November 12th 2018

We Need Your Help!


Over the last few months, Chris and I have been hard at work developing a new program for you.

And we’re VERY excited about it because it’s a topic near and dear to me: becoming a listing expert.

For those of you who don’t know, I built my own very successful real estate practice on being an expert when it comes to listings, and we’ve mined my experience to shape this course.

From finding listing opportunities to marketing listings to a brand-new listing presentation, we’ve included everything we can think of to help you sell more listings than you ever have before…

(For our Canadian agents, we know you guys can’t call yourselves experts. However, this program is all about getting skills and tools for finding and closing listing opportunities, and you’ll definitely benefit!)

Now, here’s where you come in. We need your input.

We need to know what you would like to see in a course like this one!

When it comes to listings, what do you struggle with? Finding new opportunities? Conversations about price reductions? Feeling confident on listing appointments?

Let us know in the comments section below! Your feedback will really help us fill in any gaps and make sure we address anything and everything listing-related that you need help with.

Right now, we’ve broken the course into 5 steps for more leads and listings:

  • Step 1: Positioning and Marketing Yourself a Listing Expert
  • Step 2: Pre-Listing Campaigns and Templates to Secure the Appointment
  • Step 3: The Listing Appointment
  • Step 4: Your Plan for Marketing Listings
  • Step 5: Marketing & Templates to Get More Listings

Your feedback can be related to one of those areas or be outside of them, as long as it has to do with listings!

We look forward to reading your suggestions!


  1. Getting appointments, Not getting called to the table because of the preconceived notion our 6% commission is too high. Several ‘full service’ outfits in our area doing major advertising, not getting the opportunities to be interviewed.

  2. Confidence on listing appointments, particularly pricing in a rural market with few comparables.

  3. I need advice on finding new opportunities. If I do not receive referrals consistently I am not prospecting for that next listing. Listing is definitely my strength so I need to help more Sellers.

  4. Things I would like to see:
    1. Cost and time effective ways to find potential sellers
    2. Nurturing seller leads to get the appointment when the time comes
    3. Steps for marketing the listing to keep it fresh in a slower market
    4. Managing communication and seller expectations so you can "sell it before they hate you"

  5. I want to learn how to create an excess of listing appointments. Automating the lead gen and creating more opportunities is important. I also want to know the best way to become the neighborhood Realtor.

  6. Awesome suggestions so far!!! Keep 'em coming! :D

  7. Listing appointment lead generation if the biggest need.

  8. I like Greg's points.
    1. Cost and time effective ways to find potential sellers
    2. Nurturing seller leads to get the appointment when the time comes
    3. Steps for marketing the listing to keep it fresh in a slower market

  9. More ways of generating leads besides online leads. Leads that are low cost where I can have too many leads to deal with myself. With the internet having leads that are becoming more costly these days, creating campaigns that are low cost and pleantyful.

  10. I struggle with delivering solid confident objections at listing appts when addressing fees, team vs. Couple team, need to get better at articulating a solid value proposition that is unique and different from competitors.

  11. All of the above and also confidence in presenting my listing presentation.

  12. Converting the online leads to successful appointments to the signed listing.
    Nurturing online leads until their ready.
    Negotiation technics once you've taken the listing to a successful close.

  13. Garry,
    The biggest challenge is finding new listing opportunities and how to market to find and secure those opportunities, and find new and fresh ways to accomplish the task.

  14. First of all as an Agent that recently moved to the Sarasota Florida area I do not have a large database of clients. So my immediate need is how do I find people wanting to sell their home?

  15. Finding listing opportunities….once we get in front of people all is good and we get many more listings than we lose. What can we do that does not cost more $$$? WE call all expireds and cancelleds in our market, follow up with mailings and call after they receive the mailings. WE also farm our own neighborhood. Thanks for the ideas!

  16. The biggest issue we are having is getting the listing appointment as most sellers, know a Realtor, have a family member or friend that's a Realtor and our market in Middle TN - it's a seller's market - many sellers are doing FISBOs.

    And we, at our office, feel there needs to be some type of NEW commission plan that is gives sellers more of an incentive to list with just us.

    That's our thoughts :)

  17. Exciting! I would love to see some scripts for getting the appointment when they are considering selling soon (0-6 mths) or later on (6 mths- 2 yrs)

  18. I would love to know more on Purple Brick and other similar companies so when I go on a listing apt I can present the actual facts to my potential sellers. I have heard so many different stories of how they charge, etc.

  19. Anxious to see this! Converting online leads into listing appointments, commission discussions, confidently showing how I can stand apart from the rest.

  20. Generating leads for listings when you are new to real estate (fairly new to the area as well compared to most agents) and most of your contacts are in a different state or country. It feels hopeless sometimes.

  21. Need help in: feeling confident on the actual appointment and finding new opportunities.

  22. Definitely finding opportunities that are not expireds and FSBO.

  23. Finding listings is the HARDEST thing! If I can get in the door, I usually get the listing. And I find the rare times I don’t get the listing, they come back to me when another agent can’t sell it. (Liars, liars, pants on fire) I’m trying a new approach in 2019 – working with local funeral directors. At my wits end to find the sellers!

  24. Always up for more material that will help build my business

  25. For me, personally – there are really only two issues regarding listings.

    I can’t find enough opportunities. I generate all my own business and can generate hundreds of buyer leads but seller leads are so hard to find/get and generally much more expensive. There seem to be only so many ways to get leads: working with buyers who have houses to sell, FSBO’s, expireds, referrals from friends/past clients/SOI, geographic farming, paying for leads. I have a great web site and we’ve done some Facebook ads for seller leads – do not receive much response. I’m really not a huge fan of FSBO’s and expireds. Farming takes forever and is so expensive. Any additional suggestions would be fantastic.

    And the second thing is competing with top listing agents who are very strong in a specific market. It’s tough to compete with their statistics.

  26. How to find sellers/buyers and convert them into clients.

  27. 1. Positioning and Marketing myself as an expert.
    What is the best way to market myself without having a huge background. I know that you use: Our office gets X% more on average. I don't have that track record. What other things can I use as a unique selling proposition?

    2. Yes. What is the most effective marketing campaign to get new clients - for someone who does not have a large circle of influence.

    5. Templates and swipe copy that I can use/modify/personalize.

    I have to second the comment above:

    I’m really not a huge fan of FSBO’s and expireds. Farming takes forever and is so expensive. Any additional suggestions would be fantastic.

    And the second thing is competing with top listing agents who are very strong in a specific market. It’s tough to compete with their statistics.

  28. Where and how is the best way to cultivate seller leads from!?

  29. I think Greg McCarthy and Derrick Radford had some good suggestions. I would also like to be more confident on a listing appointment, as well as providing a great value proposition. Ideally, I would prefer to work more by referral than by chasing internet leads.

  30. 1) A complete list of the hundreds of sources of listings.
    2) A pre-listing package; delivered to the vendor prior to the listing presentation.
    3) A new updated Paperless agent listing presentation.
    4) CRM drip campaign for following up after listing presentation meeting; I am too busy to follow up.

  31. Actually, if we did half of what you have taught us so far, we would be in great shape !!!

  32. Agent Compensation, Listing Price, What information do you need readily available on the appointment?
    How long appointment should last.

  33. Finding listing prospects is the hard part for me

  34. Conversations about price reductions?
    Closing the on listing appointments?

  35. First it's finding who is planning to sell...we have no fsbos nor expireds where I live so I need a way to find the leads. Second, it's finding the distinguishing features to almost guarantee success. What are two or three things that are new and different that no one else does. That would make a huge difference in our success.

  36. The number 1 thing I would want to learn is, ‘what sets me apart from the other real estate agents.’ We were the first team in our small area to use professional photography. Now everyone does it. We are great with social everyone else is. I want my team to be 2 or 3 steps ahead If everyone else....but what is there?

  37. After all these years (23) of being a residential realtor in our area, I'm now struggling to feel confident at listing appointments, knowing there's so much competition and new ways of marketing listings.

  38. I want to learn how to get more listings than I know what to do with. Once I get a listing I'm good on knowing what to do. I just want more listings.

  39. Help with finding listings without door knocking, cold calling or using expireds & FSBO strategies.

  40. Positioning yourself as a listing expert will be very helpful, I would also like to see ideas on how we can position ourselves as a listing and/or neighborhood influencer. I know these two sound similar, but my thoughts are that one is skills-based while the other is both skills-based and points towards omni-present listing leadership in the neighborhood.

  41. YES PLEASE!!

    ALSO can you work up some templates for offer a 1% Flat Fee program please

  42. I would love to learn more on FB advertising to generate listing leads. Would love to learn some strategies for dealing with new iBuyers like OpenDoor, OfferPad, etc. I feel like I adequately articulate my value proposition, but we are getting hammered with ads from these companies making it sound like they are the best thing since sliced bread. Then they pay less than market value and charge high fees. I would like to know how to address this head on.

    I would also like to see an updated new editable listing presentation. Thank you!

  43. How to compete and address sellers who consider listing with the growing competition of discount brokers such as Redfin, Purple Bricks, REX Homes, etc.

    How do you handle listing leads? What is your proven successful process in contacting and setting up for an appointment? Do you utilize a pre listing package?

    Do you advocate for sellers to do pre listing ok inspections, repairs and staging? Would you spend for those expenses or how do you negotiate with sellers?

    Lastly, do you treat all sellers equally whether they sell a cottage or a mansion? What would you do differently to prospect and market for luxury homes and high end sellers?

    Thank you!

  44. I think everything on the "wish list" was already covered by the rest. All of my business has always been 100% referrals and repeat buyers/ sellers. Would love to have new business. Have a lot to offer with 16+ years of real estate sales, both residential and commercial, never had an expired listing. Anything that might generate me seller's leads would be grand! Thank you PA, for sharing your creativity and knowledge!

  45. What to do with all the money I make from selling my listings..... sounds funny I know :)
    Im trying to tithe for a good cause(s) and also to budget a good portion of each income check towards marketing and administrative assistance. Would like to have some cold callers on board eventually continually follow long up and setting appointments.

  46. Can you cover steps to take when you have a listing that isn't selling? I have two high-end listings that aren't selling and are showing very poorly, despite regular open houses, adwerx ads on both, facebook campaigns, etc. One is fantastically priced according to comps, and the other is slightly above average price per square foot according to comps.

  47. Finding seller leads! Leads for listings seem to be harder to come by

  48. All the comments so far are great. I look forward to the new training materials.

  49. A process driven campaign to:
    identify likely listing opportunities
    engage them toward interaction
    request and acquire the listing appointments

  50. 1. producing and articulating an effective an unique value proposition that make them want to work with you
    2. getting more listing through referrals from data base
    3. how to be systematic from start to finish...from pre-listing- listing presentation - signing contract. Becomes automatic and effective.

  51. Thanks, Gary and Chris, I believe LEAP will be another amazing product created by you and your team.

    I'd love to see Listing Action Plans, Marketing Plans & Closing Plans as a way of handling a larger volume of transactions systematically and being able to present these advantages to the Seller from a value proposition standpoint.


  52. Any cool tips and tricks for handling pricing expectations in situations where comps from 6 months ago will look higher in price because the market was different? Thanks for putting this together!!

  53. Help finding listings without door knocking, cold calling or using expireds & FSBO strategies. Better yet have them call you as the agent! How to be beat out the other agents in your farms with ease! Using video to attract better seller leads.

  54. Love to have a library of correspondence to mail out to specific clients. Follow up with nod Fsbo’s expired. Knowing what to say is key here. Thanks

  55. How to find and convert potential listings in a very low inventory market without spending a fortune. Looking to increase my reach beyond my sphere. How to compete with local agents advertising: Save "x"% by listing with us, don't pay full price commission for full service. A script is great but only if you actually get to speak with the potential client in the first place, need to "get in the door" first which is tough with the discount ads running in multiple formats and delivered by mail monthly to multiple zip codes. Those in my sphere are now asking why I won't charge less like "that guy who advertises in the coupon book".

  56. Would love to have a really professional and streamlined listing presentation that addresses the sellers concerns and motivations.....mine is soooooooo corporate......grrrr AND a place for blurbs about my team including video for my painter, title guy, home inspector, chimney sweep, etc.

  57. How to list new homes for builders

  58. Hi Gary, Chris and Jordan,

    I'm a member and love the training that you offer, and the landing pages for our individual listings on the Agent ID site are beautiful; even the Open House pop up is clean and professional looking.

    Here are some things that I'd love to see; the list is a bit long, so I apologize in advance:

    1) I would love to have a editable Pre-Listing package, Listing presentation (that can be used in person, or online, on our website), and follow up documents (seller communications and maybe a newsletter template) that look as professional and current as that page does, for a cohesive look between all the marketing items; along with verbal, email and texting scripting to match. Finding the time to put together marketing material is sometimes hard when we get busy.

    2) LEAD GENERATION for sellers! The best sources and techniques to find them; and best conversion practices once you get the lead.

    3) I love Eric Eaton's request regarding Listing Action Plans, Marketing Plans & Closing Plans.

    4) With so many Realtors also getting professional photos, doing FB ads, etc. How do I convey and articulate my USP? Also, working as a husband and wife team in a boutique real estate company , how do I articulate my USP and value when competing against some of the larger teams and national companies?

    5) Farming- How to go into a farm area as a "newbie" to the area and beat out people that have been farming that area for a long time.

    6) Video, any recommendations on potential video topic ideas that might pull in more seller leads. Also, any recommendations on proper camera, lighting, etc. to use when doing videos while doing inside shots, either in the office or while sitting on the computer?

    7) And last but not least, this may have to be another course for the future, but I live in a FL resort town where our main season is January through April, and most of the homeowners have their year round homes in other states. Do you have any ideas on the best practices on marketing properties to out of state buyers and reaching the sellers of the homes in an area that I'd like to farm via FB ads, or forms of marketing other than just doing snail mail to their northern addresses?

    I know that was a lot... :) I'm looking forward to the course!

  59. I'd like to know your come back on a seller's
    ***"Im not going to pay you 6% when PurpleBrick, Zillow, Redfin etc will do it for 1.5%"
    ***"6% is to much, My house is paid off & I need to keep all of it because I need to buy another house!"

  60. Any information on how to protect our fee for service. I have been doing this a long time (32 years) but there has never been pressure on listing commissions like there is now. I've been doing my best with mixed success, but any additional creative strategies would be appreciated.

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