Here, There, and Everywhere: Why Your Brand Needs to Be Omnipresent

We imagine that people think about us way more than they actually do. The fact is that, unless you give them a reason to, your contacts and connections just aren’t thinking much -- if at all -- about you.

Consider your own day-to-day. How often do you find yourself thinking about the service people you know, such as your attorney, mechanic, accountant, or insurance agent?

 You probably don’t think about them much at all... until you need them, right? And that’s exactly what happens with the people you know.

But because our clients need your real estate services so much less frequently than they need their hairdressers’ or lawn care professionals’, this forgetfulness can kill your career.

So what can you do to stay top-of-mind?

We have a saying here at The Paperless Agent: Mind share equals market share. This means that the more you can get the people in your network to think about you when they do NOT need a real estate agent, the more they will think of you when they DO. 

You might be thinking, “But if I post too often or I message them too often, they will get annoyed with me. They will be seeing me too much. It will be a waste of effort.”

You are mistaken. 

The best marketers know the power of frequency and consistency. They don’t just post or advertise when they feel like it… or when they get around to it… or when they get a good idea for a post or ad. 

They have an omnipresent marketing campaign. They plan it in advance. They make sure they are getting in front of their best prospects as often as they can, in as many places as they can. 

Because they know that frequency and consistency buys them mind share, which results in more market share.  

If you want to be an elite agent, you must do the same. Yes, it sounds like hard work, and it certainly can be time-consuming. But it’s worth it. Consider all the benefits of being omnipresent.

  1. When you are omnipresent, your prospects and clients think of you FIRST. Being first in their mind is very powerful, since most people don't think past the first option! Amazon is so omnipresent, many people don't even CONSIDER other places to buy online. They think of Amazon first, they go to Amazon.com, they buy from Amazon. 
  1. When you are omnipresent, people recognize you. They know your "brand." They know how you are different from others. There are few industries where this is more important than in ours. 
  1. When you are omnipresent, they trust you more and will pay you more. For agents, that could mean not having to negotiate your seller's commission.
  1. When you are omnipresent, people see you as the expert, the authority. When you're the authority, they listen to what you say and do what you say more readily. 

Yes, it’s hard, but it’s hard work that pays back. It’s $1000 per hour work. 

And we make it easier for you with the Monthly Value Programs. 

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With our help, you can take over mind share and market share in just 10 minutes per week

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