What is the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program?
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Whatever Your 2021 Goals Are...
More Listings, More Commissions, More Time Off... Get The Daily Action Steps, Training, and Resources You Need to Achieve Them!

Get It for Just $21
When You Join the Marketing Club Today!*

*First month of Marketing Club membership discounted to $21, then $67/mo after. No commitment. Cancel anytime. 

21-Day Goal Acceleration Challenge includes...

  • A 21-Day Action Plan to reach your goals in 2021
  • Tools to measure & multiply your income  
  • Support & accountability to stay on track  
Join Now for Just $21!

What is the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program?

21-Day Action Plan to Achieve Your 2021 Goals

You'll use proven methods to set your career goals, design your business plans and gain massive traction on accomplishing those goals.

Daily Activities & Resources

When trying to set and accomplish any goal, the biggest hurdle is often, "What do I do next?" You'll get daily activities and resources so you know exactly what to do to make progress on your goals!

Support and Accountability to Stay on Track

You'll go through the 21-day program with other Marketing Club members. Use the community to keep you motivated and on track! 

You've Got 2021 Business Goals... Let Us Help You Achieve Them!

What do you want to accomplish in 2021? Do you want more listings? To earn more? More free time? Whatever your goals are, you need to actively start taking steps towards them now if you want achieve them. 

That's why we're hosting the 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program for Marketing Club members! This program uses proven methods for setting career goals, designing a business plan, and gaining massive traction towards accomplishing your 2021 goals.

Over the 21 day period, you’ll get daily action steps, training, and resources designed to set your business up for success and drive it towards your goals for the new year. 

You’ll also get support and accountability through group discussions with our network of like-minded agents and brokers!

To get started, all you need to do is join our Marketing Club. For a limited time, the first month is just $21 (then just $67/mo after)... That's less than a $1 a day to achieve massive success in 2021!

More About The Paperless Agent

The 21-Day Goal Acceleration Program is brought to you by The Paperless Agent's Chris Scott and Garry Creath.  

Garry is a Listing Expert Agent, and he has been in the real estate industry since 1974. At the height of his career–when he focused on selling real estate full-time–Garry went on an average of six listing appointments per week while carrying 50+ listings at a time.  

Chris has more than a decade of experience in marketing, specifically in the real estate space, working with such giants as Brian Buffini!

Together, they are the source of what's working now in real estate through The Paperless Agent's Marketing Club. From marketing to sales, Marketing Club members get the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses in today's market!