This Just In, REDM™ Revealed!

We started the fight to change our industry for the better when we originally launched the Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM™) certification in January of 2016. 

Since then, more than 1,500 agents have joined the cause and earned their REDM certifications, but a lot has changed since we first launched this course...

First, the forces against our profession have gotten more intense.

Second, digital marketing has completely evolved as a result of changes in consumer behavior.

In response to these changes, we’ve completely updated the REDM certification.

The newly overhauled REDM certification is designed to...

  • Give you the digital marketing skills needed to creatively promote real estate.
  • Get you recognition and accreditation for your marketing knowledge and skills.
  • Show you how to use the same practices to promote and grow your own business.

And the course does so by giving you a foundation in digital marketing skills and practices. 

If you’re interested in earning your REDM certification, I have huge news...

For our Black Friday promotion, we’re offering the new REDM™ certification course for over 50% off!!

So stay tuned! You won’t want to miss the announcement Friday morning. 


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  1. Is there a cost break for those who have gone thru the course?

    • YES! We'll be sending an email out tomorrow morning with those details ;)

  2. Any great deals for the 1,500 previously certified REDM™ REALTORS®? Asking for a friend ;-)

    • You betcha! Keep an eye on your email in the morning for a special offer ;)

  3. Thanks for this useful information

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