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About The Paperless Agent

Technology changes fast. From new apps to digital marketing, it can feel impossible to keep up.

Here at The Paperless Agent, our mission is to offer training, tools, and resources to keep you up-to-date and ahead of the curve... So if you want to master the latest technology, improve your sales skills, or learn how to turn Facebook into lead generation machine, we have training for you. 

And as our gift to Texas Realtors, you can save 50% on our most popular training courses, including the Real Estate Digital Markter (REDM) certification course!

As a Texas REALTOR, You Can Save BIG on
Our Most Popular Training Courses

We Have a Special Offer for Texas Realtors...
Savings up to 50% on our most popular trianing courses!

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  • Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) Certification

  • Local Market Master

  • iPad for Real Estate

  • "...I can tell you that [REDM] is one of the best courses your can take for real estate, and in my opinion, it should be part of licensing. This hand down is absolutely worth investing time and money in."
    Jennifer Ludy
  • "I did an open house even on Facebook and ran a specific ad to promote it for 24 hours prior. Though FB said my market was too small, I still had 88 people view the ad and two come to the open house. One of those two will be listing their home with me soon to downsize and are looking for their daughter to buy one too... this cost me about $3.50. Chris Scott, you rock!
    Dan Macdonell 
  • My friends listed their house with another agent. After hearing this, I asked them if he was helping them buy their new house. They said as of now it was up in the air, so I got them to sit down with me, and I presented the Buyer Consultation courtesy of Paperless Agent. They were so impressed that they chose to work with me! 
    They were concerned with my credibility and experience, but they changed their minds once they heard my consultation (their words!)... Shout out to Chris Scott & Garry Wise for the great training videos!
    Paco Torres

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