August 6th 2017

Coming Soon: The Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy

Are You Ready to Transform your Real Estate Practice into a Real Estate Business?

Introducing the Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy… A six-week guided study for real estate entrepreneur’s and owners looking to breakthrough to the next level of production

In real estate, there are generally two types of professionals.

The first is the Real Estate Practitioner. The Real Estate Practitioner looks for skills and training that makes them a better real estate professional and helps them better serve their home buyers and sellers.

The second is the Real Estate Entrepreneur. The Real Estate Entrepreneur sees him or herself as a business owner, and is looking for education, new skills, and better business development practices to help them create a much more profitable and bountiful business.

The difference comes down to mindset. Garry Wise, who is co-founder of The Paperless Agent, a Real Estate Tech Startup Advisor, and a Real Estate Investor, is your quintessential Real Estate Entrepreneur. He’s constantly on the lookout for ways to build efficiencies in order to grow his business and make it more profitable.

If those are the kind of skills you would like to learn, we have a huge announcement.

We’ve created a new 6-week LIVE program called: The Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy! 

Here’s how our LIVE, guided-study courses work: Our instructors, Garry Wise and Chris Scott, will take you through a 6-week syllabus.

Each week, you and your classmates will work through the specified training content, and then attend a Live Office Hours where either Garry or Chris will discuss the training content, answer questions, and introduce you to the assignments and discussions for the week.

You’ll be responsible for completing the weekly training, assignment, and discussion posts, as well as commenting and leaving feedback on your peers submissions.

By the end of the 6-weeks, you’ll have mastered new skills AND created real assets for your business.

Interested? Then take a look at the syllabus for the course below. Let us know what you think and what other skills you would like to see us cover!

The Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Academy: LIVE course begins August 21st and runs through October 1st.

Registration opens later this week, so stay tuned!


  1. I think the elements that will be presented in the 6 weeks covers all the basics I would like to see and would be a ton of information anything else might be a over load.

    • Thanks Ramona!
      Garry and I look forward to working with you in the class!

  2. This sounds like a very targeted and deliberate. Sound thing I need right now. I have lost focus and downgraded my ability by selling a flat fee approach. What I ended up with was more clients that didn' appreciate what I was doing for them. I worked harder than when I was charging 7% for my services and co-oping 4% to the buyer side. I look forward to getting started.

    • John, often Garry and I will test new business models or pricing strategies or markets to determine if it's something we should pursue or something to not do. Sometimes trial and error is an effective way to figure out what we should do next. I'm excited to work with you in this class to design new value and points of attraction. The flat fee approach is one potential point of attraction, but it sounds like it's time for you to design something new that will better serve your business dynamics. I'm excited to have you in this class because I know you'll be a great contributor to all of us in it. Thanks!

  3. Don't shoot me for asking this - I am a newbie in RE but I have owned other companies. I have friends just starting to work with Tom Ferry and some Ninja consulting - I think you two are great. How do you differ from at least Tom Ferry? Is it more 1:1 training and mentoring? Content? Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi PJ!

      Our new program differs in many ways from coaching or consulting programs... here are some of the big differences:

      * Format - Real Estate Entrepreneur's Academy is a 6-week guided study. Garry and I will be your instructors helping you work through the course assignments. Everything is done online. The program is modeled after the format used at universities for their graduate-level programs. Each week, you'll have assignments to work on. We meet as a group, online once week to discuss what you're working on and to connect with your peers. Garry and I are available for questions to help you complete your assignments, all of which are designed to achieve the course's objectives.

      * Content - You've probably noticed all of the content we share is comprised of either skills or knowledge. This makes our programs very tactical. You'll find many real world examples of what we are doing in our own real estate business. There's lots of homework during the 6 weeks, but at the end of the class, you'll find everything you worked on was practical and useful in your day-to-day business. Our goal in all of our programs and products is to make it easier to implement principles and practices we've found to be successful in our real estate businesses.

      Collaboration - During the 6 weeks of Real Estate Entrepreneur's Academy, you'll be connecting with your peers. All of whom are like-minded individuals who want to grow their real estate businesses. Each week, part of your assignments is to discuss questions and respond to your peers. This is all done in an online forum format, giving you flexibility, but also requiring you to think about what you post and to develop a strong connection with your peers. You'll likely learn just as much from interacting your peers and you will from Garry or myself.

      Hope that helps to clarify how Real Estate Entrepreneur's Academy is different from other programs. Thanks!


    • Wow - nice, thoughtful response! I'm signing up tonight. Hoping to see (meet) Garry when he talks next week in FL for the FL Realtors Convention:-) PJ

  4. This is just what I'm looking for. Thanks. What's the investment?

    • Hi Mark, at first we thought of pricing the program at $1997. But after running it past some of our members, we realized we needed to the make the program more affordable. So we tweaked the format so that we could offer it to more of clients. We are now going to offer Real Estate Entrepreneur's Academy for $500. We are also looking at a payment plan option. More details to follow!

  5. I am just excited to better myself as a realtor. Hope I can learn all this.. Its a lot of learning, but I guess
    I have to go over the materials more than some

    • Hi Cindy! Be prepared to learn A LOT! But not to worry, we've structured the program to use best practices for improving performance by getting as much time working on projects and assignments, as well as connected and discussing strategies with your peers... instead of just watching videos or reading articles.


  6. Sign me up for the course

  7. when is the registration. Would love to have our office be part of this program.

    • Rey, the course starts on August 21. We will be opening up registration and send out links in the next day or two. Thanks!


  8. I have been a student for many years. Gary and Chris keep up with the latest and have a simple way of talking about complicated issues. They have helped me double the business I can do. Looking forward to actually getting some of the things done and doubling it again. I continue to be lost on FB. In my area things sell so quickly. Differentiation is key to getting listings and keeping buyers (the ones you want!).

    • Noreen, thank you for your kind words. We appreciate your support!

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