Steal Our 2019 Real Estate Marketing Plan
All of the Ideas, Campaigns, and Templates You Need for More Leads, Listings, and Market Share Next Year!

Thursday, December 13th

12 PM Eastern

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Garry Creath
Real Estate Listing & Business Growth Expert

Chris Scott
Real Estate & Digital Marketing Expert

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During this Free Webinar You Will Learn:

  1. A full 12-month marketing calendar with all of the ideas, campaigns, and templates to help you generate more leads, listings, and commissions year round.

  2. A simple email template that filled our pipeline with over $80k in commissions in less than 4 weeks.

  3. A script to turn an unlikely source of fans and advocates into human-billboards to build up your presence in your local marketplace.

  4. How to deploy “omnipresent marketing” to garner more clients and word of mouth business.

  5. The “bullet proof" campaign for quickly finding those ready-to-act prospects and quick commissions.

  6. Tools to turn more leads into customers and door-stomping advocates.

  7. Plus, we’ll have a 30-min Q&A session to answer your toughest marketing and listing questions!

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