June 3ND 2019

Pre-Listing System Used By Listing Expert Agents

A key difference for many top listing agents is a well-designed process to prepare for a listing appointment and stand out from their competition. Garry Creath and Chris Scott have designed a Pre-Listing System to ensure they are in the strongest position when Garry walks through the door for each appointment. In this Pre-Listing System, we use 3 important tools:

  • The Initial Consultation
  • Client Welcome Kit
  • Property Marketing Plan

Let's examine each of these tools more closely.

1. The Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation prepares you for the appointment and provides you with the information necessary to give a personalized appointment based on the clients’ needs, wants, desires, fears, and concerns. The Initial Consultation also applies the time-spent principle, which states a customer is more likely to only hire with the 1 person who spends the most amount of time with them.

The Initial Consultation, when completed skillfully, shows the client we are listening to them and what they say, how they feel, and what they want is the most important thing to me. Once the initial consultation is completed and the listing appointment is scheduled, it is critical to follow-up on with the Client Welcome Kit and Property Marketing Plan.

2. Client Welcome Kit

The Client Welcome Kit is designed to introduce the client to all the expertise, videos, education, and services we provide our clients. In our experience, clients do not understand all that goes in to marketing and selling a house. This document clearly outlines what we do that differentiates us from our competition, puts the clients’ needs first, and how well we perform when marketing and selling homes (with detailed description of HOW we go about doing it). This tool doubles up as a referral tool... making it easy for clients to refer you to people they know.

3. Property Marketing Plan

As a final preparation for the listing appointment, educate your client on what you plan to do to market and sell their home. In our detailed property marketing plan, we clearly outline EVERY action and tactic we perform as part of our marketing strategy.

We have found that without sharing a detailed plan with our clients, they make assumptions of what we do and don’t do when marketing their home, which oftentimes leads to the client believing that ALL agents are the same and do the same 3 things to market a home: 1) Put a sign in the yard, 2) Put the home in the MLS, and 3) Pray that it sells! 

By providing our clients with the property marketing plan, it sets us apart as Expert Listing Agents, educates them on all of the typical AND unique strategies and tactics we use to make their home, and sets them at ease with hiring us.

Also, if you are competing with other agents for a listing, this document educates the client on how different we are and helps them judge us against our competition (when our competition does not produce a detailed marketing plan or does not discuss what they do, in great depth, it helps the client make a clear distinction of what Expert Agents do vs. the typical agent).

Now that we are better prepared for our listing appointment, it is important to show up as a Listing Expert to the appointment with a great appointment process and Listing Presentation.

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Chris Scott

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