We Want to Know: What Would You Like to See in a Sales Training / Production Plan?

We Want to Know: What Would You Like to See in a Sales Training / Production Plan?

Putting a sign in the yard after winning a listing appointment is one of THE BEST feelings.

It’s the successful culmination of a ton of work… lead generation, working your database, setting the appointment, nailing the presentation… And so much more!

I don’t know about you, but Chris and I are addicted to that feeling. And we want to spread the good feels to all of you in The Paperless Agent community by helping you accelerate your sales.

That’s why we’ve been hard at work in the studio creating a new program for everyone. It’s called the Agent Sales Accelerator Program… or as we like to call it, ASAP!

This program is all about helping you ramp up production, whether you’re a new agent or high producer.

We’ll share more details in the coming weeks, but first, we need your help… We want to know:

What would you like to see in a sales training / production plan?

What’s the biggest obstacle preventing you from reaching that next level of production? What skills do you need to generate more business? What aspects of prospecting, working your network, etc. could use improving?

Let us know in the comment section below! 

Because here’s the thing: We really want to help you get that “Just Listed” feeling more next year, and there’s still time for us to make additions to the program. We’ll look at your feedback and use it as we put the finishing touches on the course.

So leave a comment below, and we’ll have more information for everyone soon.


  1. Different creative ways to get good leads.

    • I'd like a program on Downsizing or working with seniors.

    • The comment I just wrote didn't show up right.
      Downsizing or working with seniors. How do you get them to DO SOMETHING.

    • I am a broker owner/Realtor of over 40 years and am having a tough time staying in business. I don't need to make the money I used to as a top producer but each avenue that has always (and still is) the most successful for me fizzles. Hard not to get dis heartened (Started with 3 years of surgeries, losing my house because of no income during those three years and then my husband passed of cancer (all in the past 4 years). So Although there is a reason that I lost momentum, it is still hard to take. How regain momentum?

  2. Pursuit of niche markets, Divorce, pre-foreclosure, probate.

    Please also discuss the importance of developing an avatar for the buyer of my listings and how I can target those buyers instead of the typical shotgun approach that most listing agents take to marketing their listings.

    • I like what Paul has to say about divorce. Am getting more and more of these and working with Audrey Abuan, sometimes it's good to have a male and female sit down with the sellers, especially in a divorce case. If it works good, you can get 1 sale and 2 buyers from these listings (never mind double ending). Got some strategies for target marketing these listsing?

    • Hey Abe! We already have some awesome scripts available to Club members, what are some scripts you'd be interested in?

  3. Hi Betty! That is a great topic to cover, what are some of the ways you've already been using to create leads?

  4. Chris & Garry:
    I have your template for a listing presentation; however, I already have a great listing presentation. It would be helpful to me to see your actual listing presentation. I know I can beef up mine and improve it with your suggestions. Please send me your full listing presentation. Also, do you have a pre-listing appointment presentation? Here in San Diego, the competition is fierce. Many potential sellers won't answer their phone, they just take messages and then they don't return phone calls. Aggressive real estate agents have a pre-listing presentation that they prepare and mail to prospects or leave on their doorstep. Prospects often get dozens of RE agents hounding them and so don't even like to be approached at their front door. An exceptional pre-listing presentation can break the ice.
    I would appreciate your feedback and I would really appreciate an opportunity to see your actual listing presentation.
    Kindest regards,
    Don Piro

  5. Respectful, yet strong dialogues to respond to increasing number of discount brokers, OfferPad, etc.

    • Melissa, check out this blog post on the 5 Surefire Scripts to Win Listings - Without Discounting Commissions:


  6. I joined the Paperless Agent specifically to learn how you do the listing presentation using an iPad. I even purchased a good one to be able to do this. I am at a loss to find that presentation again. Please direct me to it or send the link. I would love to see a list of the programs you use in that listing presentation, like in; first do this, then do that, have this ready to go, download this or that, etc. I am sorry, I am a senior citizen and this technology stuff is confusing for me, but I want to learn it.

  7. Give Specific steps in marketing - not just general information. Knowing vendors to turn to will also be very helpful in implementing it (postcards/greeting cards etc).
    Scripts, scripts, scripts are very important. Knowing what to say and when. Sending specific relevant information to our current database to keep yourself top of mind in real estate. Fresh prospecting ideas beyond door knocking. What steps to take on starting a print/digital PR program to attract new sellers.

  8. I am curious what you do besides online marketing. I know our team does snail mail, and events to connect with our sphere. Also what are you finding is working on Facebook right now. We are having a hard time getting people to "opt in" to something like a home valuation or free report. Also on the ads that are working what is your ad spend. Do you call expired listing? Do you use something like smart zip? If so, what is the marketing plan to get people that don't know you interested in picking up the phone to call you? We want more listings next year and we are trying to figure out how other people are doing it.

    • BTW - We use a lot of your stuff already. Your presentations, initial consultations and Facebook ads are great! If we can get them to sit down with us they usually choose us to list their home. We want more people to sit down with.

  9. I am new to the industry having my license for less than 2 months. My firm doesn't offer training as most if not all are seasoned brokers. Need help building a web presence along with generating leads. 25 years in sales.

    • Bill I highly encourage you to take ANY real estate classes you can whether through your board or even classes that different vendors offer at '"LUNCH AND LEARN" I have only been in the business 15 years but I still go to classes all the time, my very first broker told me to LEARN LEARN LEARN and to treat classes just like any other appointment, don't let anything keep you from going. Sometimes you might not get anything from a class but I usually at least come away with some little tidbit that I didn't know before or another way to look at a given situation.

    • This was part of the genesis of our program. We have been asked this by new agents and seasoned agents alike...that EVERYONE wants full sales mastery training!

  10. I have yet to see any source offer a solution for a comprehensive marketing matrix which delves into the definition and identification of lead segmentation in a market (i.e. move-ups, empty nesters, 1st time homeowners, FSBO, expires, etc) and produces a specific multi-effort approach to marketing to these segments. i.e. utilizing email, direct mail, FB, door knocking, etc. I think that creating a process to implement that effort would have a lot of value.

  11. The biggest problem we are having is getting listings to sell. I think this is probably everyone major concern. Our specific problem is that our no one in our sphere seems to want to sell at this time for multiple reasons and getting in front of enough appointments to close listings is really tough. From online advertising to door knocking nothing seems to be producing enough leads to get more than 3 appointments a month. I would like to know more about what seems to be working to get more appointments.

  12. Non-traditional offerings; something that provides more choices to the client besides FSBO and x% commission alternatives. Everyone is so hung up on "full service", yet many clients do not want the x% commission as they do not perceive the value equal to the cost. To me, full service is providing "exactly" what the client needs, not some 184 point NAR checklist of what Realtors do.

    • We do address how to communicate your level of service to the customer and showing them your value!

  13. Would like to hear your and colleagues' thoughts on database management. How do you segment? How often do you email? What is the content etc. Also, how often do you call the DB? What DB tool do you use? Do you use what your brokerage provides or use a 3rd party app? In business 4 months, 25+ years corporate sales experience.

    • Beth, in our new Agent Sales Accelerator Program (ASAP), we do cover the foundation of how build up and segment your database. To answer your question on DB Tool, we use, but have also used and recommend contactually and top producer.

  14. Loan Officer Marketing ideas and social media strategies to help develop referrals and generate business relationships with realtors, financial planners and the home buyers or home owners that would like to refi. Then cold calling, what works and what does not. I have watched a few of your webinars that seemed to be focused a little more for realtors listings. A few items would work for a LO's.

    • Good news Brian, a big part of our new program addresses exactly what you're talking about... expanding business and referrals by partnering with other businesses and professionals.

  15. What would be good strategic sales planning for a lead for a part-time agent? What is the life-cycle of a lead when I get one? How many times do I need to follow up with a lead before it does/does not become a listing or buyer? My agency does not feed us leads, we have to find them on our own, and I am not a door knocker and I have a limited advertising budget.
    I can only handle one or two clients at a time because I am heavily invested in my first career and cannot leave it yet but I looking to go full time in 2-3 years.

    • Excellent contribution to this conversation! Working on the same fundamentals that full-time agents are is absolutely pertinent to your business! We have this in there :)

  16. Getting new leads and appointments into the pipeline

  17. How to get buyer leads from loan officers - they often have orphan buyers, and I would like to get them!

    • Greg, good news, we have already included a good deal of training on building a network of referring businesses and professionals in our ASAP program. I might put a few more tips specifically for working with lenders.

  18. Your listing presentation is great, but I am an experienced broker but new to my sales area. Besides farming with the postcards, how can I get a listing appointments?

    • Cheryl, getting listing appointments seems to be the challenge we all have... we'll be sure to address this issue in our Agent Sales Accelerator Program (ASAP)!

  19. Keeping my pipeline full is my biggest problem.

  20. OMG! Gary and Chris, thank you for coming from contribution. I know a little about each item you discussed in your webinar. The operative word is a little. What I needed to learn was how to piece each marketing tool together to becaome a super star. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have signed up for your amazing monthly marketing tools. BTW can I use the blog content that you provide and post it on my web site blog page?

    • Patti, it's our pleasure! And yes, you can use the blog content we provide you your site.

  21. How to build a relationship with builders to list their spec homes. How to solicit for listings. How to successfully farm an area. How big or small should that area be. Other avenues for targeting buyers/sellers besides the standard methods.

  22. Hi Guys:
    1. low inventory. No open houses because homes sell before listing agent gives one up
    2. CCI-Continuous Competitive Improvement. Staying on top. Recurring training.
    3. Focus and Organize to win. Easy to get away from most difficult and important details

    Appreciate all you do-
    Debra Durbin

  23. 1) Lead generation using FB especially if you have just started to use FB and only have a small numbers of "friends"..
    2) When you get a lead with a phone # but when you call they don't answer but if you immediately text they will. I don't know how to work in 160 characters.
    3) Tips/Tricks to get them to respond to your email, I.e. they ask about a property, you respond and ask if they need anything else but they never respond back.

    Looking forward to this program

  24. Hello and thanks for all of the words of wisdom. I would really love shorter, more to the point presentations.

  25. We all need to be calling, calling, calling. I'd like to be trained on strong mindset, how to be consistent on a daily basis, how to tack this, what are good ratios for a conversion, what service to use to get phone numbers most importantly making those calls every day (i know this is redundant, but it is the most important), and great scripts. Talk about the different types of calling SOC, Cold Calling ie Farming circle dialing, just listed just sold. I believe Facebook, instagram and social media is an extremely passive way to get leads...not even clients. I've been following guidelines for at least one year and have not had a client from social media. I do well with paid leads, but in a seller's market, buyer leads are not my goal.

    Train us on how to set up a meeting and communicate to potential buys and sellers who want to sell their homes and either move into a larger home or downsize from their current home. Give us ideas on who the speakers would be and what are some of the dialogues an agent can use to convert these folks from learning what to do into an actual client who lists their home with you (me).

    Provide us with NEW ideas for getting actual Clients!

    • YES, Kathleen! We are going to talk about mindset, mood, and how to break through the psychological babble we have in our heads!!!

  26. Targeting buyers for higher priced listings in our area. We are oversaturated with higher value listings. Our area is a retirement destination location with low numbers of white collar jobs. Hence, we need to reach and target the potential buyers outside our local market for these higher value listing.

    • Chris covers this in his targeted online marketing strategies :)

  27. Wish to know the effectiveness of the digital "Leads" sellers like Market Leader, Homesnap, Offrs, Smart Zip, etc.
    and also would like to see Paperless Agents Scripts for FSBO's and Expired.
    ...and keep up with the good work !

  28. I am a new broker/owner with a background as a buyers agent. I am struggling to compete with the seasoned listing agents in my area? How do I standout when the field of listing agents is so crowded?

  29. A discussion around some of the potential unique marketing things/items that we can use to differentiate ourselves to stand out from the competition and help our clients recognize the value that we can bring to them when they decide to hire us. As well, I would like to see a way/system for agents to be able to track the costs of each listing.

  30. I have 'retired' from every day real estate activities but still enjoy referring clients from the past/new clients to other brokers I know. My business was centered ina second home market. Would love to see a session on Referral. Thank you for great sessions I have watched on your training.

  31. A step by step lead generator for Facebook and Instagram would be awesome.

  32. Overcoming the “new kid on the block” syndrome, with more experienced agents getting the listing instead.

    • Yup, this is what challenged me when I was just 22 years old competing against the best! And we will make sure you are equipped for the fight!

  33. 1. How to figure out good leads, what are the scripts to use? How to follow up good leads, how to convert them?
    2. How do I set my business goals and plan?
    3. How do I build the trust between my client and me?

  34. 1. How to figure out good leads, how to follow up good leads, and how to convert them? What are the scripts to use?
    2. How do I set my business goals and plan and implement it in my daily work? How to build an efficient and effective system?
    3. How do I build the trust between my client and me?

  35. How do I compete with the top producers in the luxury market who have the power of big name companies behind them plus their well-known status to win listings, compared to the smaller brokerage. Or is that inconsequential in building my own business? These agents have 10-30 listings at all times. My goal would be 5-8 listings.

    • Absolutely. We will discuss this and what your unique selling proposition (USP) is!

    • I find you two way too chatty and wordy......It is so hard to listen to you....
      I would appreciate you being more direct with tested facebook ads for sellers and buyers. Providing the content, wording and call to action.

  36. The Exact step by step process to get LOTS of ready to Sell & Buy Leads from FB, and the best way to handle the follow-ups & nurturing of those B & C leads. Top Producer & Realvolve are a bit pricey to start, can you provide some options. Other lead sources are way too expense and shared with too many agents at one time. We should all be self sustaining when it comes to lead generating, wel at least I would like to be! =))

    Looking forward to ASAP, I sure hope I don’t have to miss it, I will be very disappointed, I’ll probably cry! LOL.
    Thanks guys, for all your hard work in providing us all with so many great solutions, in our business where most agents refuse to share their knowledge! God Bless you all.

  37. I would like to see how, you take your systems from lead generation to contract to sale to after sale service with buyers and sellers

  38. 1. How to figure out good leads, how to follow up good leads, and how to convert them? What are the scripts to use?
    2. How do I set my business goals and plan and implement it in my daily work? How to build an efficient and effective system?
    3. How do I build the trust between my client and me?

  39. Cold calling reluctance is the biggest obstacle preventing me from reaching that next level of production! No amount of script practice and role play has helped me to overcome the difficulty of making that first call to a stranger who has not requested my assistance. Once contact has been made, I am confident, knowledgeable, and do not have trouble gaining, maintain and closing business. But, when I'm on the phone with a new prospect I freeze up and sound like a babbling idiot. I know that I have so much more potential if I can overcome this mental roadblock.

  40. I am also a "new Kid on the Block" in this industry but have been involved in the International relocation world as a consultant both here and overseas for many years. It would be great to have a roadmap as to getting visibility/leads and clients please! Basically = Where Do I Start?!! Thanks!

  41. After many years experience in an upscale area predominately 2nd and 3rd homes, I moved to a smaller town and more full-time residents where I know very few. I'm having great difficulty breaking in this community where there is an abundant number of well known agents. Not only is the market difficult for obtaining listings but add the fact that I am not well known or have a track record in this area. I would like some methods on attacking this problem and growing my practice. I am a Coaching Club Member and definitely appreciate all that you guys do for agents. Thanks so much!

  42. I would like to better understand other farming methods outside of Instagram and Facebook that have been successful. Also, as a new agent, how to select a "farm" where another agent(s) don't have a foothold.

  43. I'd like to know the top lead sites. Which ones are most reliable and user friendly? Thank you!

  44. Hi, I would like to know of a strategy to compete in a market which is saturated with agents, old and New, and grow my business using Facebook. Thanks.

  45. Hi, Chris and Garry! Thanks so much to you and your amazing team for all of the training and resources you provide. I am a broker/ owner of a small indie firm and am having some difficulty competing with the big boys when it comes to recruiting talent. I would love your insight on how to build my brand to attract more agents and thus help more people with their real estate needs. Right now I feel like I'm spread a bit thin trying to do it all without the necessary help.

  46. Gary and Chris,
    1. BRANDING in today's market. The things to do and not do!

    2. How to compete with Top Producers, who work at luxury big brokerages and are well-known in my Market for listings.

    3. Strategies to finding GOOD listings in the luxury market and the follow up that leads to conversion.

    4. The details and strategies with a business-plan.

    Thanks Gary and Chris, I'm looking forward to this one...
    Laura Trish

  47. CMA
    How to put together a professional CMA and good system of pricing the home before it hits the market. This is an important element that the homeowners take in consideration when deciding on what agent to list with.

  48. Would like detailed instructions on technical suggestions. i.e.
    1.- How to use Facebook to launch campaigns?
    2.- How to upload database into Facebook?
    3.- How to campaign to ONLY those in your database?
    4.- How to use Facebook to effectively get leads?
    5.- Other social media tools, Twitter, Instagram, etc. How to use them effectively

  49. As a new agent, I would like to know effective ways to build a clientele. I work in the Ft. Lauderdale area, and my broker, as well as other brokers I have spoken with, tell me the fastest/most effective way to get leads is by buying them through Zilliow (according to them, Zillow is the best outfit from which to buy these leads). Now, they have warned me that spending US $200-$400/Mo to buy leads is not effective. To make it effective, one would have to spend anywhere from US $2,500 to $3,000/Mo. Being new in the industry, I do not have that kind of money to spend on getting leads.

    Ideas that work in today's markets???????

  50. Would love an annual plan laid out to help show when and how often to contact your DB....

  51. Detailed time blocking system.
    Detailed follow-up systems for leads, appointments, post sale, etc.
    Systems to keep momentum if you get busy as an independent Agent.
    Detailed lead gen system for Social Media.

  52. very informative and precise. thank you

  53. I'd like to know what to say and how to say it. How to handle objections better. I'd like an accountability partner whose goals are the same. I'd like to be more consistent. Creative marketing. Help with social media posts.

  54. I would like to see some of these techniques that Gary always talks about "Master Salesperson Skills" Gary is calm and collected always ready with the right answer for every question. I think that's great but as a fairly new agent I simply don't have the capitol to take a master sales person training class. I see my broker going off to courses and conventions constantly (always with a promise to return and bring back information with them, sadly little to no information ever comes fourth) If you can't divulge the skills you paid to be trained under, and I can understand that, maybe you could give us some suggestions for cost effective training's to boost our sales skills. Quite honestly I have gotten more training and skills from being a coaching club member than I have from the two brokerages I have worked for combined! Keep up the good work PA crew you really have a great handle on the pulse of the industry.

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