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Top 3 Listing Scripts for 2020

How many real estate listing appointments have you been on in the past month? How many did you close?

For most of us, it’s crucial that we nail each and every listing appointment we get.

At Creath Partners, our associated brokerage, co-owner and listing expert agent, Garry Creath, used to go on a listing appointment every day, six days per week. He and his business partner maintained between 50 and 75 active listings at any given time.

During that time, Garry perfected the scripts he used through continuous testing and improvement. And now, he’s revealing exactly what he said to win those new listings, over and over again!

Out of all of Garry’s scripts, we picked the top 3 to share with all of you (plus a special bonus).

 Script 1: Closing the Deal 

At the end of the listing appointment is where a lot of Agents start to fall off of…

It’s not enough to just have a killer listing presentation, you also need to closing script that leaves your prospective clients with the memory of how competent you are and exactly how you’ll sell their home. 

This script provides exactly what to say AFTER the listing appointment when it’s time to make the agreement and get your prospective client to sign on the dotted line.

For what to do DURING the listing appointment, check out our blog post on Your 2020 Listing Presentation.  

PRO TIP: Use the information from this blog in conjunction with what we gave you in the blog “Your 2020 Listing Presentation” and really SHINE on your next listing appointment! 

Script 2: Expired Listing 

As real estate agents, we are often taught to reach out to expired listings in the MLS as a way to prospect for clients.

You may have even been given this script in the past, “Hey I saw that your home is no longer available for sale. I have a buyer who may be interested and I’d like to come by and preview it.”

Perhaps you didn’t really have a buyer, but were told this was a good way to get your foot in the door. However, in many cases, the seller has already gotten calls from 10 other Realtors claiming the exact same thing.

Instead of starting out with the same boring gimmick other Realtors use, Garry uses a different approach. 

PRO TIP: Interested in expired listings being part of your specialty? Check out our blog post “Scripts and Templates to Turn Expired Listing Leads Into Clients” and download our free report, “How to Turn Expired Listings into Clients”.

Script 3: Discounting Commission

In any marketplace, if consumers believe that everything is exactly the same (i.e. a commodity) they choose what they are going to buy—or who they are going to work with—based on price. If all real estate agents are the same, they’re going to hire the one who discounts their commission the most.

As a professional, we never want to be in a position where we are forced to give up our hard-earned commission to win a new listing. That’s why it’s so important for us to compete on value rather than price. We need to create a story for our clients to illustrate how we are different from the competition, and how those differences will benefit them.

In fact, don’t leave it to chance and have only ONE thing that differentiates you. Differentiate yourself at every step (even with how you say “No” to discounting your commission) so that the customer will remember you for everything that is different.

PRO TIP: Make sure to do your homework (and the math) before-hand so you’re able to answer any questions they throw at you. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, it’s always better to have it on hand than to be stuck trying to get out your calculator during your appointment! 

Bonus Script: Online Contact

How many times have you gotten the message (or a variation of), “I’m just looking for information, but I’m not ready to make any moves quite yet”...?

Two of the absolutely worst ways to handle this situation (yet, unfortunately, two of the most common) are to: 

  1. Overwhelm the prospective buyer by moving too fast or trying to pressure them into meeting before they are ready. This can turn them off to you as a realtor completely before they’re even ready to make a decision. 

  2. Ignore the prospect completely, or send a one-off message of “When you’re ready I’ll be here”, without any other information or help. 

Instead of scaring them off, or ignoring them completely, give them some information they can use and a reason to come back to you. 

Garry likes to offer his Buyer Direct Program and then obtains the prospects email address to add to his database and make sure they get the information they need. 

PRO TIP: Setup your social media direct messaging to be automatically respond to messages so that you’re not constantly tied to your phone or computer. 

Now that you know exactly what to say, you’ll be armed with the perfect response to any situation. 

If you’re interested in more tools, scripts, and strategies to help you with your real estate business you’ll want to tune-in to our next FREE webinar training! 

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