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5 Steps to Attract Listing Leads & Win the Listing  

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Stop “winging it” and just follow our simple, easy process. This eliminates randomness and luck from the equation, setting you up to nail the listing appointment, defeat discount brokers, and earn your full commission 

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This Training Takes Place Thursday, February 20th 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM Eastern  


Meet the Experts – Chris and Garry 

During this free training, Chris and Garry will share everything they know about effective real estate marketing. You’re going to love the tested and proven marketing templates they’ll give you. 

Chris Scott President The Paperless Agent 

  • Digital marketing expert.
  • Head of consumer marketing for Brian Buffini for 11 years.
  • Ran sales and marketing for 2-time Inc. 500 company.
  • Generating over 5,000 leads monthly.  

Garry Creath Co-founder The Paperless Agent 

  • Sales & business development expert.
  • 21-year top producing real estate sales veteran.
  • 6 listing appointments / week &
  • 50 pending or active listings at the height of his practice.  

Here’s what you’ll discover in this free training:  

This FREE live training is filled to the brim with top-performing listing strategies and tactics – unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  

Here’s just a sneak-peek of what you’ll get access to:

  • Follow our exact, easy “Listing Process” and “Before, During, After Templates” for what to do FIRST before your listing appointment – what to do and say DURING the appointment itself – and what you must do right AFTER to win more contracts and get more listings…  
  • Use these 3 sentences to easily handle and obliterate the “will you discount your fees?” question (it’s so smooth they’ll think you’re doing them a favor with your commission…)  
  • Exactly what to say, word for word, when they ask you about other firms discounting fees or only charging 1% (this will also ethically sabotage your competition and put you in a league of your own…)  
  • The “5-Word Magic Phrase” that by-passes people’s resistance and opens them up to trust you completely and form an unbreakable bond of trust with you (WARNING: Use this ethically! Do not abuse this phrase…)  
  • How to use and replicate our "Listing Templates" that help you stand out like a top agent, establish trust immediately, and secure the listing – before you even show up...  
  • When and How to use our "Listing Pre-Seed Script" that boosts your reputation, presents you as different than everyone else – and differentiates you in a unique way, making them eager and thrilled to work with you...  
  • Copy this "High-Performing Property Marketing Plan Template" that lays out, every step of the way, HOW you'll market your client’s home for maximum success – this will be irrefutable PROOF to them that you know what it takes, that you have a rock-solid plan, and that you can DELIVER on your promises...  
  • Use these "Stealth Snippets" in the same Marketing Plan to sabotage and eliminate the competition – and pre-empt and prepare for answering any objections on fees (everything you do for your clients will position your fees as a complete "no-brainer" for them and that you should actually charge more for all you do!)  
  • See EVERY PAGE from our "Flawless Listing Presentation" that you MUST use at the appointment so you can communicate clearly and persuasively – plus reinforce your value, confirming you’re the perfect choice to go with…  
  • The sneaky strategy that positions YOU as the true expert that you are – prospects won’t argue with you on commission and instead place a premium on your every word (because you are the real estate expert they desperately need to sell their home…)  
  • How to combine our Templates and Scripts into lean, mean “Listing Pipeline Machine” that delivers a surplus and overflow of listings (you can pick and choose the “cream of the crop”...)  
  • The single, simple “Value Stack Template” that opens up the floodgates of eager prospects – we used this, spent $2.93 to “boost” our message and 85+ people raised their hands and indicated their interest (and yes, this resulted in money in the bank…)  
  • Eliminate HOURS and days of stressful hunting after prospects by simply filling out and deploying the Templates and Scripts we’ll show you (remove the guess-work out of what to say and how to say it…)  
  • How to use “Question Chains” to guide your prospects to the inevitable conclusion (use you to list their home!) and frame you as the most trusted go-to expert they could use (get a bigger commission!)  
  • PLUS… Get ALL your questions answered during our Live Q&A session at the end (get instant clarity on anything that’s confusing or has been nagging you...  

For a full 60 minutes, you’ll discover everything you need to win more listings with our listing templates and scripts – so you can collect bigger commissions. 

  This training is FREE and you’ll get a BONUS 30 minutes of live Q&A at the end.  

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