Chapter 4

Business Advice for 2017: How to Deliver a Better Quality Promise

How to Level Up Your “Brand Promise” in 2017

Think of yourself as a business owner

It’s common for real estate professionals to not think of themselves as business owners.

But the reality is, all real estate professionals ARE business owners, and you can learn a lot about your real estate practice by looking at it through the lens of a business owner.

Let’s look again at the situation we discussed yesterday: Many sellers think all agents do the same activities to sell their homes (put the home in the MLS, stick a sign in the yard, and pray that it sells).

When everything else is equal, sellers default to comparing agents based on price (or how much you’ll discount your commission).

So if we want to win listings without taking a major pay cut, we need to change the promise we’re making.

Say you wanted to open a coffee shop…

Here’s an example: Say you want to open a coffee shop. Well, you’re going to be competing against the most popular coffee shops, like Starbucks.

So what are you going to do that’s different? How are you going to lure costumers away from Starbucks and to your coffee shop?

Chances are, you’re not going to compete with Starbucks on price. There just isn’t enough room to compete significantly AND make a profit.

But you need to do something to differentiate yourself. Maybe you sell premium coffee at a premium price, offer live music, or offer a different vibe than Starbucks. You need to make a different promise.

Offer sellers what they REALLY want

When a client compares you to another agent, they are evaluating your promise. What are you going to do that’s different? How are you going to earn your premium commission?

Each year, the National Association of Realtors conducts a survey of Home Buyers and Sellers. According to their report, the number one thing sellers want is help marketing and selling their home.

You need to show sellers you’ll do more than put a sign in the yard. You need to take an aggressive and proactive approach to marketing their properties online.

That’s why we created the Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) certification. We want to equip agents with the knowledge and tools to better serve their clients, and in the process win more listings and demand higher commissions.

To learn more about the REDM certification course and how it can help make a better promise this year, check out:

Later this week, we’re going to open enrollment for REDM: Live. We’ll have more details tomorrow… but there’s never been a better time to earn you Real Estate Digital Marketer Certification!


  1. Has any of the REDM videos been upgraded. I am considering going over the material again. Feel free to reference me or give out my info to anyone that is on the fence.

    • Hey John! We're actually going to do something a bit different. This go around, we're going to live proctor REDM. The experience will be a lot like going through an online university course. All current REDM can register and participate in the class free.

      We'll share all the details tomorrow!

  2. your quick mention of digital marketing have me very interested.
    I am an older agent and have worked hard to keep up but do not know how to use the tools I have.
    Also interested in moving forward with some video - what is usually a "first" video posted and how is it posted.
    Many thanks.Jane

  3. I am located in the Stuart /palm city Florida area and work in education and considering getting my real estate license..... I am good with people and a great support person and advocate as I have learned from my current job a bit nervous about being a realtor in a sea of so many. I am trying to decide the best course to take to prepare for the state exam...on line vs in classroom which company to use etc.., your program looks great. How much does it cost? Any mentoring and advice would be wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!
    [email protected]

  4. Hi, I am a previous REDM do we join in when it says you need to be on a waiting list?

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