What Top Real Estate Agents Do and Say

What Do Top Listing Agents Do and Say?

My husband and I are doing some remodeling right now. Not the whole house, just the kitchen. But as you remodel, it’s natural to think, “Hmmm, now the rest of the house isn’t as nice as the remodeled part. Maybe we should do the master bath next…and after that we should do some work on the exterior, and after that…” And pretty soon you’ve built a whole new house. 

So, we thought, “Before we build a whole new house, maybe we should look at what’s on the market.”

So, I went to Redfin and Zillow and nosed around. And you know what was on the market? Way overpriced homes. Last year when I checked my neighborhood, homes were selling between $500,000 and $600,000. But now? A home that would have sold for $600k last year just sold for $900,000!

Garry's brother, who does listings for our real estate business Creath Partners, had three or four listings that never even got marketed. They never hit the MLS. He walked in with a million-dollar-plus listing and another agent in the office said, “Yo! My clients are desperate. How much? $1.2 million? Done. How does cash sound?”

One of the partners, Josh’s dad lives in Sacramento. A couple of years ago, Josh told him to sell in the $450K range. He just put a sign up in mid-April for $950,000.

And we haven't even gotten to the easy money yet. We haven't even gotten to subprime yet.

As we enter the next stage of the cycle where the seller levels up from “King” to “Almighty Ruler of the Known Universe,” they will feel like they can do whatever the heck they want.  And real estate agents will have a big problem: How do we communicate our value when everybody thinks they can make a boatload of easy cash without us? Why should they work with you?

So, this Listing Issue is all about communicating your value in such a way that you stand out in the marketplace. And they say, “We HAVE to work with [YOUR NAME].”

The crux of your “argument” should be that you will maximize the value of their house and get them top dollar at a time when they can get the most.

Many people, agents and sellers and buyers alike, get lazy during an up market. They just ride the wave instead of capitalizing on this amazing opportunity.

Why settle for a good price when you can get a great price? Why settle for a great price when you can get a life-changing price?

So, question number one is;

"What Do Top Listing Agents Do and Say?"

It really is that simple. Why? Because most agents, even in a poor market, get lazy and won’t do those things. So, it’s really not that hard to set yourself apart from the crowd of lazy agents.

But you must do and say the things that top listing agents do and say. On one of our webinars recently, we went through some of these things and one agent on the webinar complained, “Those things cost money. Can I do this less expensively?”

We told him, “This is the big leagues. Successful listing agents invest in these things. They pay pro photographers, they pay staging agencies, they pay drone videographers.  That’s the cost of getting listings. And in THIS market? One good listing will pay for all this stuff many times over.”

So, do you want to be a top listing agent? Then you have to do what it takes to be a top listing agent.

Starting with an Unbeatable 3-Phase Listing Appointment.

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