There’s Nothing More American Than… The Paperless Agent’s Fourth of July Sale!

This year, Chris and Garry took our 4th of July sale celebration to the next level. They're celebrating with Flags, Bandanas, BBQ, Eating Contests… and of course HUGE discounts.

Check out the video above for a "Sneak Peek" of what they've gotten themselves into.

And Stay Tuned for HUGE 4th of July Savings on Our Listing Expert Agent Program (LEAP)! 

We want to help with what most of you are focused on this time of year: Listings. 

Finding more listing opportunities. Acing your listing appointments. Becoming the go-to listing expert for your market… All of it! 

Which is why we’re going to be offering a HUGE discount (more than 65%!) on our Listing Expert Agent Program (LEAP) & Certification! 

The Listing Expert Agent Program & Certification gives you everything--and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING--you need to become THE listing expert for the markets that you serve. 

For more information on how LEAP can help you greatly expand your listing business, check out the video below:


  1. OMG! Chris & Garry!!!
    This 4th of July video is so innovative and hysterical, I had to watch it twice, laughing the whole way through! You nailed it! (I wonder how many takes there were, since you guys must have been cracking up, as well!)
    What a great start to my day!
    Thank you!

  2. You guys crack me up. Nice job.

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