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We've Declared War on the Forces Trying to Diminish Your Value in the Market

Today, more than ever in history, there are forces determined to take away your share of the real estate market. 

There are tech companies and investors looking to diminish our value in the market… While grabbing our fees and our clients equity and stuffing it in their own pockets.  

And now, there are more REALTOR® members in history… But there's a lack of commitment to gaining the skills needed to protect their seller clients and serve them to the highest standards.  

And these forces are damaging the reputation of our industry. Seller clients don’t see our value, and choose their agent based on who lower their fees...  

Well, we’re here to say it’s time to take our market back. It’s time to champion our value in the market, start being the champion of our clients equity, and fight to change our industry for the better.  

Introducing the New and Improved Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM™) Certification

To fight this good fight, we’ve completely overhauled our Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM™) certification.  

If we want our clients to have a better impression of us and our industry, we have to actively shape that impression.  

We need our clients to see us as valued experts. As allies who are there to do everything we can to protect their biggest asset.  

And the best way we’ve found to establish that value… To show sellers how you’re different from all those other agents and companies who “just do enough” or try to profit at their expense…  

Is by going above and beyond to market their homes.  

When you can show sellers that you have a firm grasp on the latest marketing strategies, technologies, and platforms… And that you know how to use them to creatively fetch them top dollar for their home…  

Everything changes. Sellers see your expertise and skill and respect it.  

That’s why we designed the REDM certification course--to help agents get the skills they need to stand out in today’s market 

And You Can Apply Those Same Digital Marketing Skills to Growing Your Real Estate Business

But it gets better. Not only will the skills you gain in the REDM course give you a giant differentiator in the market...  

You’ll learn how to use those skills to promote and grow your own business. 

From building your reputation as an expert in your local markets to designing strategies to attract qualified leads, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to do it all.  

And that’s what makes REDM so powerful…  

You’re helping change our industry for the better, while learning how to create a predictable flow of clients and grow your real estate business at the same time.  

Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) Course Details

With REDM, you’ll build a foundation in digital marketing, and then learn how to apply that foundation to improve every aspect of your real estate business!

Chapter 1: Marketing Principles

There are principles that apply to all marketing, from an email to a Facebook Ad. When marketing fails to produce the desired result, it is likely because of a breakdown in one of these principles. In this chapter, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of these fundamentals and learn how to use them to diagnose, assess, and improve your marketing.

Chapter 2: Marketing Distinctions

PPC? Remarketing? Cost per click? There’s a lot of jargon in digital marketing. This chapter will help you master the lingo so you can effectively discuss and explain the different parts of marketing 

Chapter 3: Your Reputation & Distinct Value Proposition

Do you give people a reason why they should hire you over someone else? Is it better than the competitions’ promises & why? Are your communicating what makes you different or better?  

If you’re not giving your clients a compelling reason to work with you over someone else, they have no reason to hire you. In this chapter, you’ll craft a DVP that speaks directly to the sellers you want to work with--making you stand apart from the competition!  

Chapter 4: Marketing Plans for Selling Real Estate

To really deliver on your DVP, you need to create a plan for marketing real estate. It should detail EVERYTHING you’ll do to get a seller’s home in front of as many buyers as possible. In this chapter, you’ll learn both 1) The technical side (ie. how to actually market real estate with digital marketing) and 2) How to create a consumer facing plan that will win-over any seller who sees it!

Chapter 5: Skills Foundation 

To create successful marketing--marketing that speaks to your audience, elevates your brand, or inspires actions--you need certain skills. You need to know how to craft a message, design creative, and how to test and improve your marketing. 

Chapter 6: Website Strategies

Your website can either bolster your reputation… Or send sellers running the other way. Learn the essential website strategies from real estate--from creating an online reputation that impresses everyone who researches you to lead generation strategies.

Chapter 7: Social media strategies

Without a strategy in place, Social Media can be a lot of wasted time and effort for very little gain. You’ll learn how to use Social Media the right way--As a tool to bolster the effectiveness of all your marketing. 

Chapter 8: Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Like it or not, it’s a staple of marketing communication. Learn how to write emails that actually get read (and don’t just end up in the trash bin). 

Chapter 9: Paid Ads

Paid ads, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, should be part of your overall marketing plan. But where does it make sense to use them? When are they effective? When aren’t they effective? You’ll learn to answer these questions and more. 

Chapter 10: Video Marketing

Video is an essential. Period. Nothing builds trust faster or stays with clients longer. Video is simply the most effective marketing medium right now. But don’t worry--Video doesn’t have to be intimidating. Learn how to create and use video (even if your camera shy)! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will this certificate help me? What's the major and compelling reason a seller should choose you over someone else?

If you don't have a strong answer, then you are at risk.  

With REDM™, you’ll build a strong foundation in digital marketing, and then learn how to use those skills as your competitive advantage. PLUS, you'll learn how to...

  • Showcase your knowledge and skills so clients value you and respect you as an expert (and never dream of asking you to discount your commissions)  
  • Build a distinctive reputation in your local market  
  • Creatively market real estate to buyers (and how to use your marketing as a competitive advantage)  
  • Design lead generation strategies that actually work and attract qualified clients  
  • And so much more!

You'll also help improve the industry as a whole! In using and showcasing the skills you gain, you'll build up our value and fight back the market forces determined to diminish it! 

Q: Why is there a REDM™ annual fee? Digital Marketing changes fast, and it's important for REDM™ certified agents to keep up on these changes. The REDM™ annual fee gives you ongoing support and access to all updates to the REDM™ course so you stay on top of the latest in digital Marketing.

  • Listing on all new website
  • Use of REDM™ logo
  • Ongoing access to training and updates
  • Free access to REDM™: Live. (Once or twice a year, an instructor proctors the REDM™ course to a group of students. Think of it like an online university course!)
  • REDM™ Promo Pack
  • Ask a REDM™ instructor!  

Q: Who is REDM™ for? All you need to do is ask yourself do you want to... 

  • Get recognition for delivering a 5-star experience to home sellers?
  • Promote your personal brand and grow your listing business?
  • Help change this industry and what consumers think of us for the better?  

If you said "yes" to all three, then you're ready to join the ranks of more than 1,500 REDM™ certified agents!  

Q: How is REDM™ different than the Marketing Club? The Marketing Club gives you the tools and formulas to put marketing strategies and real estate business best practices into action. You get marketing materials, websites, tactics, templates, and more.  

If you want to get to a higher level of success, you'll need to go beyond applying formulas to having mastery and understanding of why they work. Doing so allows you to customize and tailor them to you and your market, to work even better. REDM™ is designed to give you that deeper understanding. 

Q: What if I am unhappy with the program? We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. 

Save $300 on Your Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) Certification Today!
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