6 Elements of a Credibility-Magnifying Blog Post

At The Paperless Agent, we preach the power of posting authoritative blog posts. You can click here to find out why they are so important. 

But essentially, authoritative blog posts position you as a market expert. And in our industry, positioning is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. 

If the three most important aspects of real estate are location, location and location, then the three most important aspects of your marketing are position, position, and position. 

So, what must you include in a good blog post? 

We talked about that in our Marketing Club member-exclusive training, Deep Dive into Client Best Marketing Practices.

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If you haven’t yet joined the Marketing Club, here’s a quick recap. We’ve identified six elements of a credibility-magnifying blog post…

  1. You must reference or quote solid sources: third-party experts like economists, famous people, respected media sources, industry leaders, and maybe even politicians. This shows you study the industry and do your homework, and it makes your blog more believable and credible. This way your readers know that you’re not just giving your own opinion, you’re stating facts. 

  1. The post must be real estate-related. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s tempting, especially when you’re out of ideas, to drift away from this theme. But your goal is to be known as a credible real estate expert, so your blog posts must prove that you have something of substance to say about real estate!

  1. The information must be customized to your market as much as possible. You not only want to be positioned as a real estate expert, you want to be positioned as THE real estate expert for YOUR market. 

  1. It must be at least 1000 words, preferably even more. This is to set it apart from a tweet or a Facebook post or other flimsy social media content. People don’t associate shorter content like that as “expert analysis.” More words = greater credibility. 

  1. It must have a reader-friendly call to action. You have their attention, so now is the best time to ask them to DO something. What next step would you like them to take? Don’t forget to ask them.  

  1. It must be formatted to be reusable on many platforms. This is common sense. You don’t want to have to rewrite the post for every different platform. Write it once, use it many times. 

If you include these six elements, you’ll position yourself as one of the top 1% of real estate agents…because 99% will think this is too hard and too time-consuming. 

It’s worth it. 

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