July 26ND 2016

Big News: More than 700 Agents Have Earned their REDM™ Certification

Big News: More than 700 Agents Have Earned Their Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM)™ Certification…

(And Registration for the REDM™ Certification Course Opens Tomorrow!)

If you’ve been a Coaching Club member for a while, you know that earlier this year, we launched the Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM)™ certification course earlier this year.

And since launching the course, more than 700 agents have earned their REDM™ certifications. That’s a huge accomplishment, and a powerful step forward for our industry…

See, every REDM™ agent has made three essential commitments:

REDM™ agents are committed to changing the real estate industry for the better

We’ve all encountered the negative and damaging views some consumers hold of our industry. REDM™ agents are committed to changing the way real estate is seen by banding together and elevating the professionalism of our industry. How?…

REDM™ agents are committed to giving sellers a 5-star experience

The old days of selling real estate are gone… You know, placing a listing in the MLS, putting a sign in the yard, and praying that it sells. Today, sellers have much higher expectations. They expect us to market their properties across a wide range of channels, including online marketing. REDM™ agents get the skills and expertise needed to meet those expectations, and use them to deliver a 5-star experience. By satisfying our customers, we lift the overall impression of our industry. And happy sellers mean more referrals.

REDM™ agents are committed to promoting their brand and growing their businesses

Here’s what makes REDM™ so powerful: While gaining the skills to better serve clients and change our industry, REDM™ agents also learn how to use only marketing tactics to promote their brands and grow their own businesses.

Now, if you’re ready to make these commitments and earn your REDM™ certification, we have exciting news…

Registration for the REDM™ course opens tomorrow! But the window to sign up is only going to last a couple days… So make sure to keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow!

Tomorrow, you can join REDM™ here: http://thepaperlessagent.com/redm-coaching-club

In the meantime, here’s some more information on what you can expect from the REDM™ certification course…

Kyle Strohschein

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