? Or would it continue functioning as is without any alterations?

Facts & Figures: The Financials Behind This Power Move

Diving into numbers always helps get perspective right. And boy do we have some figures for you today. The estimated cash consideration for this deal is a whopping $400-500 million.

Such an impressive figure underscores the value Zillow Group sees in FollowUpBoss, and why wouldn’t they? It’s been a go-to tool for many successful real estate agents looking to streamline their processes and stay on top of leads.

Now that we've covered the key facts, let's press on.

The Impact on Real Estate Agents Using FollowUpBoss

For real estate agents who rely heavily on FollowUpBoss as their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, the acquisition by Zillow Group came as a shock. This change has sparked concerns and caused ripples in the industry.

The Agent's Dilemma: To Stay or To Switch?

This surprise move left many professionals pondering whether to continue using FollowUpBoss under its new management or start exploring alternative CRM solutions. It's like being blindsided when your go-to java joint has been taken over by a company you're not particularly fond of. Do you stay loyal because of the familiar brew, or do you start testing out other local cafes?

A significant number of agents are expressing concerns about this development and have started considering switching to different CRM tools for their businesses.

But before they make any drastic moves, it is crucial to weigh all factors carefully.

Just like choosing between staying with your beloved but now corporate-owned coffee shop versus discovering potentially better alternatives; deciding whether to stick with FollowUpBoss post-acquisition requires careful thought.

Determining which option would give them more value for their money while still providing top-notch service is paramount.

This decision can significantly impact how they manage client relationships - an aspect vital for success in the competitive world of real estate.

Data Ownership and Protection Concerns Post-Acquisition

Zillow acquiring FollowUpBoss also raises questions around data ownership and protection that weren't there before. Imagine if someone else suddenly got hold of your prized family recipe book. You'd naturally be concerned about what they might do with those secret recipes.

Similarly, real estate agents are now asking questions about who owns the contact information and data stored in FollowUpBoss. They need assurance that their valuable data will remain protected and won't be misused under any circumstances.

Without this confidence, they might consider taking their business elsewhere - hence the potential exodus to alternative CRM solutions.

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Trust Issues with Zillow in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate world has been buzzing about this acquisition. But not all that buzz is positive, especially when it comes to trust issues among agents.

A survey by Inman found a lack of trust towards Zillow within the agent community. Some agents believe that their interests aren't aligned with those of this tech giant.

Zillow: Friend or Foe?

The root cause for concern? It might be due to Zillow's disruptive role in reshaping how homes are bought and sold. Their digital platform has transformed traditional real estate norms, which hasn't always sat well with seasoned professionals who prefer more conventional methods.

Just as Amazon changed retail and Uber altered transportation, so too has Zillow disrupted real estate - but change isn't always welcomed by everyone.

Data Privacy Concerns

In addition to changing industry dynamics, data privacy is another issue causing concern among agents post-acquisition. With massive amounts of sensitive client information at stake – names, addresses, financial details – can they really trust a corporation like Zillow?

Anxiety over data protection isn’t unwarranted; there have been high-profile cases such as Facebook’s mishandling where companies misused user data on an unprecedented scale.
Zillow's Reputation with Data Handling

Adding fuel to the fire is Zillow's reputation within the industry. While it hasn’t committed any glaring violations concerning user data, its approach has caused some eyebrows to raise. A classic example is how Zillow marketed 'Coming Soon' listings before MLS entry which ruffled feathers across multiple listing services (MLS).

This move was seen as a way for Zillow to get more control over property listings - a critical asset in the real estate game. Now, with access to vast amounts of customer relationship management (CRM) data from FollowUpBoss users, similar concerns are coming up again.

Avoiding Potential Pitfalls: Best Practices Moving Forward

To ease these worries about client-data misuse post-acquisition, it’s essential that both parties maintain transparency. For instance, a clearly articulated data protection policy could help set expectations right from the start.

Real estate agents should also take proactive steps to ensure their data is secure. Regularly backing up contact lists and important files is one step in the right direction. Also, it might be worth exploring alternative CRM solutions that offer better data control and ownership rights for users.

The Debate on CRM Tools in Modern Real Estate

As the real estate industry evolves, there is increasing disagreement about the need and efficacy of CRM tools. Some agents are voicing their preference for simpler, more marketing-focused solutions.

The Case for Simpler, Marketing-Focused Solutions

One side of this conversation argues that an efficient workflow can be achieved with simple yet effective marketing tools. They believe that elaborate CRMs might offer too many features which could lead to complications rather than simplifying tasks.

A study by National Association of Realtors indicates a trend towards minimalistic tech stacks among successful agents. It revealed that high-performing professionals often opt for leaner systems with fewer integrations but higher efficiency.

This group asserts it's not just about getting things done; it’s also crucial how quickly you get them done without being bogged down by unnecessary complexities or redundant functionalities.

Balancing Comprehensive Functionality and User Experience

The other side argues in favor of comprehensive CRM tools. These all-in-one platforms promise to manage everything from email campaigns and social media posts to sales pipelines and customer follow-ups under one roof. But at what cost?

In some cases, they point out, having numerous functions within one tool may seem beneficial until we factor in steep learning curves and potential over-complication of workflows – aspects counterproductive to day-to-day operations.

An Ever-Evolving Landscape

The recent acquisition by Zillow Group - buying FollowUpBoss - adds another layer onto this ongoing discussion. With the shift in ownership, agents using FollowUpBoss are left to reconsider their CRM options and whether they align with their business goals. This rapid transition serves as a cautionary tale for real estate professionals to stay vigilant in evaluating their tech stack and expenses.

The key takeaway? It's essential for real estate professionals to regularly review their tech stack and expenses. They must ensure they are achieving the most efficient outcomes while still maintaining a simple interface and being cost-effective.

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The Reminder to Regularly Review Technology Stack and Expenses

In the wake of this acquisition, real estate agents are reminded about the importance of regular reviews. Not just for their CRM tool but also their entire technology stack and expenses. Why? Because your tools can directly impact your bottom line.

You wouldn't keep using a saw that's not sharp when you need to cut through wood, right? Similarly, sticking with outdated or underperforming tech is like cutting through today's competitive real estate market with a blunt blade. You're only making things harder on yourself.

Regular Review of Personal Finances

Keeping an eye on your financial health is akin to regular exercise for the body - both are essential and cannot be overlooked. As a real estate agent, staying financially fit lets you make clear-headed decisions that affect both yourself and your clients.

Now is the perfect moment to begin this practice. A simple assessment of where you stand financially, followed by regular check-ins at least every quarter will do wonders for maintaining fiscal stability.

How Often Should You Review?

A good rule of thumb is at least once every year - or whenever there’s major industry news (like an acquisition *hint* *hint*). But remember, more frequent checks never hurt anyone.

This helps ensure that you're getting maximum value from each dollar spent and lets you pivot quickly if something isn’t working out as planned.

Tech Stacks Can Make or Break Your Business

Your technology stack - including CRM software like FollowUpBoss, email marketing platforms, social media management tools – forms the backbone of your business operations.

If these aren't performing optimally or delivering desired results consistently over time then they could be hindering rather than helping growth in both client base and revenues alike.

Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners

Studies show that effective use of tech can help reduce operational costs by up to 20%. How can you reduce costs without compromising quality or customer experience?

Start by evaluating each tool's ROI. If a tool isn't proving its worth, don't hesitate to discard it and explore other options that may provide greater value. You could find that some jobs can be handled automatically, granting you more time to concentrate on developing your business.

The key takeaway here is simple: always stay proactive in reviewing and refining your technology stack and expenses. Ultimately, these regular check-ins will ensure your real estate business remains agile, efficient, and primed to capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

Exploring Alternative CRM Solutions for Real Estate Agents

Don't be daunted; there are plenty of options to explore. The real estate market is brimming with alternative solutions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a CRM Solution

You might wonder how you'll ever choose from the many CRMs available today. Here are three main factors that can help guide your decision:

  • User-friendliness: You need a tool that makes your work easier, not more complicated. A user-friendly interface should let you manage contacts and tasks effortlessly.
  • Data Security: Your clients' information is sacred. Always make sure any software you use takes data protection seriously.
  • Integration capability: It's vital in ensuring smooth operations between different systems used in your business.
A Glimpse into Some Alternatives

If FollowUpBoss was your go-to platform, consider these alternatives: Propertybase Salesforce Edition or LionDesk.

LionDesk shines when it comes to affordability without compromising on features necessary for effective contact management and marketing automation.

Propertybase Salesforce Edition, on the other hand, is more suited for larger brokerages due to its robust feature set and scalability. It integrates with other Salesforce products seamlessly, providing a comprehensive solution.

For those seeking an all-in-one platform that goes beyond CRM capabilities, consider kvCORE. With kvCORE you get a website builder and marketing automation tools alongside powerful CRM features.


Zillow's acquisition of FollowUpBoss has shaken the real estate industry, leaving agents with critical decisions to make. The $400-500 million deal raises questions about Zillow's intentions and prompts concerns for realtors relying on FollowUpBoss. Trust issues, data ownership worries, and the broader debate on CRM tools complicate the landscape.

Real estate professionals must now review their tech stack and expenses, emphasizing the need for agility and efficiency. As agents explore alternatives, factors like user-friendliness, data security, and integration capabilities become crucial considerations. Zillow must address these concerns transparently to retain user trust. In this rapidly evolving tech landscape, staying adaptable is essential, especially in the aftermath of significant acquisitions like Zillow's FollowUpBoss buyout.

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