The traditional way to market a home has always been to showcase the front of the house…

But as I started looking at buying my first home, I began to wonder why more real estate agents didn’t focus on unique, interesting, or “favorite” features of the homes they were selling. Let’s be honest, most homes don’t have that exciting of an exterior -- or at least not one exciting enough to warrant posting photo after photo of it (BORING).

So we started experimenting with a new strategy on our associate brokers, Creath Partners (follow us on Instagram @creathbrothers).

Instead of showcasing the outside of homes, we started showcasing special features, rooms, outdoor areas, updates, etc. We let the uniqueness of the home pique interest enough for viewers to either contact us for a showing or head over to view it on our MLS.


Check out some examples of what we’re doing below:

Click on the images to view the rest of the carousel post on Instagram. 
Click on the images to view the rest of the carousel post on Instagram. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you should NEVER show the front of a home again… 

This strategy isn’t meant to completely eradicate the posting of front of homes, just to break up the monotony of ONLY posting front of homes.


By now you’re probably wondering how to decide which features should be highlighted or what parts of the home you should be promoting on social media...

You want to look for aspects of the home that would catch the attention of someone scrolling through Instagram. 

When we get photos of a new listing, the first thing I do is create a separate folder that I title “Social.” Then, as I review all the images, I add to that folder the photos that attract my attention or prompt a reaction from me. (If I have a bad reaction to a photo, though, I don’t want to put that on any of our social media, of course).

When I’m ready to start promoting the listing on social media, I’ll go through the “Social” folder and begin grouping the photos by themes. The themes vary by listing. 

For example, in the post below, I’ve included pictures of the patio, balcony, deck, views, and landscaping. The common theme I used here was “Outdoors.”

Click on the images to view the rest of the carousel post on Instagram. 

The types of photos I usually group into themes include backyard oases, patios/balconies/verandas, views, master bedrooms & bathrooms, theatre rooms/game rooms/offices, kitchens, and chandeliers.

Another way to choose which parts of the home to highlight is to ask the owner about their favorite features/rooms. This is a great way to engage potential clients while on a Listing Appointment; from this question, you can segue into discussing your Property Marketing Plan!

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