Real Estate Entrepreneurship

How’s the Real Estate Market? with Mike Simonson

This week Chris and Garry are joined by Mike Simonson, founder and president of Altos Research, to discuss the current state of the real estate market. They'll touch on topics such as fears

How Can Real Estate Agents Survive a Recession?

In our latest YouTube video, Chris and Garry share their experiences navigating past recessions and real estate down turns. Watch the video for tips, advice, and insights from a couple exper

5 Skills Every New Agent Needs to Kick Start Their Career

A new agent isn’t just an individual with a real estate license still hot off the printer… a ‘new agent’ is any agent who’s been in the business less than year, has zero sales or e

5 Traditional Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies with a Modern Twist

If you sell real estate, you already know lead generation is a top priority. But knowing what lead generation strategies actually work, and which ones are a waste of time can be frustrating.

Add Life to Your Instagram Stories

Last week we talked a little about what Instagram Stories are and why they’re important for marketing on Instagram. If you’ll recall the numbers from last week;There are 800 million

Instagram Stories Made Easy

If you’ve been following along with our blog posts this year then you’ve probably noticed a theme by now: Instagram. As one of the biggest and fastest growing social media platforms

How to Stay Consistent on Instagram

As important as social media is, it’s also time consuming...It takes time to find the right content to post,  the right caption to post, and to create the right hashtags and tags(chec

Today’s the Day! Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy Is Open!

Today’s the Day! Enroll Now for the Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy Watch the video or scroll below for all the details on the course! This week, we’ve been talking abou

Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy: Evaluating Markets and Opportunities for the Best Returns

Evaluating Markets and Opportunities for the Best Returns As we build up to the launch of Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy… Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect

Coming Soon: The Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy

Are You Ready to Transform your Real Estate Practice into a Real Estate Business? Introducing the Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy… A six-week guided study for real estate entr

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