We help real estate pros use the right tech so you can save time & money, without the hassle of figuring it out on your own… even if you're feeling overwhelmed by the options out there & don’t know where to get started.

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"I have used your systems to take my real estate business to a completely new level. It has not only simplified my real estate business but I find myself using some of the systems to simplifiy other areas of my personal life.... I highly recommend the Paperless Agent training system to any agent..."

John Diaz, Exit Advanced Solutions Realty

I don't consider myself a tech savvy person - not like some of the other new agents out there. But with the Paperless Agent's help, I've been able to get my files and lifestyle on the paperless track and have made leaps and bounds in my use and comfort with real estate technology. Thank you to the team at The Paperless Agent!

Jan Daum, Berkshire Hawthaway HomeServices | Texas Realty

Training & Education

Tens of thousands of real estate professionals from coast-to-coast have gone mobile and Paperless… with our help!

Technology Coaching Club

The Coaching Club shows you what technology to use and how to use it in your real estate business. Members get direct access to advice, tips, tools, and resources to help you turn tech into an “instant” competitive advantage.

Online Training Includes
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Training Vault: Resources and Templates
  • Private forum to share advice & referrals
  • Priority customer support
  • Member-shared Tools

Evernote Training for Real Estate

Garry and Chris walk you through the steps you need to toss out the file folders and start using Evernote instead. In this “hands-on” instruction, they take you through the granular details of setting up your business process and navigating Evernote with ease. 

Online Training Includes
  • 48 Page Evernote Training Manual guiding you through your training
  • How to use Evernote with Home Buyers & Sellers
  • Put Evernote in Charge of your “Day-to-Day"
  • Real Estate Checklists and Templates used at Award Winning Brokerage
  • Building a Lifestyle Map to win your listings and secure more referrals

iPad® for Real Estate™ for iOS7

 This program will show you how to ditch the paper and go mobile! The step-by-step presentation walks you through all the details of finally saying NO to paper in your business… so you can save up to 5 hours on every transaction!

Online Training Includes
  • Discover how to use Real Estate's Must Have Apps in the mobile age
  • Save time with Buyers - show fewer homes on your tours (in the iPad for Buyers video section)
  • Impress Sellers - and get more referred listings! (in the iPad for Sellers video section)
  • “Done for You” Real Estate Checklists to accurately document your appointments - every time.

Digital Listing Presentation Power Pack

Learn how a Digital Listing Presentation will help you impress clients, get more referred listings, block your competition from getting what’s rightfully yours, and become a “listing leader”. 

Online Training Includes
  • Customizable Digital Listing Presentation Template - don’t reinvent the wheel when making your listing presentation!
  • Slide-by-Slide Tutorials on delivering your listing presentation
  • 5 instructional modules on nailing the 5-Star, 5-Step Listing Appointment
  • Swipe Away Seller Objections - dialogue tips to win that listing

Watch A Video Now

Watch a whole video... they are that good, you have to watch them all though and you will soon be the best Paperless Agent.

The Buyer Appointment

Show fewer homes (and save time) using this paperless buyer appointment… and leave a lasting impression!


The Critical Apps

Learn about real estate’s must have apps to becoming a paperless agent, and how they are used to deliver the ultimate 5-star experience.


The Listing Appointment

Discover this 5-Step listing appointment to impress sellers and generate more referred listings… and consistently deliver a 5 STAR Customer Experience.