March 19th 2024

What the Commission Lawsuit Settlement Means – And How to Prepare

The headlines around the proposed NAR lawsuit settlement are pretty dramatic, so it’s no wonder we’re seeing so much fear and confusion among real estate professionals.

There are very practical things you can do now to prepare for the new rules. And if you’re an agent who cares about serving your clients and cares about professionalism, there could even be opportunity in this.

In this episode of the Chris and Garry Show, we break down the settlement, what it means, and what practical things you can do now to prepare. 


  1. Excellent advise and informative
    Thank You!

  2. Well done.

  3. Thank you for all the great info!

  4. Best explanation and way to handle that I have seen yet.

  5. So we have many programs to help the buyer purchase a home--they are the ones putting forth all the money. The seller is GETTING all the money, but hey! ...let's make it more difficult for the little guy to purchase a home. I work with the little guy and this makes me very, very sad. Who in the world (beside the ones making the big money) thought this was a good idea??? It is NOT! Sorry, but it really hurts those who have been saving for years to purchase a home of their own. I have never steered a buyer away from a home offering a lesser commission, but now you're saying I, as a realtor, am not trustworthy. Deal with those who break this ethic and not with all of us. Hate this...

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