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Missed our Special Broadcast: Real Estate Response to COVID19?
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We want to help you with the only thing on anyone’s mind right now: COVID-19 and how we, as real estate professionals, should respond to the situation. 

Last week, Garry and Chris held a special broadcast: Real Estate Response to COVID-19, to discuss how you can best serve your clients, communities, and businesses in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. We covered your plan for what to focus on now, and provided the tools & resources you need to execute the plan: 

  • Your Message in the Market - Your clients NEED to hear from you now more than ever… but “business as usual” isn’t the right approach. Learn how to be a leader and a calming influence for your contacts connections
  • Listings in a COVID-19 Reality - Our new reality of social distancing, business closures, and so on doesn’t mean our real estate businesses need to slow down. There are ways we can help clients sell their homes--we just need to adapt the technologies and practices we use 
  • Working with Buyers Right Now - The same applies to buyers! Virtual showings, paperless transactions, and more meaning that we can continue to help buyers.

We made it all available for free - All of the resources, training, tips, and more, to help real estate professionals serve their clients & communities while still pushing their businesses forward during the current crisis. Click the button below and check it out now.