Your COVID-19 Real Estate Response Kit

Here's a collection of all of the resources, training, tips, and more we're offering for FREE to help real estate professionals serve their clients & communities while still pushing their businesses forward during the current crisis.

Marketing Campaign to Communicate with Your Contacts During the Pandemic

Right now, you HAVE to be present in your market, with your sphere, and all your connections. Everybody that you know needs to hear from you now. You can’t hole up right now and expect to snap back when things return to normal. In fact, this the THE TIME when those who will grab up market share are laying the foundation for all the connections, relationships and transactions to follow.

People need to hear from you. But WHAT they hear from you essential. If they see that you’re freaking out, not taking things seriously, or are absent, then that’s exactly how they will interpret your character and competence. Which means what we say is critical. And people see us saying and doing is critical right now.

Use these resources to reach out to everyone you know and provide support.

Blog Post and Images
Your sphere needs to see that you’re a source of quality information during this time. And there’s no better way to do that than with a well-written blog post!

Publish this blog article and corresponding images to your website (see an example here). The page the blog post lives on will be the link that you use in your social media posts and other communications. 

Click Here to Download the Blog Post and Images

Social Media Posts and Images
We feel it’s important to ramp up your social media marketing during this time. Let your sphere know you’re still working and available to them.

We recommend posting at least once a week to your preferred social media platform (particularly Facebook). Here are three posts and graphics to get you started.

Click Here to Download the Social Media Posts and Images

Shareable Report
A professionally designed report is an item of high perceived value, meaning your contacts are going to want it to have and keep… and they’ll think highly of you for providing it!

Edit this report to include your contact information, so when people print it off and hang it up on their fridge, your name is front and center.

Click here to Download the Report

Note: The file above includes three file options. Use either Adobe Reader, iWorks Keynote, or Microsoft Powerpoint, depending on what you have on your computer.

2020 NAR Flash Survey: Economic Pulse

There's a lot of information flying around right now, and not all of it is good. Make sure you check your sources and pay attention to trusted, reputable sources.

Pre-Listing Packet & Listing Presentation Resources

Sample 8 Week Marketing Plan
Use this template to show sellers how you can market their home to buyers... even when Open Houses and Home Tours are banned. This is a powerful tool is especially important under the current circumstances

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Sample Digital Listing Presentation PDF
A sample of a digital listing presentation. Use these slides for guidance as you create your own so you can secure listings--remotely and from the safety of your home.

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Marketing Club Member & Community Tips

Many of our Marketing Club and community members are long-term real estate pros who have weathered downturns and crises before. Here are some of their best tips and strategies for getting through this one:

Mary Anglin

Randy Lewis

Hillary Gaynor

Ted Williams

Christopher Dean

Buyer Client Resources

Buyer Presentation Template
Use this template to inform and win over potential buyer clients. These templates can be used virtually.

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Free 14-Day Membership to the
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For those of you who aren't Marketing Club members, we're offering a 14-day Membership free. With this free membership, you can get access to ongoing support and resources during this time, a supportive, uplifting community, and even access to 14-days of premium products (as mentioned earlier).

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