Selling Homes? Your Ads Should Sell Something Else

When we ask agents, “What is the purpose of advertising a property on Facebook or Instagram?” they usually reply with:

  • “To help me sell the home” 

  • “To get people interested in the home”

  • “To highlight the cool features of the home”

  • “To help me get that home in front of more eyeballs.”

But here’s the thing. Those are all secondary or tertiary or fourth-iary reasons. (Full disclosure: we made that last word up). They are not the MAIN purpose for your ads. 

The main purpose of your ads is to prove to your prospective clients that YOU KNOW HOW TO SELL HOMES. Sure, you might want them to think, “Wow that home looks really cool!” But the main thing you want them to think is, “Wow, that agent will make MY home look cool when I’m ready to sell!” 

In other words, your ads should be selling YOU. 

Your ads should make YOU stand out in the marketplace. They should differentiate YOU from your competition. And they should give your prospects and clients a reason to choose YOU and justify that choice. 

Your ads should make them think, “Huh, I guess all real estate agents are NOT the same!” 

Do your ads do that? 

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