June 30th 2022

Here’s What’s New in LEAP 2.0

Do you want to hear some good real estate news? 

Real estate gurus and economists are saying the market is shifting. This means that more listings are going to come to the market. 

Inventory is something that we desperately need, and it could lead to a little bit of a listing boom.

Not everyone is going to experience the boom. In fact, there will likely be a greater disparity between those top listing expert agents and the typical agent when it comes to getting listings. Professional agents who are committed to their craft will benefit.

With more realtor members now than in the history of the National Association of Realtors, getting recognized as a Listing Expert Agent is more important than ever.

This is why we recently updated our Listing Expert Agent Program (LEAP). 

LEAP is a self-paced, virtual listing workshop designed to:

✅ Rapidly build up your listing inventory

✅ Make you stand out from the competition

✅ Communicate your value to prospective sellers

✅ Give you the confidence to go head to head with even the most accomplished listing agents

✅ Give you the templates, workflows, and even marketing so that you can say and do the things that Top Listing Expert Agents say and do

What's new in LEAP 2.0?

✅ A brand new Pre-Listing Packet template for you to use to build trust before you even show up to the appointment

✅ An all new Five Step Listing Appointment workflow so that you can ace every single listing appointment

✅ A brand new Listing Presentation template and scripts to stand out as a Listing Expert Agent and get more recommendations and referrals from the listings that you already have

✅ New Listing Marketing Campaigns using video, social media and checklists so that you can generate more listing opportunities and get homes under contract

…and more!

The best part? We're offering a $400 discount on LEAP 2.0!

Click here for all the details: https://www.thepaperlessagent.com/leap-welcome-offer


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