January 7th 2020

Using Hashtags on Instagram (#TheEasyWay)

It’s 2020, so you’ve probably heard about Instagram by now, but did you know that not only is Instagram one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world, it’s also one of the most conducive to marketing?

Don’t believe us? Here’s some statistics: 

  • 1 billion people use Instagram every month.

  • 200 million Instagramers visit at least 1 business profile daily.

  • 75.3% of U.S. Businesses will use Instagram in 2020.

  • 83% of Instagrammers say they discover new products or services on the app. 

You might be wondering, with so many users on Instagram how do I get my page noticeable and working for my real estate business…

That’s where Hashtags come in. 

Hashtags, what are they and how do you use them?

Hashtags are keywords or phrases strung together with the pound sign in front (#). They are used to draw attention, organize, and promote social media posts. 

Examples: #2020 #realestate #austin #austinrealestatemarket

Using a relative keyword or phrase as a hashtag on a social media post will categorize that post so it can be easily found in a search. 

This is especially important in marketing real estate. Using certain hashtags like #realestate, #realtor, etc., categorizes your posts and will make them easier to find when someone is searching for real estate related posts. 

Sue Zimmerman, Instagram Expert, says this about hashtags, “In order to attract your ideal follower on Instagram you have to have a hashtag strategy. Start with broad hashtags that represent your service or products then niche down to what keywords your clients would use to find you… Hashtags become Hubs of content and you want to be a part of the Hub, i.e. the conversation.

Take the post above for example, if you were to search any of the hashtags included on the post above you’d be able to find this post. 


There are certain hashtag “rules” to follow so you can get the most out of using them:

  • No spaces - there are no spaces in a hashtag. If you want to use a phrase, for example, “new year new me” (this phrase is always trending after the new year), as a hashtag it would like this: #newyearnewme

  • No punctuation - there are no punctuation or special characters in hashtags, using punctuation or special characters will render your hashtag useless and it won’t be categorized.

  • Capitalization only matters for readability - #MakeSense v. #makesense

  • Instagram only allows up to 30 hashtags on a single post - make them count, but know that you don’t have to use 30 on every single post. 

Hashtags are the secret to marketing on Instagram, when used correctly. 

Hashtags can help improve engagement, get the attention of your target audience, and so much more… but they can also be tricky. 

It can be hard to come up with new, relevant, or creative hashtags (especially with all we have going on already as Realtors) that will reach your target audience, which is how we discovered the #HashMe App. 

#Hashme App

The #HashMe App does the hard work for you by creating hashtags based on Instagram's algorithm and trending information. 

#HashMe is an AI powered Hashtag Generator that helps you get more likes, make the trending page, and grow your instagram. (This is a free app and all of the information in this blog is based off of the free version, but you can also upgrade to the paid version.)

With #HashMe you can 

  • Upload a photo to search for hashtags

  • Manually search for hashtags with a keyword or phrase

  • Copy and paste hashtags directly to Instagram

  • Get more of your content seen by users searching hashtags and in turn convert that into more likes and follows

#HashMe Tutorial

Download the app now and get started with your own posts. 

To download the #HashMe app, open the app store on your mobile device and type “HashMe” in the search bar. 

Hashtags are not going to become irrelevant anytime soon, if ever, so now is the time to learn how to master them and put them to work in your own real estate marketing strategies! 

For more information on using Hashtags on Instagram check out these sources from today’s blog: 



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  1. Fantastic article and info
    I already use hashtags but always looking to tweak them to make them better
    Definitely be checking out the app!

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