Social Media is the fastest growing conglomeration to date. Boasting the largest community in history as of 2022, with 10 new users joining every single second!

So how can we, as real estate professionals, harness the power of social media for our own business? This comes down to one major thing: getting followers.

The more followers you have, the more opportunities you have for leads and listings.

Start growing your followers with these 10 strategies: 

  1. Connect with all of your contacts 

    Connect all of your contacts from your phone to your social media easily by syncing them all to your social media accounts. 
  • Go to Settings on your profile
  • Tap Account > then contact syncing
  • Tap next to connect your contacts and turn on contact syncing

  1. Post more Videos and Reels

    Video provides the most exposure and engagement when it comes to social media. You can get in front of 100s of people at their own convenience, all while building trust and growing your followers.  

    Need help with your social media posts? Check out this checklist for your real estate social posts.

  1. Comment on & engage on other peoples posts

    One of the easiest ways to grow your following is to engage with more people! Go to the explore tab on Instagram and spend 20 minutes a day liking, following and commenting on other posts that interest you! 

  1. Use hashtags relevant to your market and niche

    Hashtags help you show up in front of more people, using hashtags relevant to your market and niche will help you get in front of the right people.
    Example niche and market hashtags to use: #austinhomesforsale #veteranhomesales

  2. Tag local businesses/pages in your posts/stories for extra exposure

    Took a client to lunch? Share it on Instagram stories and tag the restaurant! Found a great local coffee shop? Post a photo of your order and tag the coffee shop! Local businesses are always looking for more exposure and in turn, most will share your posts and stories to their own channels for YOUR exposure.

  3. Run a small giveaway with a local business

    Partner with a local business and run a small giveaway to grow BOTH of your followings. Offer a free gift card, product or service in exchange for likes, follows and comments.

  4. Run boosted posts on your social videos

    Boost your social videos by following Dennis Yu’s Dollar a Day strategy.

  5. Share your IG & FB handles when meeting new people

    The easiest way to grow your following? Sharing your accounts with more people! Don’t be afraid to share your handles when meeting new people and ask them to connect with you.
  6. Add your social media handles to your email signature

    Take 3 minutes out of your day today and add your social media handles to your email signature. You'll be shocked at how many people you are in contact with either don't know you have social media or just couldn't find you! Plus, this strategy will keep working with every new email contact you add.

  7. Stay consistent

    Remain consistent across all your social platforms by keeping a content calendar and posting at least once a week.

    Need help planning social media content? Download our free Real Estate Marketing Calendar for Listing & Leads.

10 Ways to Grow Your Social Following

Use these tips and strategies to grow your social following and get the most out of your real estate social media posts. The more followers you have the more opportunity for leads and listings directly from your database. Come back to this list often to make sure you're doing what's necessary to grow your following. 

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