Major Setback in the Fight to Take Our Market Back

You need to ask yourself… What’s the major and compelling reason a seller should choose you? 

If you don’t have a strong answer, then you're at risk. 

Because of those forces trying to diminish our value, sellers often have the impression that we don’t earn our commissions… That we just get an “easy” payday… 

So sellers will choose the agent who does the best job of showing they are different. And some sellers will just look for who will discount their commission the most. 

You have to actively promote your value and what sets you apart, and do so in terms that matter to sellers...

Why should a seller choose you? Let us know in the comments below!

We’re excited to announce that we recently completely overhauled our Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) certification to help real estate professionals accomplish exactly this: 

REDM gives you a competitive advantage and makes your stand out from the competition… while battling the market forces determined to diminish your value!

We’ll be back tomorrow with training from REDM on how to create a compelling Distinct Value Proposition (DVP)...

But in the meantime, get the latest updates on our war effort and let us know in the comments, What’s the major reason a seller should choose you over other agents? 


Today, there are more forces than ever before actively trying to take away your share of the real estate market....


  1. I am uniquely qualified to list your home because I utilize my 30 years of experience as a licensed Architect and problem solver in the construction industry. I can advise you as to what you should address prior to marketing your home to avoid unnecessary Buyer concerns and home inspection issues.
    I also use call upon my Architectural experience to help address Buyer questions or concerns on inspection issues, future renovation ideas and feasibility thereof. I offer a level of knowledge and added value unique to my experience and background.
    Thank You

  2. Yes this is very exciting, I am in!

  3. Love your graphics! What video editing program are you using?

  4. Very interesting topic, looking forward to the next step.

  5. I am not, and have never been, a member of REDM. Will you be opening it to additional members soon?

    • Yes! We'll have more updates about that tomorrow and Wednesday!

  6. I am relatively new to Paperless Agent and love all the tools that you have. I am open to learning more and to fighting the good fight!

    • Awesome! Stay tuned, as we have more news updates coming this week!

  7. Definitely

  8. I am the only agent in my city with a team. Between my 21+ years of experience, a full time marketing coordinator plus a licensed assistant for follow up and communications, we have a larger pool of ideas, resources and skill sets to get your home sold faster and for top dollar.

  9. Seller: Why should I choose you?
    Me: I don't know your thoughts behind why you should choose me? But what I do know is that I would really like to get to know you! I would love it if you would walk me through your house and tell my what makes it special? Why do you want to sell? Where are you going? When do you need to be there? Why should you choose me, because I want to help you get there and when you ready to hand over the ropes, I will be here making sure I hear you, I understand your property, and get you where you want to be when you want to be there...

  10. Would like to learn more...

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