If you've been following us, then you know The Paperless Agent recently declared war on the "old way" of selling real estate... 

too many agents do sellers a disservice (and hurt the reputation of the real estate industry) by selling real estate "the old way"...

When we agree to take on a listing, we are inherently promising to do everything we can to help our sellers get the best possible price for their homes. 

Yet too often, real estate agents market their sellers' properties as if they were stuck in the dark ages... 

They simply put a sign in the yard, put the listing in the MLS, and pray that it sells. Just syndicating your listings isn't enough... It does nothing to actively market our sellers' properties. This causes a breach in trust that spreads across the industry and creates a negative reputation for agents everywhere.

Introducing the Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) certification...

The Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) course and certification is designed to give real estate professionals the knowledge and practices to use digital marketing to promote and sell their clients' properties in today's digital age.

REDM certified agents will learn the fundamentals of marketing and the latest, most effective online marketing techniques. So when sellers go to find an agent who will do everything possible to market and sell a property, they'll know to turn to a REDM agent!

The skills you learn Will not only help you stand out from the competition... they'll improve all of your marketing and help you win more business with everything you do!

With inventory still scarce in many markets nationwide and more and more agents competing for listings, it's more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the competition.

REDM will teach you the latest and most effective online marketing strategies so you'll stand out from the sea of agents "just doing enough" to sell a home. 

What's more, we'll also give you the tools and resources you need to communicate this advantage to sellers...

From a cutting-edge, proven listing presentation to a website designed to inform sellers and showcase REDM certified agents, you'll be able to easily show sellers EXACTLY what makes you different. 

"Nice job guys! As a long time PA member I am excited about being a certified digital “master” marketer. I still maintain that the PA membership is the best money I spend on anything in real estate! You never disappoint, and I am looking forward to this next phase. Thanks for all the effort at making everything for us, the agents, a 5*Star experience.."

KAI, a paperless Agent Coaching club member

Stand out from the competition and Win more listings This year!

Take a stand against the "old way" of selling real estate... Get the skills you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, win more listings, and give your clients the 5-star experience they deserve!

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Garry wise &
Chris scott

REDM is brought to you by The Paperless Agent's Chris Scott and Garry Wise. 

Garry has been in the real estate industry since 1974. It is really all he has ever known, in one fashion or another. Sure, he has been a firefighter, an EMT, and the CEO of The Paperless Agent in Austin (servicing the real estate industry), but these were always true to his roots of real estate. Saving homes, people’s lives, and helping Realtors improve on their service have all been critical to his real estate experience and the shaping of the uniqueness that is Garry.

Chris has more than a decade of experience in marketing, specifically in the real estate space. Working with such giants as Brian Buffini and the Certified Distressed Property Institute (CDPE) designation, Chris' now applies his marketing prowess and expertise to help our brokerage, GoodLife Realty, in Austin, TX and to keeping The Paperless Agent's Coaching Club members up-to-date on what works and what doesn't for marketing in real estate!

What are people saying about The paperless agent?

"I look forward to being a Founding Member of REDM. This platform aligns with my 2016 Goals for incorporating cutting edge Apple infused technology and proven Social Media methodologies to showcase our business as the premiere digital real estate agents in the Mid-West.

What I’ve incorporated thus far implementing the Paperless Agent methods has yielded favorable returns in our business and feel with confidence REDM will meet or surpass my expectations."

— Dante, a Paperless agent coaching club member

"I am looking forward to the course. Whatever you do is jammed full of great content, knowledge and making it easy for realtors like myself to set up in their business. Keep me posted on your beta testing as I would like to be a part of that. I am looking forward to the release of the course. Thanks for everything you produce."

— Derrick, a Student of Eli's, a Paperless agent coaching club member

Here's a peek inside the redm certification course


Chapter 1: Doctrine

Learn what marketing is and isn't, the morals and doctrine that will give our clients 5 star experiences, the purpose of the course, and more.


Chapter 2: crafting a powerful brand

Branding is crucial. Your "brand", or the impression someone gets when they see your marketing, will determine whether or not prospects trust you. 


chapter 3: Marketing real estate online

Everything you need to know to market properties in today's digital age. You'll learn the two-phase property marketing plan guaranteed  to generate massive buyer interest, pay-per-click campaigns, social media advertising and more!


Chapter 4: level up your listing presentation

Once you master the latest strategies for marketing real estate in the digital age, you need to communicate the extra value you bring to sellers. Get a cutting-edge listing presentation, scripts and narratives, and more!


chapter 5: ignite your online identity

Much like branding, customers will research online you when deciding whether or not to work with you. Learn how to create an online identity that wins over more clients.


chapter 6: website strategy and tactics

A website can be powerful tool... IF you design and structure it effectively. Learn what makes a website "good," how to create a positive experience for clients and prospects, and more. 


chapter 7: increasing website traffic

Website traffic is the number of people viewing pages on your website. By increasing traffic, you can increase the number of people checking out your featured listings, filling out lead generation forms, and more. 


chapter 8: landing pages for lead generation

Landing pages are a cornerstone of online marketing... Learn the essential elements of a landing page that converts whether you're trying to get buyers to check out properties or to capture website traffic as leads. 


chapter 9: email marketing to cultivate customers

When you capture an online lead, they are rarely ready to buy. However, with effective email marketing and follow up, you can shorten the time it takes AND ensure that when they're ready to list or buy, they turn to you. 


chapter 10: marketing to your network

Your network is filled with the people who know and trust you most... and is your most valuable asset. Learn how to provide information and offer your services WITHOUT bothering your network!

Price: $597

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the course cost?
The Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) Certification course is $597.

Are you hoping National association of realtors (NAR) will endorse this course and make it a new designation much like e-PRO, ABR, CRS, etc?

In our prior experience, NAR will only endorse those certifications and designations it owns. With that said, we hope to create change in our industry so that more agents and brokers will seek out more effective and relevant ways in serving their customers. We’ll keep our fingers crossed about getting industry support!

through what company do you give your accreditation ? 
This certification is accredited through the time tested experience at our own brokerage. All of the knowledge we share is based on real experience.

Is there an annual membership? how do i stay certified?
When you complete the REDM certification course, you'll be featured on the REDM website and receive a number of other benefits. This service is free for the first year, and $77 annually to continue these benefits!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

This is outstanding. I’ve fully adopted the Marketing in the Digital Age Principles that I’ve learned from the PA. I was doing many of these things prior but been able to refine it to a point where it has become a differentiator for us. In our first full year as a team, my wife and I did over 10M in production and our company 13M which we’re very proud of. We are performing at 99.26% of list price and 33 DOM for our company. Average in our marketplace is 97.79% and 50 DOM. When I discuss these statistics with potential listings clients we are killing it and beating out other brokerages. In fact, since we’ve fully refined our approach, we’re now tracking over 100% on pretty much all of our listings. We are making raving fans for clients that are our own little army of marketers spreading our brand to their friends. I can’t thank the PA, Chris and Garry enough. Thank you!

Todd, a Paperless Agent coaching club member

Help change our industry for the better while learning marketing skills to win more business this year!

The skills you learn will not only help you stand out from the competition... they'll improve all of your marketing and help you win more business with everything you do!

Currently Unavailable - Join the Waiting List

Get started now! With the redm certification course, you'll get... 

Video instruction

The REDM certification course consists of 10 chapters and more than 15 hours of video instruction with our two industry experts, Chris Scott and Garry Wise. 

You'll be learning everything you need to know to successfully market online from two of the best in the business. 

Done for you resources, tools, and more

Your video training is accompanied by tools and resources to make what you learn easy to implement. 

That means you get a done-for-you property marketing plan template, all the slides you need to overhaul your listing presentation, step-by-step Facebook ad campaign checklists, and a whole lot more. 

Access to one-on-one support

Get stuck? Need some extra help? No problem! Our customer support team is here to help you if you need it!

Placement on, ongoing course access, course and resource updates, and more!

Your REDM certification course includes an annual membership, which gives you access to... 

Featured Profile on the Client-facing Site,
Your featured profile on will give you credibility by showing sellers you have the skills to market and sell their home. What's more, sellers can search for REDM agents in their area, meaning potential referrals for you!

Unlimited Access to REDM Course
Unlike other courses, your annual membership will give you unlimited access to the REDM training course. It's always there if you need a refresher! 

Ongoing Course and Resource Updates
Digital marketing changes fast... We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest changes and new strategies with regular course updates. 

Free Year: REDM annual membership

When you graduate from the REDM course, you'll receive all the benefits of an annual membership free for the first year!