At some point, every successful real estate professional hits a plateau. 

Maybe you’re selling around $5 million in volume annually. You have your sights set on doubling to $10 million, but you can’t seem to push through that $5 million barrier. 

Maybe you’re a team leader, broker, or manager with around 10 people in your office, and you’re struggling to grow to 15 or 20.  

It happens to EVERYONE.   

Why? Often when you reach a certain level of success, the only way to breakthrough to that next tier is to develop new skills, knowledge and expertise.  

BUT finding the right source for those new skills is difficult. And if you’ve tried or are currently trying, it can feel impossible.  

Too many education, coaching, and consulting programs promise to take your business to the next level… But turn out to be too elementary or more “motivational” in nature.  

That’s Why We Created the Real Estate Entrepreneur's Academy 

The Real Estate Entrepreneur's Academy is a 6-week guided study for top producing agents, brokers, and team leaders wanting to push their real estate practice to the next level.  

With real estate business development expert Garry Wise and digital marketer Chris Scott as your personal advisors, you’ll transform your real estate practice into a business by working hands on to accomplish fundamental business objectives: 

✔ Design the powerful offers of value that define your real estate business, and use them to attract prospects, clients, and referrals. 

✔ Be more selective of your markets and clientele. 

✔ Decrease the time & cost of customer acquisition. 

✔ Build an exclusive real estate brand and reputation. 

✔ Increase your profitability to earn a better income.  

And more!  

Not only does REEA give you exclusive access to Garry Wise and Chris Scott’s expertise like never before, you’ll also be working alongside a select group of top-producing real estate professionals striving to take their businesses to the next level 

So if you’re looking for the RIGHT program to help you reach that next level of production, look no further:  

Enroll in the Real Estate Entrepreneur's academy today!

"It has been two short weeks and in that amount of time my business has already started to transform and grow. By following what I am being taught I have an additional 10 transactions that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and more on the way. The best part is I am learning systems so that my business and I can adjust to this growth so quickly.”"

Hillary Gaynor, coaching mentee of Garry Wise

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In just 6-weeks, you'll have mastered the essential skills every Real Estate Entrepreneur needs to create and grow a profitable Real Estate Business... And improved your business while doing so!

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Garry wise &
Chris scott

The Real Estate Entrepreneur's Academy is brought to you by The Paperless Agent's Chris Scott and Garry Wise. 

Garry has been in the real estate industry since 1974. It is really all he has ever known, in one fashion or another. Sure, he has been a firefighter, an EMT, and the CEO of The Paperless Agent in Austin (servicing the real estate industry), but these were always true to his roots of real estate. Saving homes, people’s lives, and helping Realtors improve on their service have all been critical to his real estate experience and the shaping of the uniqueness that is Garry.

Chris has more than a decade of experience in marketing, specifically in the real estate space. Working with such giants as Brian Buffini and the Certified Distressed Property Institute (CDPE) designation, Chris' now applies his marketing prowess and expertise to help our brokerage, GoodLife Realty, in Austin, TX and to keeping The Paperless Agent's Coaching Club members up-to-date on what works and what doesn't for marketing in real estate!

What are people saying about The paperless agent?

"I am looking forward to the course. Whatever you do is jammed full of great content, knowledge and making it easy for realtors like myself to set up in their business. Keep me posted on your beta testing as I would like to be a part of that. I am looking forward to the release of the course. Thanks for everything you produce."

— Derrick, a Student of Eli's, a Paperless agent coaching club member

Here's what you can expect to learn during the real estate entrepreneur's course


Week 1: Designing Offers of Value

The ability to design value is the secret to being able to upgrade your clientele, your price point, your market, and more! 


week 2: Local Market Selection

Which market is right for me? Is there enough opportunity there? Will breaking into this market provide a significant boost to my business? Learn how to answer all those questions during week 2.


week 3: Listing Business Expertise

It is widely recognized: Listings are leverage. Master skills and offers that will make you a Listing Business Expert and help you standout in the marketplace. 


week 4: Business Marketing Plan

Without a clearly defined business marketing plan, you're going to have to settle for the business that comes to you. Learn how to create a plan that targets and gets the business you want!


week 5: Business Planning & Finance

Business planning & finance is so critical to profitability and growth. We'll show you how to review your numbers, analyze where opportunities and issues are, and how to use those insights to hit your financial goals. 


week 6: Implementation Project with Feedback

Here's where you bring everything together. During this week, we're going to help you create an action plan. Step-by-step you'll layout the process for building the business of your dreams!


BONUS! Week 7: finding Help, hiring, and onboarding

We're adding a bonus week! Knowing when to delegate tasks and how to find help are essential skills for any business owner. Doing so can free your time to work on and grow your business. 


Real Estate Entrepreneur's academy
Original Price: $997

save 50%... Yours today for just $497!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the course cost?
When assessing similar offerings in the business world, comparable courses cost $5,000 and up. However, we want to make this course as accessible as possible (we believe that the more students who go through our program, the bigger the impact we make together) which is why we've priced the Real Estate Entrepreneur Academy at $997...

However, Paperless Agent Coaching Club Members receive a discount of $500 with promo code
REEACC... That means you can join today for just $497!


What does the workload for a typical week look like?
*Every Monday, you’ll receive an email with instructions and an overview of the assignments for the week. Any video content needed to complete the assignments is pre-recorded for you to view when convenient for you. 

*Every Tuesday, Garry and I host an Office Hour session online. This is where student can ask questions and get feedback on what we are working on and get more details on upcoming assignments. 

*Every Wednesday, you will reply to a discussion prompt based on the topic for the week. This will be your chance to share your learning with your peers. 

*Between Wednesday and Sunday, you will respond to 2-3 of your peers’ posts. This gives you a chance to master the topic by offering insights and thinking critically about what you’re working on. 

*Each Sunday, a major assignment is due. You will be working on business plans, marketing campaigns, and other projects each week to cement your learning while working on your business… and adding real skills!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

This is outstanding. I’ve fully adopted the Marketing in the Digital Age Principles that I’ve learned from the PA. I was doing many of these things prior but been able to refine it to a point where it has become a differentiator for us. In our first full year as a team, my wife and I did over 10M in production and our company 13M which we’re very proud of. We are performing at 99.26% of list price and 33 DOM for our company. Average in our marketplace is 97.79% and 50 DOM.

When I discuss these statistics with potential listings clients we are killing it and beating out other brokerages. In fact, since we’ve fully refined our approach, we’re now tracking over 100% on pretty much all of our listings. We are making raving fans for clients that are our own little army of marketers spreading our brand to their friends. I can’t thank the PA, Chris and Garry enough. Thank you!

Todd, a Paperless Agent coaching club member

Enroll for the Real Estate Entrepreneur's Academy Today 

In just 6-weeks, you'll have mastered the essential skills every Real Estate Entrepreneur needs to create and grow a profitable Real Estate Business... And improved your business while doing so!

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How does a guided study work? what's included with the course? 

a LivE, Interactive online course experience

The Live Structure and Syllabus
The program is modeled after the format used at universities for their graduate-level programs. Each week, you’ll have assignments to work on. We meet as a group, online once week to discuss what you’re working on and to connect with your peers. Garry andChrisI are available for questions to help you complete your assignments, all of which are designed to achieve the course’s objectives. 

Interaction with Instructors and Other Students
Each week, you’ll answer a question related to the weekly syllabus. The goal is to spark a conversation amongst students and between students and instructors. Research shows that people learn best when they can engage in conversation on a topic, and this structure is used by many online universities to achieve that goal!

The discussion boards also allow for an ongoing dialogue about the content, providing many additional learning opportunities. You will be able to ask questions, get help from instructions, and learn from and share with dedicated, intelligent peers.

Course Assignments
You'll receive instruction and training content to work through. And, as already mentioned, you’ll be expected to answer a question about the content for that week and engage in conversation with other student about the question using the forum feature of the learning platform. 

“Office Hours”
Every Tuesday, we’ll host an open “Office Hours.” You’ll be able to join a video conference with Garry and Chris and ask questions, get advice, and share successes.

Course Activities
We’ve built in activities throughout the course that will help you implement what you learn as you go. From working on designing new offers of value to assessing your finances and profitability, these activities will have you actually working on and improving your business... As you take the course!

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Done for you resources, tools, and more

Training is accompanied by tools and resources to make what you learn easy to implement. 

That means you get a business planning calculators and checklists, all the slides you need to overhaul your listing presentation, audience and offer checklists, and a whole lot more. 

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Access to one-on-one support

Get stuck? Need some extra help? No problem! Our customer support team is here to help you if you need it! There will also be an "Office Hours" available during each weekly session! 

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