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Exclusive: Get Access To Our High-Performing “Agent Action Plan” It’s Tested, Proven, and Consistently Delivers Results Every Day…  

The “$3 Million Dollar Month Action Plan” She Used These 5 Simple Steps to Grow from $3MM per Year… To $3MM per MONTH In Real Estate Sales… ...And I Know Other Agents Are Using Them To Double and Triple Their Listing Leads, Too…” 

Now YOU can get the exact steps, process, and tools to do the same. Yes, we’re serious. No, this is not hype. Repeating these steps every month for 90 days, consistently, is a tested and proven way to attract buyer and seller leads who want you as their agent. 

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This Training Takes Place Thursday, September 26th 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM Eastern  


Meet the Experts – Chris and Garry 

During this free training, Chris and Garry will share everything they know about effective real estate marketing. You’re going to love the tested and proven marketing templates they’ll give you. 

Chris Scott President The Paperless Agent 

  • Digital marketing expert.
  • Head of consumer marketing for Brian Buffini for 11 years.
  • Ran sales and marketing for 2-time Inc. 500 company.
  • Generating over 5,000 leads monthly.  

Garry Creath Co-founder The Paperless Agent 

  • Sales & business development expert.
  • 21-year top producing real estate sales veteran.
  • 6 listing appointments / week &
  • 50 pending or active listings at the height of his practice.  

Here’s what you’ll discover in this free training:  

This FREE live training is filled to the brim with top-performing “90-Day Agent Marketing Plan” strategies and tactics – unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  

 Here’s just a sneak-peek of what you’ll get access to:

  • No need to "reinvent the wheel" – simply repeat this plan every 90 days, without stress or hassle, and you'll keep a steady stream of Buyer and Seller leads flowing into your pipeline (frankly, we don't see how you can fail to succeed with this plan – it's proven to work, over and over again...)  
  • Discover how to come up with a never-ending stream of fresh and relevant marketing materials every week and month, and solidify your reputation as an Expert Agent...  
  • Exactly what to do the first 30 days… then the second 30 days… and the third 30 days – it’ll only take a couple hours every month to follow these steps, and you’ll never, ever run out of fresh things to say or do...  
  • Forget about complicated "tactics" that take forever and too much work – These are the most EFFECTIVE strategies and EFFICIENT use of your time – in fact, this will actually be FUN and EASY to do with simple apps and tools that do the heavy lifting for you...  
  • Completely "Phone Call Free" lead generation – no need to pick up the phone, ever (unless you really, really want to, or find it easy to receive phone calls from people who are ready, willing, and able to work with you...)  
  • Use these effortless 1-minute video strategies that we show you to look and feel like a natural on camera and like a pro agent– even if you've never made a video or consider yourself to be "camera shy"...  
  • The “Instant Expert” video that will help you get a crazy amount of EXPOSURE in your local real estate market, build heaping amounts of TRUST in a short amount of time and turn your network of relationships into a tribe of word-of-mouth FANS...  
  • How to use a “Walking Tour” video that presents a home in the best way possible and makes sure YOU come across as likable, trustworthy, and a true expert…  
  • Leverage the "FB on just $1 Day" strategies to get instant recognition as an "Expert" in your market – This will attract people who are in the market to buy or sell to you like a magnet...  
  • The easy tactics any (newbie or experienced) agent can use to stand out in the minds of prospects, stay "Top-Of-Mind", WOW your sellers, grow your local presence, and look better than the competition…  
  • It has never been easier to build a "Word of Mouth" reputation when you follow these simple steps – People will get to know, like & trust you before you even meet...  
  • Never worry about what to say or write with the templates, scripts, and outlines that will make creating ANY kind of marketing simple, quick, and fun...  
  • The easy way to create a "Sphere of Influence" and then using that same influence to enlist an "Army of Advocates" online, who give you rave reviews and testimonials (unprompted!)  
  • Use our email templates to "activate" prospects into clients – As strange as it might sound, it's really like "flipping a switch" in their mind (it's 100% ethical and in the best interest of your prospects!)  

For a full 60 minutes, you’ll discover everything you need to win more listings with our “90-Day Agent Marketing Plan” – so you can collect bigger commissions.

 This training is FREE and you’ll get a BONUS 30 minutes of live Q&& at the end.  

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