August 3rd 2023

The 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System

With today's low home inventory and high competition, many Realtors and agents are asking, "How do I find and get more listings?" The secret lies in understanding the behavior of home sellers, building superior trust, and consistently showing up in front of your database with your marketing. In this episode, Chris Scott and Garry Creath show you how to do just that with their 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System so that when home sellers think of you - they think of real estate.

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Boost Your Career with the 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System

Mastering real estate marketing can be a daunting task.

The truth is, when it's time to elevate their game and attract more clients, many real estate agents' #1 challenge is navigating the complexities of marketing.

They're often unsure how to effectively implement a system that works. This hurdle separates successful agents from those struggling to make ends meet. If you don't understand how to strategically leverage a marketing system, reaching your full potential in real estate will remain an elusive goal.

However, you don’t have to worry about that! We have developed a marketing solution that will consistently build your reputation and establish trust with your contacts and connections.

We take a 5 step approach to our marketing system:

  1. Blog

  2. Email

  3. Video

  4. Social Media

  5. Personal Touch

On the surface, these steps might seem obvious or basic, but the trick is how you connect them in a way that you are constantly providing valuable information to your network, creating a solid context for conversations, and building an expert reputation in your target markets. Throughout this blog, we’ll dive into the importance of this process and detail each step.

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Consistency Is Key in Real Estate Marketing

In the property business, being a one-hit wonder won't get you very far. The secret sauce to long-term success? Consistent communication with your clients and prospects. This keeps you top of mind, leading to more referrals or recommendations from your sphere of influence.

Think about it: Stronger bonds are built over time through regular interactions that provide value across multiple channels. So let's dive into how consistency plays a crucial role in successful campaigns and some tips on maintaining this level for achieving desired outcomes.

Exploring the Importance Consistency Plays in a Successful Campaign

The big players like Apple or Nike didn't build their brand loyalty overnight - they delivered consistent messaging over time which led consumers to trust them implicitly.

This same principle applies when building your personal brand as an agent too. It takes repeated exposure before people start associating you with their real estate needs - especially considering our attention spans have shrunk down to just eight seconds.

Persistence without intrusion is key here; we need frequent yet meaningful communications if we want potential customers' ears (and hearts).

Tips for Maintaining Consistency
  1. Create a Content Calendar: No more last-minute scrambles for content ideas. Plan out topics ahead so everything flows smoothly week after week.

  2. Schedule Regular Follow-ups: A monthly email update or quarterly check-in call can do wonders for keeping relationships warm and fresh. Remember, frequency matters.

  3. Leverage Automation Tools: Email automation tools allow scheduling emails ahead while social media management platforms enable posting across different networks simultaneously, saving both effort and time.

  4. Maintain Brand Consistency: Keep your messaging consistent with your mission and values, ensuring that every touchpoint supports and reinforces your brand's identity.

As you master the art of consistency, you will begin to build trust with both potential clients and your current contacts and connections. 

The Importance of Trust in Real Estate

Trust is the bedrock upon which successful real estate transactions are built. It's not just about being a smooth talker or having flashy marketing materials - buyers and sellers need to know they can count on their agent for honesty, integrity, and expertise.

Understanding the Role of Character and Competence in Building Trust

In order to foster this level of trust, agents must showcase two key attributes: character and competence. Let's delve deeper into these concepts.

When we speak about an agent's character, we're referring to qualities like reliability, respectfulness, and transparency - traits that assure clients you're someone who has their best interests at heart.

Moving onto competence; it goes beyond knowing how much homes sell for in your area or staying up-to-date with market trends (although those things certainly matter). True competency also encompasses skills such as negotiating deals effectively or managing contracts meticulously - aspects that reassure clients you have what it takes to get them the best deal possible.

This combination of strong moral fiber coupled with professional prowess makes one a trustworthy figure within their sphere of influence.

Examining Your Own Performance To Improve Client Relationships

If you want to enhance and further increase levels of trust among your clientele, then self-assessment becomes a critical tool in your arsenal. This involves taking an honest look at your own performance, identifying areas where improvement might be needed, while simultaneously recognizing the strengths you already possess, thus paving the way towards continuous growth and development.

A great strategy could involve soliciting feedback from past customers through surveys and reviews to gain insights into the perceptions surrounding your work ethic and professionalism. These nuggets of information help highlight areas where you excel and point out ones needing attention, ultimately aiding in building stronger relationships with future prospects.

Trust as a Foundation

As we have learned, people want to work with an agent they trust. Now that we understand the importance of trust and how it can be fostered through character and competence, let's explore another critical aspect of success in the real estate industry: staying top-of-mind with your past clients. In this competitive landscape, being memorable and relevant is not just an advantage; it's a necessity to secure new listings and referrals. A solid foundation of trust is the first step to staying relevant in your clients’ minds. Let's delve into other strategies that will keep you at the forefront.

Why You Need to Be Top of Mind

In the high-stakes world of real estate, staying top-of-mind is more than a mere advantage–it's an absolute must. Your ability to remain memorable and relevant among your past clients often holds the key to securing new listings. So how do you achieve this? Let's break it down.

Strategies for Maintaining Regular Contact with Past Clients

The first step towards becoming top-of-mind involves maintaining regular contact with former clients, not through incessant sales pitches or irrelevant info dumps, but by providing valuable insights that underline your expertise in real estate.

You could share industry updates, dispense advice on property maintenance, or even send personalized greetings during holidays and special occasions. Essentially any communication that adds value while being tailored to their interests whenever possible.

An effective way of doing this is by leveraging technology such as CRM systems which allow you to segment your contacts based on various criteria like location, type of property owned, etc., thus enabling more targeted communications.

The Potential Financial Losses from Not Being Top-of-Mind

Failing to stay at the forefront can lead not only to lost opportunities, but also to a negative impact on your reputation within the industry. When previous clients are considering buying or selling again or when they're asked for referrals, your name needs to be the first that comes up.

To stay top of mind, you need a marketing system that is feasible and actually works: The 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System.

The 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System

The real estate landscape is a whirlwind of constant change and fierce competition. It's not enough to just keep up; you need an edge, something that sets you apart from the rest. That's where Chris Scott and Garry Creath’s 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System comes into play.

An overview of multi-channel or omnipresent marketing strategy

This approach revolves around what we call "omnipresence" - maintaining visibility across multiple platforms simultaneously. This includes social media feeds, email inboxes, blog posts on your website - anywhere potential clients might be hanging out online.

Let’s dive into each of the 5 steps that will help you maintain omnipresence.

Step 1: Publish Useful Real Estate Information

In this step, we leverage the power of blog posts to share valuable and engaging real estate information. These blog posts not only provide relevant content for your audience but also serve as a basis for your marketing outreach. By creating informative content on various real estate topics, you establish authority and credibility in your target market.

Step 2: Send the Info to People You Know

The blog posts you create become a perfect reason to reach out to your contacts through email. By summarizing the main points of the blog and providing a link to the full article, you can start meaningful conversations with your network. This step ensures that you stay in touch with your contacts regularly and offer them valuable insights, avoiding the feeling of spammy outreach.

Step 3: Share a 1-Minute Video

Video is a powerful tool in modern marketing. In this step, we recommend sharing 1-minute videos that recap the highlights of your blog posts. These short videos help build trust and rapport with your audience even before you meet them in person. By incorporating video into your marketing strategy, you can stand out in the competitive real estate landscape.

Step 4: Post Info on Social Media

To maximize your content's reach, it's essential to share it on various social media platforms. Post your blog content across all your social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. This multi-platform approach ensures that your valuable real estate information reaches as many potential clients as possible.

Step 5: Personal Outreach

Personal communication is crucial in real estate, and this step focuses on using Facebook Messenger for outreach. By reaching out to contacts through Messenger, you offer a convenient and unobtrusive way for them to respond at their leisure. This method has shown to have a high response rate and can lead to meaningful conversations that foster client relationships.


Throughout this blog, we've highlighted the paramount importance of trust in real estate and the key attributes of character and competence that build it. However, trust alone is not enough to stay ahead in the dynamic real estate market. Staying top-of-mind is an absolute necessity, and we've provided strategies to maintain consistent communication with past clients, ensuring you are the first agent they think of for their real estate needs.

Our 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System offers an innovative and effective approach to omnipresent marketing, establishing your authority and credibility across multiple platforms. It provides a roadmap to generating more leads by establishing yourself as a trustworthy expert. With blog posts, email outreach, short videos, social media sharing, and personalized communication, you can create a solid context for conversations, establish your expertise, and build trust in your target markets. Embrace this system, and you'll not only achieve brand consistency but also secure a prominent position in the competitive real estate landscape.

Are you ready to implement this strategy? Join the Marketing Club today to unlock all the tools, resources, and training you need to implement the 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System successfully. Take the leap towards a thriving real estate career, and be the agent that clients trust and remember for their most significant transactions. Start your journey to success now!

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