June 8ND 2019

5 Essential Real Estate Marketing Activities… In An Hour A Month!

These 5 marketing activities will get you massive boost in word of mouth business, more referrals & recommendations, and solidify your reputation as an expert in your local market.

These marketing activities cure a major ailment most real estate practitioners experience… it’s the rate of client abandonment. In fact, according to NAR, more that 3 out of 4 home sellers don’t work with their previously used agent.

The top reasons for clients not hiring us again is:

  • We aren’t top of mind when they think of real estate.
  • Over time we don’t stay in touch and lack direct contact.
  • They build a relationship and start to trust a new agent.
  • Our reputation gets trumped by their confidence in someone else.

We call the 5 essential marketing activities the MVP which stands for Monthly Value Program. The MVP ensures you stay top of mind, continue to build trust and your reputation, while making it easy for people to recommend you.

The MVP accomplishes this by providing valuation real estate information every month. The info is always real estate related, and comprised of advice, tips, and your expertise. This process of communicating value regularly builds people's confidence in you as a trusted advisor. And by experiencing your expertise, they can see a glimpse of what it’s like to work with you.

The MVP’s 5 steps (the 5 essential marketing activities) are to:

  1. Publish useful real estate information.
  2. Send the info to people you know.
  3. Share and boost a 1-minute video discussing the same topic.
  4. Post and boost the info on social media
  5. Use tools like FB Messenger or phone calls for individual follow up.

In the video above you’ll see examples of each of these 5 essential marketing activities. If you’ll repeat this process for 90 days, you’ll see your pipeline begin to fill quickly with high quality clients and prospects.

The Paperless Agent provides its members with the marketing tools & training to implement these 5 steps every month. Learn more about the Paperless Agent’s Club in the video below.

Chris Scott

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