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Showcasing Your Competitive Edge

Like we shared yesterday, our mission is to help agents help agents learn the skills they need to sell real estate the right way.

Just skim through our blog, and you’ll find tips and tricks for marketing real estate (and marketing yourself) using digital strategies.

BUT once you’ve acquired those skills, you need to educate sellers as to what you do to market homes and how that marketing benefits them…


What are your strategies for educating sellers as the value of digital marketing? How’s your online presence (Need to find out? Google yourself!) Let us know in the comments below.


  1. What do you think I can do better for my online presence? Please google me and let me know what you think? Thanks!

    • Work on Google+ business page with more photos & videos. Push out update posts and add everyone who has a Gmail address to your circle called "clients". Encourage testimonials. Good luck Jennifer

      Mike Muranetz
      RE/MAX Real Estate
      Edmonton, Alberta

  2. Do you recommend using some form of an electronic business card in place of or in addition to to traditional paper business card?

    If so, how do I set up an electronic business card, is their an app for that?

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