August 17th 2023

Put Your Real Estate Marketing on Autopilot!

Most of the time when working in real estate, you are just one person who has to complete all of the day to day tasks necessary to run your business. But what if it were possible to relieve some of that stress and free up more of your time to do the things you actually want to do in your practice? In this episode, Chris Scott and Garry Creath are joined by Kyle Strohschein, VP of Marketing at the Paperless Agent, to discuss ways that real estate professionals can use tools and services to put their marketing and business operations on autopilot.

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Elevate Your Business with Real Estate Marketing Automation

Emails, social media posts, and follow-ups are a deluge of demands on your time. It's overwhelming!

When you utilize real estate marketing automation tools, you can streamline tasks that used to take hours into mere minutes. Let’s dive right into how this game-changer works!

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The Power of Reputation in Real Estate

First, let's talk reputation. In the real estate industry, one's reputation can be either a boon or a bane, and it doesn't develop overnight. You've got to earn it, nurture it, and protect it.

A study by NAR (National Association of Realtors) showed that 89% of buyers would use their agent again or recommend them to others–a true testament to how important trustworthiness is in this industry.

We will explore several ways to build your reputation in your local market.

Building Expertise in Your Local Market

If you want an edge over other agents, knowing everything about your local market - from property prices to school ratings - should be on top of your list.

You can start by looking at online resources providing detailed housing statistics and neighborhood insights in your areas of business.

Maintaining Exceptional Customer Service

Your clients are seeking someone who is responsive and makes them feel valued throughout the entire transaction process. You should strive to make each transaction a personal experience.

Ethical Business Practices

Incorporating ethical standards into everyday practice builds lasting relationships with past clients, leading to an organically expanding network through referrals.

This could mean anything from transparency regarding commission structures to avoiding conflicts when representing both parties in a transaction (only after necessary precautions have been taken, of course).

Maintaining integrity forms the bedrock upon which lasting relationships are built.

The Importance of Timely Response in Real Estate

According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate agents take more than 24 hours on average to respond to inquiries. In this digital age where we expect instant gratification, that's practically an eternity. So, let's be clear: If you're taking your sweet time responding back, there are other fish in the sea, aka agents who won't.

Utilizing Autoresponders and Email Templates

No one expects you to stay glued to your email or phone 24/7. That'd make for some very dull dinner conversations. But don't worry; technology has got our backs. Enter autoresponders and email templates–the superheroes of communication efficiency in real estate marketing.

An autoresponder can automatically send personalized voicemails or emails at any hour of the day when someone sends an inquiry about one of your listings. 

Email templates are another great sidekick. They come pre-loaded with professional responses tailored towards common queries such as open house schedules or pricing details. Think canned soup, but with less sodium and more flavor.

You might think using these tools would seem impersonal, but buyers actually prefer getting quick information rather than waiting days for personalization.

Boosting Your Real Estate Marketing Game with Automation

In the fiercely competitive real estate market, you must use every tool available. That's where marketing automation comes in - a secret weapon that can supercharge your listing efforts like nobody's business.

Ace Consistency with Automated Updates

The first step towards becoming an unstoppable force in real estate? Master consistency. Updating properties across platforms manually is about as fun as watching paint dry (no offense to any avid paint-watchers). But here's some good news: With top-notch real estate marketing automation software, those updates will be automatic.

This isn't just saving time - it’s changing customer experience by delivering accurate details faster than ever before. You can finally say goodbye to errors or delays from manual data entry.

Casting A Wider Net with Automated Posting

You know what they say about location being everything in real estate? Well, when it comes to online listings, reach is key. By scheduling posts simultaneously across different channels using automated tools, including social media powerhouses Facebook and LinkedIn, you're ensuring maximum exposure for each property listed.

  1. Scheduling ahead also gives you control over when exactly your content goes live so you hit peak traffic times, increasing visibility amongst potential buyers searching during these periods.

  2. Tailoring messages based on specific platform requirements may seem like extra work, but trust me - optimal engagement rates are worth their weight in gold.

Simplifying Content Creation with Innovative Tools

In order to schedule content, you have to create it first. Creating engaging content consistently can feel like a never ending battle. AI-powered tools can provide everything from easy to use design templates, layouts, or text based on input parameters.

This means producing high-quality materials regularly doesn't need to be difficult anymore!

If you want the benefits of using AI-powered tools but aren't sure where to begin, we've got you covered! When you join the Marketing Club, we'll give you our ChatGPT Playbook that teaches you everything you need to know about ChatGPT & real estate. It even includes prompts to save time, eliminate boring stuff, and even get listings!

Streamlining Lead Generation and Follow-Up with Automation: A Real Estate Game Changer

In the real estate industry, where agents are always on their toes to close deals, automating lead generation and follow-up can be a game-changer. It's like having your very own digital assistant who never sleeps nor takes coffee breaks.

Imagine this - while you're out showing properties or negotiating contracts, automation tools work behind the scenes to capture leads from various channels. They then neatly organize these leads based on specific criteria (like buyer's journey stage or local market) before sending them personalized emails or even voicemails, putting an end to manual data entry.

The Perks of Automated Lead Managements

A good automated system ensures speedy responses which, in our world, means winning clients over faster than your competitors.

Besides making sure each potential client gets VIP treatment no matter how swamped you might be, there's another superpower up its sleeve - scalability. As your business grows, generating more leads than one could manually handle efficiently, an automated system keeps everything running smoothly without breaking a sweat.

Using Automation for Post-Transaction Communication

You've made a successful agreement and everyone is content. But wait–you're not done yet. Staying in touch with clients after a transaction is as essential as acquiring them to begin with.

Let's dive into some nuggets of wisdom on how automation tools can help maintain post-sale communications effectively.

The Why Behind Post-Sale Chit Chat

A good agent knows their job doesn't end at closing deals; it extends into nurturing lasting connections with their clientele. This helps create trust and fosters long-term relationships that might bring more business down the line (hello repeat customers). However, keeping up manually may be challenging when juggling multiple listings and open houses.

Friendly Bots to Your Rescue

Luckily for us busy bees, there are plenty of automated solutions designed specifically for this task within our reach. Think email newsletters featuring local market updates or home maintenance tips tailored towards your client base's interests - neat huh?

Balancing Automation & Personalization

No one likes feeling like they're talking to a robot. So while using automatic processes, make sure your messages don't come off too generic or robotic. Use data from previous interactions stored within your real estate CRM system to personalize content sent out via automated channels. For instance, mentioning specific details related to their property type of interest adds an element of thoughtfulness that resonates well with most recipients.

Choosing the Right Automation Methods for Your Needs

With listings to manage, leads to nurture, and deals to close, it’s no surprise that agents need help with various tasks. Automation tools are the perfect solution.

The trick is finding one that suits your needs. So how do you pick? Start by identifying what areas of your business are the most time-consuming or where you could use some extra help.

Evaluating Ease-of-Use

Your chosen real estate marketing automation software should be easy-to-use. The interface must feel intuitive enough even for those who consider themselves technologically challenged.

If possible, look out for trials or demos before committing. This will give you hands-on experience about its usability without shelling out much dough.

Pondering Over Cost-effectiveness

Your budget plays an essential role when selecting an automation tool too. Compare features against pricing structures and find solutions providing bang-for-your-buck value.

Bear in mind though, cost-effective doesn't always mean cheap; sometimes paying up front can save lots down the line.

Weighing Integration Capabilities

A top-notch marketing automation tool should integrate seamlessly with existing systems such as CRM platforms or email service providers - making data transfer between applications smooth without needing manual intervention. Zapier, known as "the glue of the internet," might be worth considering if integration capabilities tickle your fancy.

Tailoring Tools To Suit Real Estate Business Goals

Choosing irrelevant tools won't serve a purpose either, so ensure they align well with specific goals set forth within the context of running successful realty operations.


Navigating the intricacies of the real estate industry has never been more demanding, with emails, social media management, and follow-ups vying for your attention. The overwhelming nature of these tasks can hinder your progress, but the dawn of real estate marketing automation offers a transformative solution. By embracing automation, what once consumed hours can now be accomplished in mere minutes. This blog has explored the vast landscape of real estate automation, from building a sterling reputation to streamlining lead generation, and from mastering timely responses to crafting personalized client experiences. The key takeaway: Automation empowers you to refocus your energies on nurturing relationships and strategic growth.

The world of real estate marketing automation is a realm of untapped potential. It's a realm where overwhelming tasks are tamed, and relationships are enriched. You can wield the power of technology to harness growth, build trust, and revolutionize your operations. As you embrace automation, you're not merely closing deals – you're opening doors to a future where your business thrives, clients are delighted, and your journey in real estate reaches new heights. Welcome to the era of real estate automation – your gateway to unlimited possibilities.

Ready to dive into the opportunities that automation has to offer? We have the perfect tools for you! With the Marketing Club, it's never been easier to implement an effective marketing strategy that builds authority, grows your local influence, and keeps your pipeline filled with leads. Membership includes AI integrations, marketing automation, customizable content, and more!

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