Exclusive Preview of the Real Estate Digital Marketer Certification Course

What can you expect from the Real Estate Digital Marketer certification course?

Find out in this exclusive behind-the-scenes preview!

We want to know what you think! Leave your comments and feedback below!


  1. I'm already doing many of these things as a result of being part of the Paperless Agent coaching and GB2 training. Now I will be able to say that I have been certified to do these things once I complete the certification training. Thanks for your continued support of our industry.

  2. Stooooop already! We want it!

  3. sounds good how long is course? price?

    • Thanks Florence! We'll still working out the final details... We will have all of that information for you soon enough (keep an eye out at the start of the new year)!

  4. Sounds interesting

    Always good to be a specialist and differentiate

  5. I love the work you guys do in the paperless agent...although I do have some questions/concerns about this certification that hasn't been addressed yet.

    1) Will there be a cost to be certified? One time or annual?
    2) How will you market the program to sellers so they can find members who have certification?
    3) How will this be any different the something like an e-Pro certification by the NAR?
    4) Will this take the place of the paperless agent membership. I see that you are putting alot of effort into this and will it affect our existing membership. I already see that December there was only one training posted instead of the usual two.

  6. Looks great! Can't wait for the details of the course.

  7. Would be interested in learning more about this. John M Martinen

  8. Will there be Continuing Education credit?

  9. Love the idea and great thing to add to seperate yourself from others in this digital age.......my question is will members of paperless agent have to pay another fee for this? or is it included?

  10. Look forward to hearing more details!

  11. Nice job guys! As a long time PA member I am excited about being a certified digital "master" marketer. I still maintain that the PA membership is the best money I spend on anything in real estate! You never disappoint, and I am looking forward to this next phase. Thanks for all the effort at making everything for us, the agents, a 5*Star experience.

  12. I just signed on to your program and am very interested in the certification. Hoping it comes with the program.
    I am still feeling my way around the group page and getting signed up.

    Thanks for your easy to absorb method of bringing great ideas to the table as I am beginning a new company NOW. Look forward to much more.

    Have printed a sheet RIGHT PERSON (obvious one...delete all competing Realtors from my mailing list) and sending a separate mailing to new purchasers to consider me when their friends are looking for the perfect lake home. Also putting "right person" as agents in the state who might know BAMA fans who don't know you can tailgate here ALL year round #ROLLTIDE on Lake Tuscaloosa, less than ten minutes from campus.
    RIGHT MESSAGE: message to those sprucing up for Spring listing on the lake/ what renovations add to the value with RIGHT TIME: just before Spring listings begin popping back on (went from 40 in Oct. to 14 in Nov/Dec.)

    I have my work cut out for me as I begin to focus solely on LAKE listings. Thanks for feeding my mind with creative ways to do it while lakehomes.com takes the "finding a lake home" to a brand new INTERNET level with me as the "local agent" to offer concierge service (no office, no overhead except for listing advertising). Look for us coming to a lake near YOU.


  13. Sounds wonderful...Interested in hearing more details...Good stuff!

  14. Looking forward to hearing more. Am I the RIGHT PERSON to get this certification? Is this the RIGHT PRODUCT, will it improve my marketing, my production? Is this the RIGHT TIME for me to invest the time and money? I love your materials; they always make me think about how I can improve on what I am doing.

  15. Hello Guys! Would love to hear more details about it as we are eager to know price and timing to block.
    Please feel free to send me the info anytime.

  16. Tell me more

  17. Please let me know when this certification is available to take. I am very interested in obtaining it & think you both offer great value to the real estate industry! Thank you.

  18. Looking forward to join your newest revolution in the evolution of real estate know how!

  19. I'm in! Will there be a chance for TREC MCE. Thanks for all you do for us. Charlotte

  20. I just joined the coaching club...how will this complement that?

  21. How does this course differ from NAR's e-PRO certification? http://www.epronar.com/

  22. Wow...great information, very relevant content. I look forward to what you have to offer in the certification course. It is true the way of marketing & advertising is changing faster and faster. We will provide a dis-service to our clients and ourselves if we don't keep up. Thank you again and Pls keep me posted.

    Dexter associates realty

  23. Look forward to getting details.

    Thanks in advance,

  24. Hi Gary and Chris, I'v been following you a couple of years from now, and trying to apply your knowledge in the Colombian market where there is not an MLS neither realtor licenses, for example. Just as everyone with some questions: Is it a one time course? how updates would be? cost?
    Anyway you can count I'll be in,

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