July 27th 2023

Generating Real Estate Leads with Kyle Strohschein

Let's face it, all your skills as a real estate agent won't matter much if you don't have anyone to buy or sell houses. Generating real estate leads can seem tedious or not worth the time and effort for the results you're getting. In this episode, Chris is joined by Kyle Strohschein, VP of Marketing at the Paperless Agent, to share five different lead types you can pursue as well as low cost, low effort campaigns you can run to generate even more leads.

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Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies for Success

Mastering real estate lead generation strategies can feel like an uphill battle.

Let's face it, the real estate industry is competitive and standing out isn't easy.

You may have tried different tactics, but nothing seems to stick. It's frustrating!

The difference between a struggling agent and a successful one often boils down to their approach towards real estate lead generation strategies.

Sure, generating leads in real estate can be challenging. Tales of agents spending countless hours chasing unqualified leads are all too common. It’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel!

I get it! But here's some truth…

Without effective strategies for lead generation, your growth potential remains untapped.

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Understanding Different Types of Real Estate Leads

In the real estate business, leads come in all sorts of forms and sizes. Each type presents its own unique opportunities and challenges for lead generation.

Prospective Leads: High Quality but Require Immediate Action

The prospective lead is a potential client who has expressed interest in buying or selling property. They are high-quality leads because they have shown an active desire to engage with your services.

But here's the kicker - these prospects need immediate action from you as their agent. If not acted upon promptly, these hot prospects may cool off or move on to another more responsive agent.

Paid Leads from Online Ads: Requires Extensive Follow-up

Paid leads often originate from online advertising platforms such as those found across social media networks and search engines. While it can be easy enough to generate real estate leads this way, remember that their quality varies greatly - some might be gold mines while others could turn out duds.

This means persistent follow-ups are usually required for nurturing these potential clients until they're ready to make a decision about buying or selling property. It's crucial to both build trust and ensure your brand stays top-of-mind when they finally decide to take action.

Passive Referrals & Repeat Clients: Low Cost yet Effective

An overlooked source of generating real estate leads comes from passive referrals and repeat clients, i.e., individuals who are referred by someone else or have used your services before. This category offers low-cost opportunities since they don't require marketing efforts; instead, excellent service delivery does all the work.

Maintaining strong relationships with past clients ensures they remember to ask for recommendations, which happens quite frequently within the industry.

Marketing Generated Leads: High Effort but Low Cost

Your marketing strategies can create numerous valuable leads if done right. Whether through engaging campaigns, SEO-optimized content, blogs, events, etc., investing time in well-planned initiatives can yield fruitful results over relatively low costs compared to paid ads. It requires patience, though, as it takes longer than simply purchasing contacts from an ad platform. The leads generated through marketing efforts tend to be higher quality overall due to the self-initiated interaction initially.

Blended Approach: A Combination of Methods

To maximize success, consider adopting a blended strategy where the methods above are combined effectively to cater to a diverse range of needs in your target audience. For instance, using Google AdWords alongside organic search engine optimization (SEO) can help attract short-term buyers looking for quick solutions and long-term ones seeking detailed information, respectively. Balancing these approaches allows for flexibility to adjust according to current market conditions, maintaining a steady flow of incoming potentials throughout the year, thereby securing sustainable growth for your business in the long run.

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The Importance of Lead Follow-Up in Real Estate

Lead follow-up is a game-changer in the real estate business. It's not about whether your lead was paid or referral-based, but how you nurture these potential clients into actual sales.

You're not just selling dwellings; you're facilitating desires to become realities. And that requires consistent communication and trust-building with every interaction.

Why Consistent Communication Matters in Lead Conversion

In the bustling world of real estate, standing out from other agents takes more than showcasing attractive properties. It's all about forging strong relationships with leads through constant communication.

Maintaining regular contact keeps you top-of-mind among prospects and demonstrates your dedication to their needs. This approach also allows room for sharing insights on market trends or specific property details, showcasing your expertise while building credibility at the same time.

This method doesn't merely sustain interest; instead, it cultivates trust between prospective buyers and yourself–a key factor when they decide who will guide them towards their dream home purchase. Successful conversions often hinge upon an agent's ability to manage this aspect effectively.

Building Trust Through Regular Interaction

Frequent interactions play a crucial role in establishing credibility amongst leads. By being readily available to answer queries and address concerns, confidence builds up within potential buyers, making them more likely to choose you over competitors who are less responsive.

Beyond mere availability though, each interaction should offer personalized advice based on the client's unique circumstances, allowing them to see firsthand how much value working with you brings.

The aim here isn't simply staying visible; rather, it's demonstrating why choosing someone else would mean settling for less.

Remember: Your goal isn't just making one-off transactions; it's cultivating lasting relationships where clients feel valued enough to return time and again whenever they need help navigating the complexities of buying and selling homes.

By focusing on building such connections, the chances of repeat business increase significantly, creating reliable revenue streams and a long-term growth strategy.

Strategies for Generating More Real Estate Leads

The real estate industry is a battlefield, and the weapon of choice? Lead generation. And not just any leads - quality ones that convert into successful transactions.

So how do you get your hands on these golden tickets to business growth? Well, there are various accessible approaches that won't strain your wallet or use up all your energy. Let's explore two such methods: Google Search Ads and targeting expired listings.

Using Google Search Ads for Greater Visibility

Google Search Ads is one of the secret weapons in lead generation warfare. These ads can catapult your real estate offerings right up to where they belong – top-of-mind among potential clients actively searching online.

To make sure this strategy hits its mark every single time, it's crucial to pick out keywords. The more relevant they are (think 'real estate', 'homes for sale', etc.), the better chance you have of attracting clicks from genuinely interested parties who might become future customers.

Aim further by utilizing Google's advanced targeting features; narrowing down demographics or geographical areas ensures only people looking within specific market niches see what you're offering - increasing chances of conversion significantly.

Targeting Expired Listings as Potential Opportunities

Moving onto another underutilized strategy - expired listings. You know them - the properties listed once upon a time but didn't sell before their contract ended with other agents?

In our industry, each expired listing represents a great opportunity for proactive agents. We have the chance to approach homeowners who may be frustrated by their previous failed attempts at selling and offer them a fresh perspective. When we come in and show them why we are different from their previous agents, we ultimately ensure success this time around.

To capture the attention of these disillusioned sellers, it is crucial to craft a persuasive pitch. We need to outline exactly why our approach will yield better results than what they experienced before. By offering comprehensive marketing plans and demonstrating our expertise in the local market, we can convince these homeowners that giving it another shot with us is worth it.

Maximizing Value From Existing Contacts

Rather than perpetually pursuing new prospects, consider the potential of your existing contacts in real estate. But what if I told you there's an untapped goldmine sitting right in your contact list? Your existing relationships can often yield as much value as fresh contacts.

Leveraging Your Contact List to Generate New Business

The question is: How do we extract this hidden treasure from our current connections?

A good starting point would be integrating paid leads with regular contacts in your follow-up flow. This way, no potential lead falls through the cracks and chances for conversion are maximized.

Your contact list might contain past clients contemplating another property purchase or referrals waiting on standby. It could also include individuals keen on investing but unsure about taking that first step. The trick lies in leveraging these assets effectively.

You can begin by segmenting your database based on various parameters such as relationship type (past client vs referral), interest level (actively searching vs just browsing), and their needs (buying vs selling). Tailoring communication according to these segments ensures better engagement rates, which ultimately translates into higher conversions.

Maintaining Relationships Beyond Transactions

But let's not stop at immediate transactions. There exists yet another dimension worth exploring - nurturing relationships post-sale.

This isn't rocket science; rather, it involves simple gestures like sending relevant market updates via email newsletters, inviting them over for exclusive events like open houses, or simply touching base every now and then asking how they're enjoying their property. These small actions go a long way towards building loyalty among clientele, thereby fueling sustained growth for practice.

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Understanding the different types of real estate leads is a game-changer. From prospective and paid leads to passive referrals, marketing generated, and blended ones - each requires its own unique approach.

The power of consistent follow-up can't be underestimated in any lead type. It's all about building trust through regular interaction.

Diversifying your strategies for generating more real estate leads is key. Google search ads or focusing on expired listings could open new doors for you.

Your existing contacts are gold mines waiting to be tapped into. Leveraging them effectively can bring in fresh business opportunities without having to chase after new deals constantly.

And finally, shifting focus from deal chasing to asset creation within your practice ensures long-term success and sustainability in the competitive world of real estate.

If you're ready to elevate your game with these real estate lead generation strategies, it's time you consider Paperless Agent as your ally! We aim at empowering agents like you with technology, marketing skills, and training that will help grow businesses exponentially while selling more homes efficiently. Get started today!

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