Garry developed a new Open House strategy that can help ANY agent break into ANY market... even if you don't have any listings! 

Market Real Estate: Generate Leads and Promote Your Local Brand with Open Houses!

Recently, Garry has been working hard to break into a new luxury market, and he's found (maybe surprisingly) that holding open houses is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and spread awareness of his brand! This strategy is so effective, in fact, Garry is hosting open houses EVERY weekend. Here's how this strategy works:

First, find a property you can promote. If you don't have any listings, approach other agents with listings in the area and offer to host an open house for them. BUT, you need to offer value to the listing agent. To do this, we offer to promote the Open House with Facebook advertising, and promise to provide that agent with reports on how much exposure the house received through our advertising. This provides them with a tool they can then share with their clients. It's a win-win. 

Once you have an open house scheduled, blow up the area with open house signs. Garry uses a minimum of 20 open houses signs per open house. You should make sure the signs are designed in a way that prominently displays your image, logo, and brand. By placing so many signs, your gaining exposure to everyone who drive through the neighborhood, whether they attend your open house or not! By repeating this strategy frequently, people in the area will begin associating your name and brand with that neighborhood. 

Finally, talk to people and find future clients at the open houses! Open houses attract people who are in the market. You just need to have a strategy for talking to them and determining their goals. 

One strategy Garry likes to use starts with asking people what they think of the home. If the home isn't for them, he might say something like... “Well you know there are currently x numbers of home in the neighborhood right now. There might be one out there that is perfectly suited for you. Do you mind if I ask what you’re looking for?” Now you've opened the door for getting their contact information by offering to set them up with MLS notifications. 

As Garry says... "It is the best 3 hours of lead generation and brand building I do every single week!" 

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