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Real Estate Video Marketing Using Just Your Phone

Real estate videos for marketing don’t have to be complicated and they don’t have to be fancy. You can make videos marketing real estate using just your phone. And the video will still get lots of views and engagement.

One of my favorite videos to use for real estate marketing is what we call a “Walk Through” video. Like the name implies, the video is simply walking and talking about the home or a specific feature in the home.

These videos can be short or long… though if you’e posting on FB then don’t go over a minute. If you’re posting on FB, vertical view works best because over 80% of FB traffic happens on a mobile device.

You can boost this type of video for a $1 day on FB and get great results, especially if you select a combination of people who’ve interacted with your marketing and who have shown FB they have an interest in buying or selling real estate.

Video equipment is pretty simple for this type of real estate video because you can get away with just your phone. You can opt to use a stabilizer or tripod if you want to get fancy, and even mics… but they aren’t necessary.

In this video, we mention the following equipment recommendations:

Neewer Photography Photo Studio 50cm / 20inch Aluminum Mini Table Top Backlight Stand:

Smove Mobile:

As far as software for this type of video, if you get a good take, you can just use the trim functions in your photo app on your phone. If you want to get edit parts out or make transitions, then you can invest in some affordable video editing software.

Easy video editing software recommendations:

[For Mac] Screenflow Pro:

[For PC] Camtasia:

When it comes to marketing this real estate video, posting on FB and using the FB Ad platform to promote it works very well. In the example, we only spend a $1 a day on FB to get thousands of views in a very short amount of time.

This type of video works well with the FB algorithm and ad platform because of the highly personalized content and uniqueness of the content (it features you!) The result is you get rewarded with a lower cost of advertising to get in front of more people.


  1. When spending $1 a day on this... Were you showing this ad to your customized audience or a geographic one?

    BTW...You guys are great! Thanks for all your help!

  2. Daryl, in this type of video, I do both.

    So I have a video view audience that I've been building of everyone who watches our videos.

    I also have the FB Pixel installed on our website, so we also market to people who visit our website.

    I also upload our data base to fb using Custom Audiences.

    And lastly, I target the Austin area with people who have a Zillow interest plus luxury interest (because our market is the luxury segment).

    Hope that helps!


  3. Hi ? I am henry I. Am very. Happy ? to. Be. Working. With you gets thank you.

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